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Living in an Undeclared State of Martial Law

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, July 4, 2016


Tiananmen Square tanks

On the Road to Tiananmen Square

By Scott Rohter, July 2016


Student Protesters in Tiananmen SquareWhen you think of martial law you probably think of tanks rolling down the street or soldiers standing on street corners carrying machine guns. In 1989 we saw both of these things when the Chinese government forcibly ended a month long demonstration by university students in Tiananmen Square. The Communist Party believed that those students were a threat to their hold on power.

In America our political system is much more stable than that and it will take a lot more than a few thousand angry students to bring down this corruption. Until recently there has been no credible threat to either of the two major political Parties. The Democrats and the Republicans keep taking turns at the government feeding trough while they lead America down the road to financial and political ruin and a place in their New World Order… There has been no real challenge to either of the Parties or their control of the government so why would any American Administration, Republican or Democrat deploy tanks to the streets of American cities or call up the military to use them against American civilians? All they really need in order to stay in control is a few dozen FBI agents and a two Oregon State Police officers who are willing to shoot a man in the back.


Arizona rancher Robert Lavoy Finicum was shot three times in the back for questioning the Federal Governments authority to occupy State land.

Arizona rancher Robert Lavoy Finicum was shot three times in the back by police officers

If anyone in our government was even remotely worried about the backlash over the murder of Lavoy Finicum in Oregon they simply told the mainstream media to spin the story so all the gullible people who listen to the news believe every word of their lies just like it was handed down to Moses on tablets of stone.

A couple of years ago when FBI agents and Massachusetts State police officers were searching for the Boston Marathon bombers they forcibly entered people‘s homes without obtaining a search warrant… They were looking for Dzokhar and Tamerlane Tsarnaev. They weren’t worried about violating anybody else’s  constitutional rights. It didn’t matter to them that they were trampling on the protections afforded to all Americans by the Fourth Amendment. The government didn’t declare martial law when it revoked their civil liberties.




Boston Marathon bombers

Boston Marathon bombers on spy cam

Likewise Federal authorities don’t seem to be the slightest bit worried about violating our constitutional rights as they continue to monitor our telephones and our computers fifteen years after the Bush Administration launched its so called “War on Terror”. It is obvious that this war on terror is just as much a war on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as it is a war on Islamic extremists. While the authorities in Washington are very careful not to offend any Muslims, they have no such qualms about trampling upon the Constitutional rights of everyone else in America.


video surveillance cameras 5The government routinely spies on all of us. The Department of Homeland Security monitors our phone conversations and our internet communications. In some cases the authorities have even suspended habeas corpus. We have been watching the steady erosion of our civil liberties as Washington just ignores the Constitution in the name of national security, and the war on terror is used as an excuse for just about every conceivable violation of our unalienable rights. It was Franklin Roosevelt who said, “If we are willing to give up our freedom for a little security then we don’t deserve either and we will probably lose both.”

I don’t know when or where our elected representatives got the idea that they could secretly repeal the entire United States Constitution, but I know that it isn’t being followed anymore. Much of what they do in “Warshington”  is being done by executive order under a President who is constitutionally ineligible to be President and it is being done without the slightest opposition from a complicit Congress or so much as a peep from the mainstream media. 

Our nation’s immigration laws are not being enforced. Treaties with foreign nations are being signed without Senate approval. The United States Congress has become an official rubberstamp for the little dictator in the Oval Office. It resembles the Roman Senate under Julius Caesar. We are chaffing under an imperial presidency while we silently watch our constitutional Republic disappear. We are living in an undeclared state of martial law.

Since 1951 this has been going on. That is just how long America has been sending its soldiers to die overseas in foreign countries without the constitutionally required Declaration of War. Since 1951 every time Americans have been called upon to risk their lives for “our country” it has been without a Congressional Declaration of War.

In Korea, in Vietnam, in Grenada, in Afghanistan, in Kuwait, in Iraq, in Libya, and now once again in Syria American soldiers have been asked to defend our country’s interests. Each time it has been without a Congressional Declaration of War. Congress has not declared war on any country since December 6, 1945 when it last declared war on the nation of Japan, but that hasn’t stopped the United States from going to war.  

“Warshington” has just ignored the Constitutional and sent American soldiers to fight and die anyway. At the moment “Warshington” would like to start a new war with Russia over events in Ukraine including a truly democratic referendum that was held in Crimea which led to the voluntary reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation, but of course there is no declaration of intent to initiate hostilities by our puppet Congress in Warshington or by its puppet masters. There never is.

The Constitution entrusts our government with a responsibility to provide for our common defense. It does not give “Warshington” the right to start a war without a Congressional Declaration of War nor to pursue a national strategic offense in 196 countries around the world.

Why do you suppose Congress would follow the Constitution here at home when it thinks absolutely nothing of violating the Constitution as it pertains to foreign affairs? Why do we assume that Congress would declare martial law before suspending what little is left of our civil liberties?

Ammon Bundy (rancher/constitutionalist)

Ammon Bundy (protest leader)

Did they declare martial law in Boston? Did they declare martial law in Burns, Oregon? The Federal authorities just swept in and shut down the schools in Burns. They took over a section of the hospital in Burns. They sent in a few dozen FBI agents and Oregon State Police officers and told the residents of Burns not to have anything to do with the protestors who were occupying the Refuge. To reinforce the government’s message the mainstream media portrayed the protestors at the Refuge as armed and dangerous militants..

When it looked like the government was still losing the war of words the FBI suspended the First Amendment rights of the protestors at the Refuge so they could not meet with local residents to explain what they were hoping to achieve by occupying the Refuge. Government officials denied their requests for a place to meet with people. They were prevented them from traveling to an adjacent county to explain to community members what they were trying to accomplish.

Most of the communication from the protestors was heavily edited by the media. No tanks were necessary. No soldiers were standing on street corners waving their machine guns in the air. It was not necessary because the government was not threatened. All that was needed was a few dozen FBI agents supposedly defending our county’s national interests and two Oregon State police officers who were willing to shoot a man in the back who posed no threat to either of them. Lavoy Finicum was intentionally murdered by Oregon State Police officers.

The evidence of a conspiracy to undermine the Constitution is all around us. When one of our nation’s most prominent defenders of the Constitution who sat on the Supreme Court for thirty years was mysteriously found dead in his hotel room just fifteen miles from the Mexican border and no one in the entire government bothered to order an autopsy or conduct a Federal investigation into his death it is obvious that the truth doesn’t matter to our nation’s leaders in Washington. The President, the Congress, and the Courts are not interested in discovering the truth.

The Constitution is being routinely ignored on a daily basis. It is ignored when Congress refuses to exercise its powers of Advice and Consent to ratify a treaty with Iran that was negotiated by this President. It is being ignored when infringements are being proposed to limit our Second Amendment Right to bear arms. It is being ignored when officials in government place restrictions on our 1st Amendment Right to free speech and the freedom of assembly like they did with the protestors in Burns, Oregon.

The Constitution is being ignored when government officials throw people in jail for extended periods without convicting them of a crime or when they throw people back in jail after they have served their time for a crime they did not commit and which they are falsely accused of.   President Obama should not be lecturing other countries about their human rights record. He should be more concerned about his own human rights record.

We are living in an undeclared state of martial law. The proof was seen in Boston. The proof was seen in Oregon when a Lavoy Finicum was just gunned down in cold blood.  We are living in an undeclared state of martial law.

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