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British Vote to leave the E.U. is Good News for Europeans, but Bad News for the Architects of the New World Order

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, June 26, 2016


Twenty Eight Minus One

by Scott Rohter, June 2016




The British vote to leave the European Union is good news for Europeans, and it is good news for Americans too. It was not a vote against the European Union as much as it was a vote in favor of retaining British national sovereignty. It was the acknowledgement that the people of the U.K. want to be governed by their own elected leaders rather than by the faceless bureaucrats of the European Union or by the un-elected members of the European Parliament. It proves that the British people  do not want to surrender their independence and that people everywhere want more control over their lives, not less control.

The clear conclusion we can draw from the Brexit vote is that people everywhere prefer limited government closer to home rather than bigger government that is more centralized and farther away. The British people didn’t reject their “European-ness”. Instead they chose to embrace their British-ness.

In 1975 Britain held a similar referendum when they voted to become a member of the European Economic Community (the EEC ) or the Common Market.. That was how the European Union started. It all started as a voluntary economic union of sovereign nations, but over the years its mission changed until it became a mandatory political union led by Germany. In the beginning the EEC created a tariff free zone which made it easy for European countries to trade with each other. The idea was that if European countries could trade more freely with each other they would be less likely to ever go to war with each other again, but over the years the plan for a European Economic Community experienced mission creep. Many Europeans didn’t learn the right lesson from World War II. They don’t need to surrender their national sovereignty to a European Union in order to get along with each other. They just need to make sure that competition doesn’t lead to hostilities. They need to learn that money isn’t everything. The British vote to leave the European Union proved at least that the English people understand that. In spite of all the dire economic predictions of what would happen if they ever left the E.U. they still voted to leave.

brexit2The English people never imagined in their worst nightmares that they would be surrendering their national sovereignty to Germany forty years after the end or World War II. The European Union did something that even the Nazis couldn’t accomplish with all of their bombs during the worst days of the Blitzkrieg. It created a forced political union which made England subservient to Germany and undermined its ability to govern itself.

The Brexit vote to leave the European Union is the proof that the British people want to govern themselves. It is also the evidence that people all over the world want to govern themselves. It is bad news for the architects of the New World Order who want to implement their globalist agenda and their dreams of a one world government. They can’t implement their plans for a one world government if they can’t convince independent nations that it is in their best interests to surrender their national sovereignty to a handful of international unions. The Brexit vote to leave the European Union is good news for freedom loving countries all over the world.

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