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The Arrogance of Power Part 2 – The End Justifies the Means

Posted by Scott Rohter on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The stalemate which lasted for nine long days and got the attention of the entire Nation eventually came to an end when a political compromise was arranged between Republicans and Democrats, Eight of the eleven absent Republican members of the Oregon Senate agreed to return to the Capitol giving the Democrats the necessary quorum they needed to pass whatever legislation they wanted… Part of the deal was to table House Bill 2020, the so called Climate Change Bill which would have imposed an ambitious program of carbon trading in Oregon known as Cap and Trade to combat what people on the Left believe is human caused global warming. . In exchange for killing this Cap and Trade Bill Democrats received assurances from Senate Republicans that they would not walk out when HB 2015, the Bill that gives drivers licenses to illegal aliens came up for a vote…

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