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Why John McCain is Determined to Destroy the Legacy of America’s 40th President

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, December 27, 2016



 Senator McCain is trying to Ruin Russian-American Relations and start World War III in Europe, but Why?

By Scott Rohter, December 2016


Is it over Ukraine, the Russian annexation of Crimea, or the ongoing conflict in Syria? Why does the warmongering Senator from Arizona, John McCain want to ruin Russian-American relations and start World War III in Europe?  

In order to understand what John McCain is doing and why, we have to go back to something that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in his Farewell Address to the Nation. He spoke about the “grave implications” posed by the “Military Industrial Complex”.  President Eisenhower used this phrase to describe the dangers posed to our Nation and to the whole world by the industrial and manufacturing sectors of our economy after the massive military buildup America underwent to defeat NAZI Germany and the Empire of Japan in World War II.  Listen to an excerpt from the speech by clicking on the hotlink above.

John McCain is an old cold war fighter circa the 196os from the Vietnam War whose political views were shaped in an era of confrontation between  nuclear superpowers. Everything appears just as black and white to him today as it did back then in the 1960s when the US and the USSR were political and military adversaries.. He sees the world purely in terms of good and evil. America is always good and Russia is always evil. That is how he saw the world during the Vietnam War. That is how he sees the world today, and that is how he will always see the world. His views on Russia are frozen in time somewhere between the gunboat diplomacy of Teddy Roosevelt, and the Cuban missile crisis faced by John F. Kennedy 

Behind every political or military hotspot in the world John McCain imagines a Russian bear. On top of this McCain is a huge supporter of the military industrial complex, the same military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. Due to John McCain’s  considerable influence on Capitol Hill, Arizona which he represents in the United States Senate is the home to much of America’s Military Industrial Complex. It is also the home of John McCain’s political power base.

John McCain believes in the old adage that the only good Communist is a dead Communist. The problem with this is that he also believes Russians are still Communists and therefore they are still our enemies… John McCain often refers to Vladimir Putin in the most derogatory terms, calling him a “crook”, and the people who serve in his Administration or in the Russian Parliament (the Duma) either as “his cronies” or as “the Russian Mafia”. 

In one interview with Candy Crowley John McCain had the nerve to call Russia  “a gas station masquerading as a country.” While this may seem funny at first, John McCain is not a standup comedian. He is a powerful United States Senator with considerable clout on Capitol Hill. His comments were completely inappropriate and condescending, entirely unprofessional, and thoroughly undiplomatic.

In another more recent interview on Al-Jazeera Senator McCain referred to alleged Russian hacking of the Democrat National Committee as “an act of war.”  His statements are even more provocative and more reckless  than some of the tactless comments made by Barack Obama over the last eight years concerning Vladimir Putin and Russia. I am sure that comments of this nature are not winning either of them any friends inside of the Kremlin or making restoring Russian-American relations any easier.  

Here is the truth if you can handle it…  Russia has been our ally during two World Wars. It has never started a war with any modern European or Western nation, nevertheless it has been invaded twice by western powers … once in the 19th century under Napoleon and once in the 20th Century under Adolph Hitler. These incursions led to the deaths of millions of Russians and they left a permanent scar on the Russian national psyche that we must also never forget.  Let us always take into consideration the Russian perspective whenever America decides to do something of global significance in the world. If it wasn’t for the Russians we wouldn’t have defeated Germany in World War II and Europeans might all be speaking German today. If American foreign policy is going to be successful in the world then we must consider the Russian viewpoint. Our leaders have to stop belittling, scapegoating, sanctioning, or otherwise trying to marginalize Russia.  We need to treat  Russia’s leaders with the same respect that we wish them to treat our leaders.

The two most important heirs and successors to the ancient Roman Empire are Russia,  and the United States of America… It is time that we stop fighting each other lest we go the way of the Romans.  We have far more in common than we have that divides us.

It is not necessary for twenty eight European countries which are also heirs to the Greco-Roman World and to the Greco-Roman culture to surrender their national sovereignty to the E.U.  They just need to learn how to get along with each other in the same way that Russians and Americans need to learn how to get along with each other. There is no need for a European Union. There is no need for any kind of a New World Order. We simply have to stop fighting with each other, and turn our attention toward existential dangers which threaten us all. The greatest of these dangers is the existential threat posed to the West by Islam…

