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State of Disarray

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, February 28, 2017



State of Disarray

By Scott Rohter, February 2017


President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union Address tonight to a deeply divided nation. It Is not nice to see the bad state of disarray that our country is in right now. Cognizant of 240 years of tradition and protocol will Donald Trump tone down his political rhetoric in order to be politically correct, or will he be true to himself and tell us the unvarnished truth about the sad state of affairs in our country? Some people might not want to hear the truth, but it is important for all of us to hear it exactly the way it is. For my part I hope that President Trump chooses to be the man that I voted for, and tells us the truth in his typical trumpian fashion… the way it really needs to be told.

Our nation is deeply divided. You don’t need a degree from Harvard in order to see that. Our political Union is in deep disarray just like our respect for each other as we try to engage in political discourse. How many times do we need to see Trump supporters being beaten up by violent mobs of street thugs holding “Not My President” demonstrations?  Our unity and our Union are both threatened and hanging by a thread.  Already there are calls emanating from Democrat leaders in Congress to impeach our newly elected President. It has gone way beyond casting doubt on the electoral process or merely casting aspersions on the President ‘s character like Hillary Clinton did during the Presidential campaign.

A nation can withstand its enemies, but it cannot survive its fools. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and current minority leader of the Senate Chuck Schumer are assisted in their efforts to undermine the result of the General Election by the fake news media and the no news media who are fueling disruption and disorder all around the country. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are promoting confrontations that America doesn’t need with foreign scapegoats like Vladimir Putin in Russia. Everyone in Washington appears to have gone nuts over Putin.. They have all forgotten the legacy of détente that was forged between our two countries by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

What is our government doing by positioning ballistic missile systems along Russia’s western border in Romania, or holding war games in Poland and Lithuania, or supporting the overthrow of friendly governments along their border like we did in Ukraine? We promised the Russians that we would not expand NATO to include former Warsaw Pact countries and then we broke our promise. The Obama Administration even wanted to add Ukraine and Moldova to the NATO alliance. No wonder Russia is worried and turning to China. We are driving them right into China’s arms.



Ammon and Ryan Bundy

At home our government continues to prosecute political prisoners Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and their brothers Mel and David, and their father Cliven who are languishing in jail for over a year for merely standing up for their rights and the rights of other farmers and ranchers in Western States against the overreaching tyranny of an out of control federal government which has occupied 700 million acres of State land with no constitutional authority for way too long.

There is a determined effort to undermine America’s national sovereignty which is being led by globalists both in America and in Europe through the United Nations which American taxpayers are funding.

Many cities and some States are refusing to cooperate with the Federal government in order to detain and arrest criminal aliens who are in our country illegally. These places are declaring themselves to be sanctuary cities and sanctuary States. Their federal funding should be eliminated completely. Progressive judges on some of our nation’s most liberal courts are trying to prevent the President of the United States from fulfilling his constitutional responsibility to keep Americans safe.

A nation can only tolerate so much stupidity just as it can only tolerate so much diversity. A certain amount of diversity is good, but too much diversity doesn’t make a nation stronger. It makes a nation weaker. Unity is what makes a nation strong, and the state of our union is in trouble.  The national motto is E Pluribus Unum and right now we need a lot less pluribus and a lot more unum.

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