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Ted Cruz’s Political Ambitions are even Bigger than his Head. That’s why the Nevertrumper Never Learns !

Posted by Scott Rohter on Thursday, July 21, 2016


Cruz Ted at GOP Convention 2016


By Scott Rohter, July 2016


It was obvious from his speech last night on the floor of the Republican National Convention that Ted Cruz still has political ambitions… very big political ambitions… political ambitions that are much bigger than just being the junior Senator from the State of Texas. In fact, from the speech that he gave last night on the floor of the Convention it is obvious that his political ambitions are even bigger than his head is. We haven’t finished the 2016 Presidential Election and he is already running for President in 2020. He is hoping that Donald Trump will lose the election in 2016 so he can run against Hillary in 2020. Imagine the nerve of this guy.

I saw the ambition in his eyes at the Third Republican Presidential Debate when he looked right into the camera and tried to mislead an entire Nation into believing that it actually matters where a presidential candidate’s mother was born…

It does not matter where a presidential candidate’s mother was born. It does not matter where Donald Trump’s mother was born and it does not matter where Ted Cruz’ mother was born… It only matters where the candidate was born… Their mothers are not running for the Office of President. They are.

I saw the nerve of this guy again last night when he delivered a twenty minute address at the Republican National Convention and he only mentioned Donald Trump’s name once, and it was not to endorse him.

I am glad that the Republican Party allowed him to make his speech in his own words without vetting it.. He was allowed to live by his own words and he was allowed to die by his words. It says a lot about the kind of people that constitute the Republican Party.. We don’t believe in censorship or top down control of people.. Ted Cruz was allowed to say whatever he wanted to say in his own words, and he was allowed to exercose his own judgement.

Now he must pay the consequence for his failure to keep his promise which he made at the first Republican debate to support the Party’s eventual nominee no matter who it was. He needs to know that there are consequences for his role in leading this mutiny along with John Kasich to dump Trump at the Convention in Cleveland and he needs to reap the consequences of his failure to keep his word.

The delegates at Cleveland were very polite through most of his speech which was pretty good for the most part, but as he approached the end of his allotted time to speak and there was still no endorsement of the Party’s nominee, Donald Trump the boos began to occur, and they grew louder as he wrapped it up so by the time he ended his speech you could barely hear what he was saying anymore. He remarked that he appreciated the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.. I can assure you that the boos were not just coming from the New York delegation. They were coming from all over the arena. Ted Cruz got what he richly deserved. He got bood off the stage.

Ted Cruz came to believe in his own campaign rhetoric about being the only candidate in the Primary who could beat Trump and then go on to beat Hillary Clinton in the General Election. In reality he is a polarizing figure who could never beat Hillary Clinton, and he did not beat Donald Trump in the Primary.. Ted Cruz beat himself in the Primary, and he beat himself after the Primary… and with that speech he gave last night to the rousing sound of boos from all over the arena by the delegates at the Convention Ted Cruz  ended any further chance that he might have once had of ever being nominated to the Supreme Court. He will never win a national political office outside of the State of Texas after that speech that he gave last night and its fine with me because we don’t need a President who was born in Canada to a Cuban Canadian father and one who refused to give up his dual citizenship until just last year when he was 44 years old and he decided to run for President.


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