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Barack Obama’s America

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, November 5, 2016


Obama 34

Is this Your Kind of America?

By Scott Michael Rohter, November 2016



Ammon and Ryan Bundy

Ammon and Ryan Bundy

WHAT KIND of a country locks people up who have not been convicted of a crime?

WHAT KIND of a Justice Department keeps them in jail after they have been found innocent of all charges?

WHAT KIND OF a judicial system allows their attorney to be tazed, handcuffed, and arrested right there in the courtroom after they are acquitted because he questioned the government’s authority to detain them? What kind of a government throws its full weight and power behind a vendetta against one American family in order in order to break them for simply standing up for their rights? Our country does. Under Barack Obama America does.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy are innocent. They have been found innocent in a court of law by a jury of their peers, and yet the government refuses to release them. They are being held right now against their will at a high security prison in Seattle by a government that doesn’t follow its own laws. Jailed for nine months its long past time to release them and insist that the government start following its own laws. Ammon and Ryan Bundy are not guilty of anything. They have been found not guilty of everything in Federal Court by a jury of their peers and in spite of all of this after a six week long trial the government refuses to let them go.

Muammar Gaddhafi beaten before being killed

Muammar Gaddhafi beaten before being killed

What kind of a country have we become in the last sixteen years, and especially in the last eight years under Barack Obama? We have become a country whose government picks and choses what laws it will obey at home and which foreign leaders of other countries will remain in power abroad. We are a country that bombs other countries if we don’t like their governments, or supports coups that overthrows their leaders. We did it in Iraq. We did it in Libya. We did it in Ukraine and now we are trying to do it again in Syria.



Murders of Americans at Benghazi

Murders of Americans at Benghazi

We are a country that turned a blind eye to the deaths of our own Ambassador and three other brave Americans at Benghazi. We are a country that allows Hillary Clinton to escape prosecution for high crimes and misdemeanors just because she is the wife of a former President. Does this sound like the country you grew up in?






New boss of Democrat Plantation?

We are a country that has been subverted by a Democrat controlled media that lies, and spins the news in order to elect more Democrats to Washington. We are a country with a corrupt legal system that finds nothing wrong or unusual about a former President meeting with the Attorney General during an FBI investigation into his wife’s wrongful activity as Secretary of State.

We have become a country that doesn’t follow the Constitution. We are a country that boasts about being a Nation of laws yet our government picks and choses which laws it will follow and which laws it won’t follow. We have gone from a country where Blacks picked cotton for Democrats on a plantation to a country where Blacks slavishly pick Democrats from the descendants of those same plantation owners.  The new plantation is the Democratic Party, and this year it is running Hillary Clinton to be our next President. That is the kind of nation we have become in the last eight years under Barack Obama.  We are considering electing the criminal wife of an impeached former President to be our country’s next head of State. It is a disgrace. That is the kind of country we have become… a disgrace.  That is Barack Obama’s America. Is it your kind of America too?




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