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Prisoners of Conscience in a Prison without Conscience – Ammon and Ryan Bundy

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, May 7, 2017


 Innocent Victims of a Government Vendetta

By Scott Michael Rohter, May 2017 – Updated November 2017

They have been in jail for almost two years now. More than once they have been forced to spend over a month in solitary confinement. Over and over again they have been isolated from human contact for periods of up to twenty-three hours and forty-five minutes a day in order to break their spirits and get them to agree to a government plea deal.  It hasn’t worked.  The sons of Cliven Bundy are the totally innocent victims of a government vendetta  directed first at their father, but now directed at them as well as their two younger brothers, Mel and David.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy have been imprisoned without bail, denied a speedy trial, and denied many of their other constitutional rights as well by a government that holds itself exempt from popular criticism, and a Justice Department that doesn’t just dishonor the Constitution. It dishonors the entire nation as well.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy are political prisoners in a country that is becoming more and more unrecognizable with each passing day. Each man has been severely beaten by prison guards,  Ryan at the Multnomah County Detention Center in Portland, Oregon, and Ammon  at the Southern Detention Center in Pahrump, Nevada.  After being beaten to within an inch of his life Ammon was stripped naked, tightly handcuffed with his hands behind his back, and locked up in a three foot wide shower stall overnight. 

On top of the deliberate and systematic physical abuse, the Bundy family has been forced to incur over a half million dollars in legal bills, and their courtroom battle is not even over yet. All of these things have happened to the Bundy family because they dared to believe in the United States Constitution. They dared to try and hold the “world’s greatest democracy” accountable. They have unmasked the truth about America and shown the whole world that the United States government isn’t following the Constitution. 

Cliven Bundy with wife Carol



It wasn’t sufficient for the federal government to lock up only two brave young men in the prime of their life and keep them  away from their wives and children for two years. It has also incarcerated their 71 year old father, Cliven  and their two younger brothers, Mel and David.




David Bundy with County Sheriff

Mel Bundy

With all four young men as well as their aging father locked up behind bars  there are just two men left in the Bundy family who are not incarcerated… just two men who are not  the target of a government vendetta, who have been allowed to remain free, at least until now. All the Bundy women… the wives, the daughters, the mothers and the grandmothers have all been left to fend for themselves… to raise their children,  run the ranch, and try to manage their  personal and family affairs without the help of any of the men in their lives.



Real American patriots… That’s what the Bundy’s are… Heroes of the first degree, every last one of them… the men, the women, the mothers and the daughters,  the fathers and the sons. They have all been targeted by overly ambitious, career minded federal prosecutors who are hell bent on destroying them. The governments War on Bundy involves the Administrations of two American Presidents as well as both political Parties. It is a bi-partisan, high stakes real life and death drama with real life and death consequences for everyone charged with a crime. It has been allowed to play itself out in Federal District Court without the direct intervention of Barack Obama or Donald Trump or either of their Attorney Generals.


Ammon Bundy with his wife Lisa and four of their six children


 Cliven Bundy and his four sons are American political prisoners right here in America. They are prisoners of conscience in a country that is increasingly being ruled by men and women without any conscience. The next chapter in their story will be written in Federal District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada  where the United States government will once again put the Bundy family on trial for simply refusing to surrender their constitutional rights to the ash heap of history as required by armed gents of a government that doesn’t believe in history, rights, nor the Constitution


The Family of Mel Bundy

Ryan Bundy with his wife Angie and their eight children

Cliven and Carol Bundy at home in better times

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