In the 15th century Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Turks. Islam defeated what was left of the Roman Empire. Byzantium fell to Muslims… Constantinople became Istanbul and Turkey became occupied territory. If we aren’t careful today Islam is going to defeat us once again and there is no place left for us to retreat to.  Russia and the United States need to stop wasting valuable time and resources fighting each other.  Vladimir Putin knows this. He has always been aware of the Muslim problem in his country. That is why he didn’t particularly like the idea of Hillary Clinton becoming our next President. Putin wants to improve relations with the United States and fight the war on terror together with the United States. There was no prospect of that ever happening if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 Presidential Election. Barack Obama and virtually every member of Congress regardless of Party affiliation wants to ramp up the rhetoric against Russia and escalate the tensions until the confrontation actually leads to  hostilities between our two countries. Most of our members of Congress don’t realize that we have to join forces with Russia and defend ourselves from the common threat posed to both our countries by Islam. To do anything other than this is to be just plain stupid, and speaking of stupid…

John McCain was just retiring from the United States Navy in 1981 when Ronald Reagan was elected America’s 40th President. Back in those days the U.S. and the USSR were still on a Cold War footing, but within a few years of taking the oath of office President Reagan had re-established a cordial, friendly relationship with Mikhail Gorbachev and these two leaders solidly placed our two countries on a peaceful path of coexistence instead of blindly following down the path of confrontation like their predecessors had been doing ever since the end of World War II.

The Reagan policy of détente and peaceful coexistence with Russia was not without its detractors though even as it is now. It did not set well with many members of the Military Industrial Complex, nor with die hard Russophobes like John McCain, nor did it set well with powerful special interest groups which make America’s foreign policy like the Hoover Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations. The Russian Reset which was orchestrated by Ronald Reagan definitely had its enemies on Capitol Hill.

In spite of this it didn’t take long for the new spirit of cooperation to replace the old spirit of confrontation which had  prevailed between our two countries. The idea of  peaceful coexistence within separate spheres of influence became firmly established both here and in Moscow. The years of Reagan and Gorbachev were a time of great optimism for the whole world. The United States and Russia were finally working together instead of being constantly at each other’s throats. There was a tacit understanding that we wouldn’t interfere in their backyard and they wouldn’t interfere in our backyard.  We promised them after the Soviet Union was abolished that we would never position NATO troops along the Russian border, but the United States broke its promise. We have placed thousands of NATO troops along Russia’s border in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Rumania, and Ukraine. Besides this we supported the overthrow of Victor Yanukovich in Ukraine and Bashar al Assad in Syria. Both of these leaders were allies of Moscow. America has not been true to its word, and we have not been a good partner in safeguarding world peace since Ronald Reagan left office.

It was during the Reagan years that John McCain entered the United States House of Representatives as a freshman Congressman from the 1st Congressional District of Arizona. The year was 1983, and John McCain had just embarked on a new career in politics. He was not content to be a mere Congressman from the 1st Congressional District of Arizona. Instead John McCain aspired to loftier goals so when Barry Goldwater decided not to seek a fourth term in the Senate in 1985 John McCain jumped at the opportunity to advance his career in Washington. In 1986 he decided to run for Goldwater’s open Senate seat. He easily defeated his Republican rival in the primary and his Democrat opponent in the general election and John McCain has been the Senator from Arizona ever since. He has a podium and a microphone that keeps getting bigger with each passing year. He is now in his sixth term as the senior Senator from Arizona, and with his seniority has come important committee positions as well as requests to appear on Sunday morning news shows, and more importantly a growing ability to influence world affairs.

If there is one thing you should know about John McCain III, it is this: He has always had a rather stiff neck, a hard head, and big political ambitions. He was also born with a silver spoon in his mouth that was usually big enough to ensure that he got whatever he wanted in life. Much of his success stems from the fact that both his father and his grandfather were four star Navy Admirals. While “little John” never achieved the military status or rank of his larger than life father or grandfather, nevertheless he has built a career for himself in Washington which has allowed him to have a much greater impact on world affairs than either his father or his grandfather ever dreamed of.

In 2007  John McCain won the Republican nomination for President. That was the year that his silver spoon finally let him down when he failed to defeat Barack Obama in the General Election. He lost to a largely unknown Black man from Chicago who had even bigger political ambitions than he did. After his loss to Barack Obama in 2008, John McCain has become increasingly bitter and critical of American foreign policy especially as it regards Russia, the Middle East, Ukraine, and Crimea. He has grown increasingly confrontational and strident in his comments about Russia’s President, often criticizing Putin personally whenever Russia succeeds in doing anything diplomatically or militarily.

One of McCain’s oft-stated goals in the Senate is to end the purchase of Russian rocket engines by the United States Defense Department. When asked why America should not purchase Russian rocket engines McCain said he doesn’t want to put  “millions of dollars into the pockets of Vladimir Putin and his cronies.”  Its important to remember that the Pentagon has been buying Russian T180 Rockets to launch its military surveillance satellites for quite a long time because of the Obama Administration’s deep spending cuts for NASA and the Defense Department.

