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A Pathway to “Citizenshit” for Illegal Aliens

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, January 13, 2018



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 Citizenship & Amnesty in Exchange for a Border Wall ?

A Quid Pro Quo?


By Scott Rohter, January 2018


Here it comes again, and its heading straight for a community near you… the mother of all betrayals… a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens or as I call it “a crapway to citizenshit”, but whatever you want to call it,  this train is on the fast track and it is leaving the station soon. On board are all of the illegal aliens living in the United States of America contrary to our laws, all because of all the Washington politicians who want to provide them with amnesty and permanent legal status. That seems to include the President of the United States…  That’s right…Donald Trump is now considering a pathway to citizenship for all of the so called “dreamers”, almost two million of them… all of the DACA recipients who came here as young children. What’s next?… their mothers and fathers who broke the law by bringing them here and all the rest of the interlopers who have violated our immigration laws in order to get here, or overstayed their visas after they arrived?

Donald Trump isn’t kidding. He is deadly serious about it. He isn’t talking about granting citizenship to just the 800,000 DACA recipients we keep hearing about in the news all of the time.. He is talking about granting citizenship to one million more illegals who never even applied for DACA and giving all of them permanent legal status and citizenship after a probation period of ten years in exchange for Congressional funding to build the Border Wall,. I have a news flash for him. If he does that not only will he NOT be reelected.. The Democrats will win the midterm elections and he will be impeached.. If that train ever leaves the station it is going to crash the whole country along with the GOP. Texas will turn into a blue State and their will never be another Republican President in the White House. That will not only be the end of Trump. It will be the end of the Republican Party. if politicians get their way Donald Trump will be driving this train wreck when it occurs so everyone in Washington can blame him. Don’t ask me how or when, but all of the politicians who have bought tickets on this train will get off long before it crashes.

Once before American citizens stopped the government from granting a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. Last time the amnesty train had to make a scheduled stop at Capitol Hill before it could leave for the rest of the country, but this time Congress is already on board. The last amnesty train traveled under the guise of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill and the conductor was El Presidente Jorge  W. Arbusto. This time the amnesty train is traveling under cover of legislation to fund the government and the conductor is Donald J. Trump.  It is going to be harder to stop this train because Democrats are holding Congressional funding for the Border Wall hostage to some kind of permanent legal status for DACA recipients..  That is thanks to the feckless leadership of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

The last time the amnesty train left the station it was about ten years ago under the “compassionate conservative” leadership of George Bush. He told the members of the White House press corps that he would “see them at the signing ceremony” , but REAL American conservatives threw the switch which derailed that legislation from ever reaching his desk for a signature.  With funding for the Border Wall at stake now because Donald Trump has decided to use the Border Wall as a bargaining chip it wont be so easy to do prevent legislation from reaching his desk.

During his first term in office President Obama avoided dealing with the controversial issue of illegal immigration because he wanted to ensure his re-election, but after he won his second term he gave the Hispanic community what they wanted. Thus he hoped to purchase the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016… and to tell you the truth he almost did. Hillary won the popular vote because States like California and Oregon have automatic motor voter registration laws and they routinely issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens with no proof of citizenship. That is how millions of Hispanic illegal aliens voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election.. The only thing that saved America from eight more years of the Clinton crime machine is the Electoral College. Most of the illegal voting occurred in just a few States which was not enough to change the outcome of the vote in the Electoral College.

Everybody keeps telling us that it is the compassionate and right thing to do…  to allow illegal aliens who were brought here as young children to remain in the country.   Let them become citizens and allow them to vote in our elections.  Neither the Democrat nor the  Republican National Committees cares a single iota about these young children just like they don’t care anything about the poor Mestizos from Mexico’s poverty stricken southern State of Oaxaca who brought them here. Republicans and Democrats just want to use them for cheap labor and votes.  If either political Party actually cared anything at all about the poor migrants from Mexico and Central America they would encourage them to return to their home country and fix what is wrong with it. That would be the compassionate thing to do… to help them find work in their own country, but instead of doing that both of our political Parties want to take advantage of them.  Such a co dependent relationship with Mexico and Central America is unhealthy for everyone concerned.

There is an old saying. “A rose by any other name smells just as sweet.”  In the case of a “pathway to citizenshit” for illegal aliens … you can put lipstick on this pig, but it still looks and smells just like what it is. I am not so concerned about Donald Trump referring to third world countries as “s-holes”.  He has never been one to mince words… He just says it like it is… and after all that is what got him elected, but President Obama liked to use executive orders to make new laws. He referred to a treaty with Iran as a “deal”. I don’t like to be deceived. I will take brutal honesty over deception any day of the week. My concern now is that Donald Trump is  deceiving us by cooperating with Democrats to grant amnesty to illegal aliens in return for Congressional funding to build the Border Wall. If he is then we are in for an “s-load” of trouble.





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