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Does Hillary Clinton Have the Good Judgment to be our next President?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, November 1, 2016



A Litany of False Political Narratives


Sadaam Hussain hangingFor the last sixteen years I have sat helplessly by as I watched both Democratic and Republican Administrations misleading the American people, spreading lies, and promoting false political narratives. Let’s start with the one about Sadaam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction which led to the invasion of Iraq and the toppling of his regime… It also destabilized the entire Middle East, strengthened a terrorist regime in Iran, and led to the current nightmare of mass Muslim immigration to Europe and America..  Way to go George Bush.


Muammar Gaddhafi beaten before being killed

Muammar Gaddhafi beaten before being killed

Then there was the false narrative about Colonel Ghadaffy wanting to massacre his own people. That led to our bombing of Libya and the removal of Muammar Ghadaffy.  Everywhere we go in the so called name of democracy we leave a wake of chaos, death, and destruction.

After that there was the false political narrative about the Arab Spring being a spontaneous uprising of moderate Muslims who just wanted to live in a democracy… Yea right. As long as that democracy follows Sharia Law and anyone who doesn’t believe in it is dead.


Ousted Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych


There was the false narrative about the Civil War in Ukraine being started by Russia when it was really provoked and supported by our own State Department under Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden. We funded and supported the rebels in Kiev which overthrew the legitimately elected President of Ukraine.

There was another false narrative about the murders of four American Embassy personnel at Benghazi. The story line claimed that the attack was  a spontaneous reaction to a YouTube Video mocking Islam and Mohammed. In reality the burning of our Embassy and the murders of our Ambassador and three other employees was a pre-planned terrorist attack which was covered up by Hillary Clinton in order to protect President Obama’s lead in the remaining months of the last Presidential election. 

There has been a false narrative being promoted for the last several years about how Russia is occupying Crimea when in reality the people of Crimea actually held a referendum and they voted  to leave Ukraine and rejoin the Russian Federation. The referendum was free and fair. That doesn’t sound like an occupation to me.


There is another false narrative about how Russia is stirring up trouble all around the world when in reality America is the one who is stirring up all of the trouble in the world right now. It doesn’t please me to say it, but it’s true. We are spreading chaos and conflict where ever we go under Barack Obama and we will continue to do that if Hillary Clinton with the help of the media somehow manages to win this election.

The Assad family

The Assad family


There is another false narrative being spread now about Bashar al Assad being a madman who is responsible for starting the Civil War in his country and dropping chemical weapons on his own people. In reality Bashar al Assad is a western educated ophthalmologist married to a British woman who spent most of her life in England. The truth is that Sunni radical groups backed by the United States started the Civil War in Syria and they have used chemical weapons on Syrian civilians who support the Assad regime.




Ryan Bundy family

Ryan Bundy family

In our own country there is a false narrative about the Bundy Family and anyone who supports the idea of turning public land over to State and local control. They are portrayed in the media as a bunch of anti government activists when in reality we are patriotic Americans who only want the government to start following the Constitution and start obeying its own laws. Ammon and Ryan Bundy are the most patriotic Americans I have ever met and the federal prosecutors over at the Justice Department who work for Loretta Lynch are the least patriotic Americans I know.

Finally there is the false political narrative that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate to be the next President of the United States. That narrative is being promoted by her husband, the impeached former President, Bill Clinton.. He was impeached after lying to Congress and being charged with obstruction of justice.. Then he lost his license to practice law and just like the current President and the First Lady Bill Clinton can not practice law anywhere in the United States of America. 


The truth is that Hillary Clinton has the absolute worst judgment of any candidate in the history of politics. As Secretary of State she used a private server to store all of her official government emails. She kept the server in an insecure location in her own home in Chappaqua New York. When she learned she was being investigated she  deleted most of the emails before she turned it over to the FBI.  It was no mistake. She deleted the emails deliberately  in order to get rid of the evidence of all of her influence peddling while she was our Secretary of State. It doesn’t get any worse than that. She lied to the FBI and to the American people about what she did and why she did it.

Worst of all as Secretary of State and a member of the important Committee on Foreign Investments she approved the sale of half of America’s known uranium assets to a Canadian company named Uranium One which was subsequently pruchased by a Russian company named Rosatom which is fully owned by the Kremlin. Now Russia is in control of half of America’s domestic uranium supplies thanks to Hillary Clinton. We might even get nuked with our own uranium thanks to her good judgment. It is she who is not fit to be the next President. It is she who does not have the judgment to be Commander in Chief… and it is she who is engaging in a campaign of lies and innuendo against Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton needs to be in the Big House not in the White House.

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