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What Do I Want from the Federal Government?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, October 16, 2016


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What Do I Want from the Federal Government?

By Scott Michael Rohter, October 2016



What do I want from the Federal government? I want it to follow its own laws… I don’t want to see any more foreign military interventions without a Congressional Declaration of War… I don’t want any more treaties signed with other nations without Senate approval…I don’t want any further surrendering of our national sovereignty to the United Nations or to some other international body in an ill-conceived effort to facilitate some kind of a New World Order.

I don’t want the Federal government to meddle any more in other countries’ affairs or topple foreign leaders like it did in Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine, and like it is  trying to do right now in Syria.

I don’t want the Federal government to continue trampling over States rights like it is doing now in North Carolina over the issue of which individuals can use what bathrooms.

 lavoy truck roadblockI don’t want the Federal government to keep trampling over human rights as it did when it collaborated in the shooting death of Lavoy Finicum, or in the arrest, incarceration without bail, and the trial of Ammon and Ryan Bundy and others on charges of conspiracy while the real conspirators remain comfortably secure from prosecution in Congress, and the real occupation is not the one that occurred at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, but rather the occupation of 700 million acres of land in twelve Western States…. half of the land west of the Rocky Mountains… One quarter of all the land in the whole United States is owned and controlled by a handful of government agencies. It is an area bigger than the size of most countries. I would like to see this land turned over to State and local control so the people in every State can decide what they want to do with these lands.

I want our government to set an example for the whole world to follow… an example that I can be proud of… so that people in other countries will respect America again, not fear and resent us the way they do now.

I want the Federal government to protect our nation’s borders from foreign invaders instead of welcoming them into our country as undocumented workers and future Democrat voters who are just looking for a job and a better way of life.

I want the Federal government to stop immigration of Muslims into our country as there is no way to  predict which of them will become a future jihadist and terrorist threat one day. It has been proven over and over again that it is not possible to predict which Muslim will become radicalized and which of them will not become radicalized. The problem isn’t ISIS. The problem is Islam itself.

 I want the Federal government to do those things that it is supposed to do under the Constitution and not do those things that it is not supposed to do under the Constitution. I want it to repeal the Federal Land Policy Management Act, the Patriot Act, and the Internal Revenue Act. I want it to balance the Federal Budget, pay off the National Debt, and reduce Federal taxes overall. I want it to eliminate unconstitutional government agencies, fire millions of Federal employees, and drastically reduce excess regulations and red tape. Basically I just want the Federal government to follow the Constitution. What do you want the Federal government to do?

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