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Who is Using Chemical Weapons in Syria and Why

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, April 8, 2017


The Assad family


Who is Using Chemical Weapons in Syria and Why?

Scott Michael Rohter, April 2017


Americans are being asked once again to believe that Syrian President Bashar al Assad is using chemical weapons against “his own people”. Leaving aside the obvious contradiction that what our government is calling “his own people” really consists of thousands of foreign jihadis backed by the United States and Saudi Arabia there is something else that is patently wrong about this statement. The government of Syria no matter how authoritarian it is nevertheless still consists of thousands of people each doing their own job just like government employees do in any other country. One man does not a government make.   The government of Syria is more than Bashar al Assad just like the government of Russia is more than Vladimir Putin, and the government of the United States is more than Donald Trump,  yet our media continues to paint the picture that Russia is Vladimir Putin and Syria is Bashar al Assad  and removing both of these men from power would immediately solve what is wrong with both of those countries.   Why is the United States trying to turn the whole world against these two men, and why are we leveling such a ridiculous accusation against the President of Syria that he would resort to using chemical weapons against his opponents just as it appears that he has won the war which has been beleaguering his country for more than six years.  Why are we being asked to believe such an incredible claim? Would the government of Syria just blindly carry out the illegal acts of their President like he is some kind of an Arab Adolph Hitler? 

The Syrian government was supposed to have gotten rid of all of its stockpiles of chemical weapons several years ago in order to comply with United Nations resolutions, but ignoring this fact and supposing that they did not fully comply with the U.N. resolution let us look into what is really going on in Syria today.

There is a War. It is supposedly a civil war. It has been going on for over six years. It is being funded and supported by Sunni Arab countries around the Middle East, primarily  Saudi Arabia and the oil rich Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. Al Qaeda backed rebels and foreign jihadis inside Syria are trying to topple the secular government of Bashar al Assad, and they are receiving weapons and support from England and the United States. Why?

Most of these weapons are being paid for by Saudi Arabia. Many of the so called civilians fighting in Syria are actually foreign Jihadis who have come to Syria from Sunni Muslim countries in order to topple the secular government of Bashar al Assad. Instead of a moderate secular government they want to install a Sunni Muslim theocracy and take Syria back to the Dark Ages where women wear burkas and can’t go out of the house without a male escort. These are the so called Syrian civilians that Bashar al Assad is accused of attacking with chemical weapons… The are foreign throwbacks to the sixth century  who are plotting in concert with Saudi Arabia and the United States to overthrow the Assad government. Why?  Because six years ago about the time the conflict started Syria signed a deal with Iran to run an oil pipeline through their country to Europe.

Bashar al Assad claims that he attacked a rebel stronghold with conventional weapons and that there must have been chemical weapons stockpiled there by the jihadists which were released in the air strike. No one knows the truth of either side’s claims because there has not been an independent investigation into the matter. My own conclusion is based solely upon logic and the facts that we do know.

America has been working to destabilize the Middle East ever since we toppled the governments of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and Muammar Gadhafi in Libya. We openly stated that we also wanted to get rid of Bashar al Assad in Syria, but we have been unable to do that because Russia supports the Assad government. We eliminated Saddam and Gadhafy with the alleged goal of promoting democracy in those countries and supporting the so called “Arab Spring”, but both of these misguided military adventures turned out to be total disasters which resulted in a power vacuum and the creation of two failed states and the formation of ISIS. That is what Donald Trump meant when he said that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton created ISIS. Our misguided military adventures created ISIS.

America is not promoting self-determination and democracy in the Middle East by bombing other countries into a pile of rubble and then financing their redevelopment with Western backed reconstruction loans. We are only providing the seeds of discontent by which terrorist groups like ISIS can recruit new members while western bankers peddle their reconstruction loans to rebuild what is left of these countries after we are done destroying them. We have no  national security interest in Iraq, or  Libya, or Syria, but unlike Iraq where we were actually invited at the request of the Iraqi government after we toppled Saddam Hussein we were not invited into Syria by the Syrian government. Bashar al Assad is still in power and we have no business being there.

We were told once before that Bashar al Assad used chemical weapons against his own people, and it turned out to a total lie. We were told that he is a brutal dictator who has slaughtered his own people..That was when Barack Obama’s was in office. It was at the exact same time that United Nations weapons inspectors were in Syria looking for any evidence of chemical weapons.. It didn’t make any sense then that the President of Syria would launch a chemical weapons attack at the very same time that U.N. inspectors were in his country. and it doesn’t make any sense now that he has regained control of most of his country. How stupid do they. How stupid do they think we are? Nevertheless they continue to push this false narrative.  Apparently they don’t have much respect for the intelligence of average Americans. They keep trying to sell us “allah this crap”, but it always turns out to be a pack of lies… The insurgents are the ones who have stockpiles of chemical weapons and they are probably the ones who feel the need to use them, not the government of Syria.  We have been lied to by our government in order to drum up popular support for an American backed invasion of Syria, and now that we are there we are being lied to once again in order to the generate popular support to remain there.

President Obama had a nasty habit of attacking other countries without a Congressional Declaration of War, and that is exactly what Donald Trump is doing now. We are being told that Bashar al Assad is using chemical weapons against “his own people”. During the Presidential campaign Donald Trump said that our only goal in Syria should be to “eradicate ISIS”. He said that we should not be trying to remove Bashar al Assad from power, but apparently that was then and this is now… Now he is claiming that Assad is using chemical weapons against his own people and he needs to go…  That’s quite a change in rhetoric., and he retaliated with a targeted military strike on a Syrian air force base without consulting Congress. That isn’t much different than Barack Obama.

John McCain must be very happy.   One year ago America launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian government air base without any proof whatsoever that Bashar al Asaad had actually used chemical weapons.  There was just a video of people coughing and gasping for air on the fake evening news, but that was all President Trump needed to launch an attack upon another sovereign country. That was all the proof  he needed that Assad used chemical weapons.  The fake news said it was true. The CIA said it was true so it must be true, right?   Where was the independent investigation into the chemical weapons attack? There wasn’t any, just like there isn’t any proof  now that Assad has used chemical weapons again in Ghouta. The  rebels have used chemical weapons in the past and it may be they once again who have used them now, not the Syrian government. It doesn’t make any sense to me that Syria would use chemical weapons now when they have all but won the war.. It is the rebels who are desperate and who are willing to use desperate measures..  

Excuse me for being skeptical, but the CIA has misled American Presidents before.  False intelligence led to the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. False intelligence about the Gulf of Tonkin attack led to more thousands of Americans dying in Vietnam, and the false intelligence about Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction was the pretext for our invasion of Iraq. More than one American President has been misled by the CIA.

The so called civilians that Bashar al Assad supposedly targeted with chemical weapons are the very same people who cut off the heads of their victims, eat their hearts, and rape and sell captured women as slaves. I am not buying the fake intelligence or the fake news.

All you have to do to understand what is really going on in Syria is take a look at a map of the world. Two countries, primarily the United States and Russia  which are fifty times and one hundred times respectfully bigger and more powerful than the little country of Syria are turning that country into a heaping pile of rubble that will need to borrow money in order to be rebuilt after the civil war has ended. The hatred which fuels all of this violence in the Middle East goes all the way back to time of Mohammed, the death of Ali, and the founding of Islam. It will never be settled.  We just need to stay out of their world and they need to stay out of our world.


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