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More Allegations about Judge Roy Moore, or just More Allegations about Nothing? You be the Judge.

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, November 14, 2017



More Allegations Mysteriously Surface about Judge Roy Moore

By Scott Rohter, November 2017


The fake media is always accusing the Russians of trying to influence our last election, but have you ever seen a more obvious instance of trying to influence an election than what the American mainstream media itself is doing right now in the race for the United States Senate seat from Alabama? Have you ever seen a better example of the type of collusion that exists between the Democratic National Committee and the mainstream media than what the Washington Post is doing right now in the race for the United States Senate as they try to smear the Republican candidate in the race for the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions?

In the first place what business is it of the Washington Post which is located in Virginia to break a local news story to the people of Alabama right smack dab in the middle of a local election, or to try to influence their decision about who their next Senator should be? It sure looks like meddling to me.  Are we supposed to believe that there aren’t there any newspapers in the entire state of Alabama that could have reported on these alleged sexual indiscretions of one of the candidates in the race in the more than forty years since they occurred?  Why are all of these allegations about Roy Moore coming out right now all of a sudden in the middle of his campaign to become the next Senator from the State of Alabama?

This looks exactly like what Hillary Clinton tried to do to Donald Trump during the last Presidential election. Why haven’t any of these allegations about Roy Moore surfaced years ago when he ran for his seat on the Alabama Supreme Court or when he became the Chief Justice of Alabama? Why is the Washington Post breaking this so called “news story” right now instead of over thirty years ago, and why wasn’t it uncovered by some local newspaper?  Why is the Washington Post even interested in this story at all? … I think we all know the answer to that question, but there are a lot of other questions that deserve answers too. 

It strains credibility to believe all of these scurrilous accusations on face value after forty years of complete and utter silence… It looks to me like the dirty politics of the Democrat Party. This is the same type of dirty politics that was on display in the last General Election… It is the hallmark and the handiwork of the Democrat National Committee. Perhaps the story about Roy Moore should have been relegated to the non-fiction section of the Washington Post or at least it should have had a disclaimer in it stating that it was just an advertisement paid for by the Democrat National Committee…

Roy Moore has been in the crosshairs of the liberal establishment ever since he refused to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the grounds of the Alabama State Supreme Court. They thought they had gotten rid of him when he was forced step down from his position as Chief Justice, but he surprised everybody including his adversaries when he recently won a Republican Primary to be the next Republican candidate for Senator from Alabama…

There is more at stake here in this race for a Senate seat from Alabama than one man’s reputation. The entire Senate hangs in the balance… maybe even the next two to six years of the Trump Administration. This race for a single Senate seat from Alabama is much bigger than Alabama. It is bigger than the United States Senate. It is even bigger than the Trump Administration, because if we give in to this type of character assassination than we are only going  to get more of these type of scurrilous accusations being made about politicians running for office in the future.  We will be empowering these  evil and unprincipled Democrats to be even more brazen and even more unscrupulous than they already are…

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