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Donald Trump Delivers Major Economic Policy Speech in Detroit, Michigan

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, August 8, 2016



The room was packed with cheering supporters, but there were also the usual protestors  with more free time on their hands than brains in their head. Donald Trump delivered a major speech today on economic policy in Detroit, Michigan, but before he could even open his mouth the pundits in the mainstream media on National Public Radio  had already dismissed his economic plan as a total failure. “It cant work,” they said. Even Newt Gingrich panned his innovative economic proposals, but then Newt Gingrich has always been a questionable conservative at best and a principal spokesperson for the Council on Foreign Relations most of the time.

The hacks in the media take every available opportunity to discredit Donald Trump. They do it  every chance they can get. This is the problem we face in America. We are 20 trillion dollars in debt. Washington politicians offer no solutions and the people in the news are more interested in counting the number of protestors at Trump events than they are in counting the tillions of  dollars we are in debt. They only attack the person who comes along that wants to fix the problems.

We have horrible trade imbalances with every major country on the face of the earth. Our jobs and our money are all going overseas. Even our aero space industry which was once the sole domain of the United States of America is starting to leave our shores for more business friendly places. 

The Obama Administration as well as the current Democrat nominee for President offer us only more of the same failed policies of the past. These are the same policies that got us here in the first place. They offer no solutions and no new proposals to fix the current malais.

Then a guy comes along from outside of the Beltway… from outside of the rigged political system which is weighing America down. He proposes to fix the entire mess which they created and all they can do is attack him personally and viciously… 

The drive by pundits in the media are more interested in counting the number of protestors who disrupted his events  then they are in counting the trillions of dollars our Nation owes to other countries. These protestors have more free time on their hands than they have brains in their head and so do the pundits in the media who continually focus on them. Its not to Donald Trump’s shame that these idiots try to disrupt his events.. It is to their own shame. They are not Republicans. They are Democrats. By protesting at Trump events they are supporting the very economic policies of the Democratic Administration that denies them the chance to build a better life and a better future for themselves and their families. These same failed economic policies will be supported by the current Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton and her team of economic advisors.

Donald Trump offers an entirely different approach. He proposes a moratorium on new government regulations… He proposes smaller government not bigger government. He proposes a lower corporate income tax (15 % instead of 35 %), and the cancellation of all over-reaching executive orders signed by President Obama. Donald Trump proposes the elimination of job killing regulations and the elimination of the estate tax. He proposes a tax deduction for child care expenses so women can afford to stay in the work force. All that anyone can do in Washington and in the media is to attack him. I loved his speech today… What about you?

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