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Facebook Sides with Islamic Extremists for Money

Posted by Scott Rohter on Thursday, August 4, 2016



facebook censorship

Siding with the Mullahs for Moolah

By Scott Rohter, August 2016


“The love of money is the root of all evil.”


We have all heard how ISIS uses Facebook to promote its terrorist activities and obtain new recruits. Radical Muslim extremists of all bents and backgrounds are using Facebook to promote Jihad. Apparently that doesn’t violate “Facebook’s Community Standards”. It’s a well known fact that the FBI which didn’t recommend any indictment against crooked Hillary Clinton is always looking into the accounts of Facebook users for any signs of terrorist activity. That is because it exists. They wouldn’t be performing surveillance on Facebook if the evidence of terrorist activity didn’t exist there. That is why they obtained a search warrant to look into the Facebook accounts of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. They were the two Muslim devotees of the “religion of peace“ who committed the massacre in San Bernardino, California. Unfortunately for the victims of this terrorist attack and for their families all of the FBI’s snooping around was just a little bit too late. Their surveillance didn’t do anything to stop the attack, but the FBI is always looking nevertheless, and so is the Department of Homeland Security. They are great data accumulators even if all of their data is a day late and a dollar short.

Facebook doesn’t do anything to stop their surveillance and they don’t do a damned thing to stop Muslims extremists from using their social media platform either because the more people that are on Facebook, the more that Facebook can charge for its pathetic little ads that nobody wants to see. If you give Mark Zuckerberg the benefit of the doubt perhaps Facebook is allowing ISIS to use their social media platform in order to catch the sons of bitches, but I don’t think so. I think he is doing it just so he can charge more money for those ads.

On the other hand if you write anything truthful about the religion of peace or the cut-throats who practice it you are liable to get temporarily blocked or permanently banned from Facebook. It seems that the truth about Islam violates “Facebook’s community standards.” Its not what the practitioners of the religion of peace do that actually violates Facebook’s community standards. Its not the cutting off of heads or the blowing up of buildings, or the murders of thousands of innocent people that offends them. It is advocating for a way to actually stop these atrocities from happening that violates  their community standards. You can rest assured  that if you get blocked from Facebook they are still charging their advertisers for all of the ads they are putting on your page whether you or anyone else is able to see them or not.

Recently I wrote a little post and I put it on my Facebook Timeline. It simply said this: “I don’t have any idea why the dishonest news media thinks that the Muslim father who lost his son in Iraq is either relevant or newsworthy.. We don’t make policy or law for the people who are the exceptions to the rule.. We make policy and law for the people who break the rules… Islam represents a threat to our country therefore Muslims must be prohibited from coming here until we can be 100% sure that they don’t pose a threat… That’s what Donald Trump says and I agree with him, and by the way since no one can see inside someone else’s heart or predict which Muslims will become radicalized one day, they should all be prevented from coming to America.” I didn’t put this post on any one else’s page. I just put it in the status update window on my own page…

Bingo! That little thought got me blocked from Facebook and their Office of Community Standards threatened to ban me permanently if I ever reposted it or anything else like it again. Perhaps the Office of Community Standards should be renamed the “Facebook Thought Police”.

This is the screen shot that I saw when I logged in to Facebook recently… 

Facebook screen shot from August 3 2016

















Not only could I not use Facebook. I couldn’t even connect to it to see what anyone else was saying. Then I was directed to  another page which showed the objectionable content that I posted which they claimed had violated their “community standards”…

Facebook screenshot of post that got me blocked for 24 hours on August 3 2016

















Finally I was directed to another page which warned me never to repost this content again.

Facebook screen shot of warning not to repost the post that got me blocked on August 3 2016

















Apparently I am not the only truth teller being blocked by Fakebook recently. I am in some pretty good company. They also blocked Sarah Palin and radio talk show host Michael Savage. 

Who’s next? Are they going to block Donald Trump? I bet that would make for an interesting tweet.

It is said that free speech is only free as long as you use it.. If you don’t use it then you will lose it. Please share this article with your friends on Facebook and let their Office of Community Standards know just how you feel about their censorship.

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