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Quid Pro Joe’s Quid Pro Quo & The Latest Member of the Deep State to Drop the Ball

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, December 10, 2019


“Quid Pro Joe’s” Quid Pro Quo 

& The Latest Member of the Deep State to Drop the Ball


By Scott Michael Rohter – December 2019

In China they were called Mandarins… In Russia they were the Boyar Nobles. In England and France they were simply referred to as the aristocracy. During the 17th Century the British statesman Sir Edmund Burke said of them that “there is a power behind the throne even greater than the King himself.” Today in America they are almost totally invisible. We only see them on rare occasions. What we usually see is the result of their influence, the Deep State that does their bidding.  They are like the wind. We only see it’s effects when it blows, but when they blow it is unmistakable. They exercise enormous power and influence over our government/ When they want something done it usually happens.

They can raise a virtually unknown first term Senator from Illinois out of total obscurity and elevate him to be the country’s first Black President. They can bury more scandals then even the Clinton’s can create and they can bury them just as fast as they create them so it is really nothing at all for them to cover up a little old fashioned influence peddling and political corruption of the kind that Quid Pro Joe and his unscrupulous son Hunter Biden engaged in.

The Deep State can usually rig and throw elections at will, though fortunately they were unable to rig the one in 2016. Anyone who refuses to play ball with them sooner or later pays a price. Usually the bill is paid sooner rather than later. and more than one President who challenged their authority has met with sudden and unfortunate demise.

So yesterday when the Inspector General delivered his long awaited report on the FBI’s investigation into allegations of Trump / Russia collusion (the so called Mueller Investigation) it is not surprising that nothing really earth shattering came of it. While noting many of the improprieties and irregularities in the Bureau’s investigation, Michael Horowitz refused to connect the dots or charge anyone associated with the investigation with any criminal wrongdoing. He listed a total of 17 violations, but he failed to charge even a single person with a crime. Was that a deliberate omission like a boxer deliberately throwing a fight or was it an unintentional error? Either way he just revealed his true colors. He had the ball securely in his hands and the end zone within sight and he just… dropped… the ball. His report was very similar to former FBI Director James Comey’s report when that Deep State Operative whitewashed every single one of Hillary Clinton’s crimes, but then what can you expect from an Inspector General who was appointed by Barack Obama.

 Mr. Horowitz graduated from Harvard Law School, the same institution where Barack Obama was  a“constitutional law professor”. That is not a coincidence. The man’s wife was a producer for CNN. That tells you everything  you need to know.  What can you expect from a man who has been on the government dole for most of his adult life just like the people he was supposed to be investigating? The Deep State never goes after its own.

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