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Unbound and Unprincipled Delegates – Secret GOP Meeting of the Establishment Plans to Dump Trump

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, March 19, 2016


Sea Island

Unbound and Unprincipled

Secret Meeting of Political Establishment

Plans to Dump Trump at Republican National Convention.


By Scott Rohter, March 2016


This week Donald Trump warned the RNC about the consequences of ignoring the will of millions of Republican voters. After thirty Republican Primaries and two State Caucuses Donald Trump is the clear leader in this race, both in terms of actual delegates and in terms of the popular votes. Mr. Trump has won nineteen States while Ted Cruz has only won seven. John Kasich has just won his own State of Ohio. In terms of the actual delegates Donald Trump has won 743 and Ted Cruz’s has won 545  while John Kasich has only won 143. The fact is that Donald Trump is the clear leader in the race for the Republican nomination for President. He has won as many delegates as all of the other Republican candidates combined, and unless something completely unexpected happens between now and July, Donald Trump should be the Republican Party’s nominee for President in 2016. How can the Republican Party wind up with any one else as their nominee ? Oh, but trust me, they can…

In the event that Donald Trump arrives in Cleveland with less than 1237 delegates, anything can and probably will happen. The power brokers are likely to nominate Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or John Kasich,  or they might even turn to Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan neither of whom were even in the race. They could do a number of different things rather than nominate Donald Trump.

In a private meeting this week at a posh island resort just off the coast of Georgia, many of America’s most influential political movers and shakers have gathered to discuss how to thwart Donald Trump’s Presidential aspirations.  This exclusive, by invitation only meeting was hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, a so called Republican think tank, but some of what they are thinking is not good for America. In attendance at this meeting along with many wealthy Republican donors were some very prominent progressive Democrats.  Apple CEO Tim Cook was there. The co-founder of Google, Larry Page was there. Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal and the CEO of Space-X was there. Republican strategist Karl Rove, Senator Mitch McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan were also there along with tabloid newspaper publisher and billionaire oil man/real estate investor Phillip Anschutz who owns the island where the conference is being held.  Progressive Republicans joined with well known liberal Democrats including New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. to discuss how they  can prevent Donald Trump from becoming the next President of the United States. 

When you are rich like these people it really doesn’t matter which political Party you belong to.  There is a fraternity of wealth. Money makes for strange bedfellows and all the people who attended this conference agreed to do whatever they could to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination. 

This is not a right wing conspiracy like the one invented in her own mind by Hillary Clinton to blame for working against her husband in 1992. This is a real bipartisan  conspiracy created to prevent a real political outsider from ever becoming the President of the United States. It’s real, and it is organized by members of the real political establishment in both political Parties to prevent power from ever falling into the hands of someone who is not under their control. It is intended to thwart the will of millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump. It is an full blown insurgency whose declared purpose is to keep a reformer from entering the White House in 2016. We know who is leading this coup. They are the one percenters who make up the political ruling class of America. This is the Establishment that an overwhelming majority of rank and file Republicans have rejected.

If there weren’t enough private jets to fly in all of the rich and powerful people who wanted to attend this prestigious conference then more were chartered. Some of the most influential Republican and Democrat donors in the country were there at the posoh island resort owned by Phillip Anschutz. They are all members of America’s elite that comprise both political Parties.  There were lessor known dignitaries who could not attend, but who took part in the meeting by telephone.  They can be counted on to do their best to undermine the Presidential aspirations of Donald Trump and his future administration if he somehow manages to succeed in becoming President…. newspaper publishers, radio talk show hosts, media executives as well as the CEO’s of the nations major news networks

Mr. Trump has been receiving death threats while on the campaign trail. He has to wear a bullet proof vest now every time he goes to one of his events. His children have also been the subject of death threats.  This is what angry liberals do whenever someone or something upsets their apple cart or threatens to challenge their world view. They attack whoever opposes them. In 1969 they disrupted the Democrat National Convention in Chicago. They exhibited deplorable behavior during the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and now these liberal thugs and malcontents are  threatening Donald Trump and his family.  This is exactly what happened to the last political outsider to threaten the Establishment. That was Ross Perot. When he ran for President they threatened his family and we never heard from the man again. Donald Trump is a brave man to put up with all of this, but it is surprising to me is that the Republican Establishment is just as bad as the Democrat Establishment when it comes to not supporting him.

We are told that if he wins the Republican nomination that about 20% of Republican delegates at the Convention will not vote for him.. These are the RINOs who have been in the Republican Party  since the days of Teddy Roosevelt. The George W. Bushes,  the John McCains and the Mitt Romneys of the world who  have been running the GOP since that time. They would rather vote for Hillary Clinton than vote for an outsider.. If Donald Trump arrives in Cleveland with the most delegates, and he is not the nominee of the Republican Party then they better worry about the 40% of Republicans who voted for him who will walk out of the Convention and leave the Party entirely if their votes are not counted. They won’t vote for some nominee selected by the Establishment at a brokered Convention.

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