After McCain lost the 2008 Presidential race he went back to doing what he does best… He ran for and won a sixth term in the Senate from the State of Arizona where he has established a big power base. In the process of running for President and subsequently  for his sixth term in the United States Senate John McCain raised hundreds of millions of dollars from some of America’s biggest corporations. General Electric, General Atomic and Raytheon  are all national defense contractors, and they have all contributed substantially to his Senate campaigns. Much of the money that McCain raised and did not spend on his failed Presidential campaign he funneled into a Foundation which bears his name.

You have to wonder why Senator McCain is always raising so much more money all of the time….  money that he doesn’t spend on his campaigns. Why is he also trying so hard to destroy whatever is left of Ronald Reagan’s legacy by launching a new cold war with Russia when… his career in Washington actually began under Ronald Reagan during the successful Russian reset that was orchestrated by President Reagan?

Right now the United States doesn’t have enough rocket engines to launch our own military surveillance satellites into space without Russia’s help. We can’t send American astronauts to the International Space Station without Russia’s help,  yet John McCain thinks its a perfect time to launch a new Cold War with Russia. He seems hell bent on destroying everything that Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev accomplished in the eight years they shared the world stage. I have to wonder if  McCain’s ultimate objective is not to dismantle the nuclear disarmament treaties that were negotiated by Reagan and Gorbachev. But they form the basis for world peace and they are the ultimate legacy of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. If you think that couldn’t happen then guess again…

In 2001 the United States under George W. Bush  unilaterally withdrew from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia. This treaty was negotiated between Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev.  Commenting about George Bush’s decision to withdraw from this treaty  Vladimir Putin  called it a mistake.  Does John McCain also want to withdraw from SALT 1 AND SALT 2 which were negotiated between Reagan and Gorbachev? We don’t know, but judging by his strong support for uprisings in Georgia and Ukraine and his support for putting NATO troops armed with American weapons along Russia’s  western border it may not be far from the truth. Senator McCain seems determined to provoke a major confrontation with Russia not unlike the confrontation which they provoked with us back in 1962 when they placed Soviet missiles in Cuba, but of course John McCain fails to recognize the similarities.

Blinded by his cold war mentality and by his personal animosity towards Vladimir Putin  John McCain is becoming a threat to world peace all by himself. During the next four years under President Trump John McCain will be working hard to oppose the President’s efforts to patch up our rocky relationship with Russia. There will be no Russian reset as long as John McCain gets his way in the U.S. Senate. Together with his old sidekick Lindsey Graham and the young Senator from Florida who would be President, Marco Rubio  they are all together on the Senate Armed Services Committee. These three stalwart enemies of détente  have been instrumental in fueling the new cold war with Russia over conflicts which our own State Department provoked first in Georgia, then in Ukraine, and finally in Syria. These three United States Senators will also play a very critical role in confirming President Trump’s choice for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.  If all the Democrats vote against him they only need three Republicans to  prevent his confirmation.

The Russian-American rivalry is fueled by lies which keep circulating in the mainstream media. The new Russian-American Cold War is supported by America’s Military Industrial Complex and it has powerful advocates on Capitol Hill in Senators McCain, Graham, and Rubio.

As the powerful Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee John McCain is instrumental in setting the foreign policy agenda in the United States Senate. He continues to do his level best to bring us the whole world back to the 1960s, and to the brink of midnight when the hands of the nuclear clock were warning us of our own imminent destruction. What would John McCain actually do if he succeeds in provoking the Russians and starting World War III. You might have to ask some of his top political donors who have fueled his six Senate campaigns over the past three decades.

Here is a look at some of the top defense contractors that are located in Arizona who have funded all of John McCain’s Senate campaigns and his one failed Presidential bid… The data is from 2010 and 2012…

Honeywell International is located in Phoenix, Arizona. They build gas turbines and aircraft engines for the military as well as supply their avionics. They received 3,708 contracts from the United States Defense Department in 2012 amounting to over 600 million dollars in revenue.

Raytheon Company is located in Tucson, Arizona…. They were awarded 1480 military contracts in 2012 worth an estimated 5.2 billion dollars according to the President’s Office of Management and Budget.

Next there is the Boeing Company which is located in Mesa, Arizona which received 623 contracts with the Defense Department in 2012 worth an estimated 787 million dollars.

General Dynamics has a manufacturing plant in Arizona… They received defense contracts totaling almost 500 million dollars.

Dover Engineered Systems  is not a very well known national defense contractor, but they received 505 defense contracts in 2012. They are based in Tucson.

Northrop Grumman is also located in Arizona. In fact Arizona has many more companies which supply the Defense Department with material support. To be exact there are over 1200 aerospace and national defense contractors  located in Arizona in no small part due to the presence of John McCain in the United States Senate and due to his efforts to promote the new “Red Scare”. This is the military and industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about in his Farewell Address to the Nation, and Arizona Senator John McCain is right at the center of it as much at odds with Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan as he is with Russia’s President,Vladimir Putin.


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