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All Quid Pro Quos are not the Same

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, November 11, 2019





All Quid Pro Quos are not the Same

By Scott Michael Rohter  /  November 2019


All quid pro quos are not the same. Some seek to accomplish good, while others merely to accommodate evil. That is precisely why quid pro quos should be judged each on its own merits. Some are  well-intentioned  just like the people who make them while others are basically bad like the people who make them. There are about as many different kinds of quid pro quos as there are people and the different reasons that motivate them.  In other words… good people make good quid pro quos, and bad people make bad quid pro qous. It’s that simple.

In 2015, Vice President Joe Biden told Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire the special prosecutor looking into corruption in Ukraine. One of the things he was investigating was just how Joe Biden’s son landed a prestigious, high paying job on the Board of Directors of Burisma, the Ukranian oil company when he couldn’t speak Ukrainian and knew nothing about gas or oil. Biden told the Ukrainian President that if he didn’t fire that special prosecutor immediately  he was going to fly back to Washington without releasing any of the foreign aid money he had come to deliver.  That was a quid pro quo of the worst sort and it didn’t even make  the front pages of a single American newspaper, but four years later when Donald Trump politely asked the new President of Ukraine to re-open the investigation into corruption including the alleged corruption and influence peddling of Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine, now all of a sudden the Democrats and their allies in the media are throwing a fit.

One thing is certain however. No foreign country has an unconditional right to American taxpayer dollars. The President of the United States can place any conditions he wants on the release of foreign aid, whatever conditions he deems are appropriate.  I’ll tell you something else. Our country had no business under Barack Obama providing the military and financial assistance that led to the overthrow of the legitimately elected government of Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych. We were meddling in affairs that were none of our business, and we did so to the consternation of the Russians, and at the expense of Russian /American relations which are far more important than anything that was ever going on in Ukraine.

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