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Joint State-Federal Plan to Remove Four Dams on Klamath River Approved… The War on America’s Ranchers and Farmers Continues.

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, February 8, 2016



klamath river basin 

Government throws Oregon Farmers under the Bus 

to Save the Sucker Fish, but Who are the Real Suckers?

By Scott Rohter


Dateline: Oregon – February 3, 2016

Lavoy Finnicum shot in the head

Lavoy Finnicum shot multiple times

Not only is the Federal Government waging a procrastinated war on America’s ranchers. Dwight and Steven Hamond, Cliven, Carol, Ammon, and Ryan Bundy, and Jeanette Finicum can all testify to that. Her late husband Robert LaVoy Finicum was recently shot dead in Oregon for objecting to the government’s unconstitutional land use polices. The Feds are not just waging a war on ranchers. They are waging a war of attrition against farmers in the West too…

Earl Blumenauer Dem. Oregon Congressman

Earl Blumenauer Oregon Congressman (Dem.)

With the help of America’s first LGBT Governor Kate Brown (Dem) and the entire Oregon Congressional delegation which consists of five Democrats and one progressive Republican, the final steps have been taken to remove four operating dams on the Klamath River. Oregon’s two Democrat Senators, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley are on board with the plan, and the two Democrat Senators from California, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein are also on board with the plan. The four damns on the Klamath River are Irongate, Copco 1, Copco 2, and John Boyle. They have been providing a reliable source of water and electricity to farmers as well as consumers in the Klamath River Basin for over a century and they are all scheduled for the wrecking ball to save the salmon or the sucker fish I am not sure which.

The new motto of environmentalists has switched from save the Salmon to “save Oregon’s endangered Sucker Fish… If you have never heard of an Oregon  Sucker Fish don’t worry. Not many people outside of the environmental community have. It is a small fish that no one eats. The new motto of Oregon’s environmentalists seems to be now, “Save the Sucker Fish and put Oregon’s farmers and ranchers out of business.”

Oregon's LGBT Governor

Oregon’s LGBT Governor (Dem.)

We will see how well that works out when farmers stop farming and ranchers stop ranching in the Klamath River Basin where for the last hundred years they have been providing hay for cows and food for Oregon’s three million residents. That includes way too many looney liberals like our current Governor Kate Brown. I know that many Portland area environmentalists think that their food just magically comes down from the sky and lands on their plates all sliced and ready to eat. Portland area environmentalists have worked long and hard to get those four dams on the Klamath River removed. It’s a pity, but when the food on their plates starts costing more than they can reasonably afford, and their friends and neighbors are having a hard time feeding their families too, maybe when it is too late they will begin to realize their mistake, but how can you expect a Governor who doesn’t really know what gender she is to be able to make sound executive decisions which are good for all of Oregon’s three million residents?

klamath river dam IronGate1

Klamath River Dam Irongate

In the meantime the four dams are scheduled to be de-commissioned and removed without any debate in Congress according to the terms and conditions just worked out by the various stakeholders and between the State and the Feds. This is the kind of nonsense we always get when liberals are in charge of our state and our country and when progressive Republicans just go along to get along. All of these dams should have been upgraded to include fish ladders where necessary to improve the Salmon runs no matter what the cost was. It makes no sense whatsoever to remove clean sources of energy and reliable sources of water.

Environmentalists think that removing these four damns on the Klamath River is a victory for Oregon just like the victory that occurred when the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was created by America’s first progressive President, Teddy Roosevelt in 1908. The refuge was recently the scene of a month long protest over ranching and grazing rights. Liberals think it’s a victory anytime Republican Congressmen like Greg Walden and Democrat Presidents like Bill Clinton work together to facilitate their progressive agenda and that’s what basically happened when they created the Steens Mountain Wilderness Area, but it really isn’t about a refuge for birds or saving a small piece of America in its pristine condition. No, not by a long shot There is gold in “them thar hills”… Gold and millions of tons of valuable uranium ore. That whole part of Oregon used to be volcanically active and it is a veritable storehouse of valuable resources today. That is why the Federal Government wants the Hammond’s ranch. That is why they are waging a punishing campaign of intimidation against Dwight and Steven Hammond. That is why they were resentenced to five more years in jail, two years after they finished serving their original sentences for a crime that they shouldn’t even have been charged with more less convicted of . The Hammonds own the last six thousand acres of privately held land in the Steeens Mountain Wilderness Area. Click here to view the Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management Resource Map for Harney and Malheur Counties. (Click the map to enlarge it) The Hammond Ranch is located right in the middle of the map fifty miles south of Burns. It is  part of the white area just east of Frenchglen and south of Diamond.

Klamath River Dam Copco1

Klamath River Dam Copco1

Anytime progressive Republicans work together with liberal Democrats to facilitate a common goal, common sense is always a casualty of the negotiations. The creation of the Steens Mountain Wilderness area led to many Harney County ranchers failing and going out of business. That drove up the price of beef for everyone in Oregon.  It led to the incarceration of two of Harney County’s last remaining ranchers, Dwight and Steven Hammond. Shortly after that it resulted in the murder of Robert LaVoy Finicum by an Oregon State Police Officer whose name is being withheld. LaVoy Finicum was the father of eleven children and the grandfather of twenty nine grandchildren and he was a leader in his church and a pillar of his community. He was  a rancher from northern Arizona who shall fondly be remembered by many loyal Americans for his courage and commitment. After his death the progressive agenda led to the imprisonment of Ammon and Ryan Bundy and ten other protestors who had been demonstrating against the Hammond’s unjust incarceration.

The war on America’s ranchers and farmers continues, but the real suckers are not a little Oregon sucker fish. The real suckers are all of the environmentalists who believed that the creation of  the Steens Mountain Wilderness Area was actually about preserving a little piece of Oregon for a Wilderness and that the removal of four dams on the Klamath River is about saving the environment for a little fish.



Half of the land in Oregon is controlled by the Federal Government. If you live in Oregon and you would like to see the control of Federal land returned to Oregon Counties and to its people please sign this petition here at  




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