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A Different Kind of Inconvenient Truth

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, January 7, 2017


The Problem with the Theory of Global Warming

By Scott Michael Rohter, January 2017


Al Gore in the documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

The sky is falling, the sky is falling Chicken Little cried… and the frightened little bird ran around warning everyone to prepare for a global catastrophe. Well today thanks to the miracle of modern telecommunications there are thousands of fear mongering scientists and climate change alarmists all over the world who are trying to scare billions of people into believing that the earth is warming and  we all need to get ready for a global disaster of epic proportions, one in which the oceans will rise flooding the earth and inundating coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles. Millions of people will allegedly die.  At least that is what Al Gore wants us to believe. That is what he claims in his book and in his movie, An Inconvenient Truth .  Apparently Mr. Gore doesn’t read the Bible.  A flood like this already happened and God promised that it would never happen again.



So who should we believe… Al Gore or God? Should we dismiss Al Gore’s predictions as completely unscientific and just as ridiculous as they are unproven. Should we dismiss anone who promotes such nonsense as a modern day chicken little, or should we give tentative credence and a cautious measure of respect to all of this fear mongering? 



What are the actual facts regarding climate change? Does it exist or doesn’t it exist? Is it a recent phenomena linked primarily to human activity which we  have some control over, or has it always been around to one degree or another depending on certain things that are beyond our ability to control like solar cycles, sun spot activity, and a slight wobble in the earth’s orbit?  The Sun doesn’t have a thermostat on it you know. What is the actual evidence supporting this new theory of anthropogenic global warming?… Well there isn’t any. That’s right, there isn’t any. It’s a new “science” and indisputable data doesn’t exist yet.




Advocates of the theory of anthropogenic global warming or climate change have created computer models which they use to come up with their fantastic predictions. Their computer models are based largely upon assumption and speculation. Much of their data that went into producing these computer  models has been carefully manipulated in order to arrive at a predetermined conclusion that the earth is warming due to human activity. You can see the evidence of this manipulation of the data in the email correspondence between the leading proponents of the theory of anthropogenic global warming. Read this article.


As further proof that global warming exists observers note that icebergs are melting in the Arctic Ocean, but these observations have to be reconciled with other observations that ice is accumulating in Antarctica. It seems that rather than a reduction in the overall amount of ice on the planet it is more likely that the location of the ice is shifting from the north polar region to the south polar region. Why is this happening?  No one knows for sure and they don’t seem to be really  interested in finding out. If the evidence contradicts the politically correct theory of anthropogenic global warming then the so called “climate scientists” aren’t interested in investigating it. This conflicting information has become a different kind of inconvenient truth… an inconvenient truth that they would rather not talk about and one that doesn’t lead to new government grants. 

So is this what science is supposed to be about in the 21st Century? Aren’t scientists interested in the truth anymore, or are they just interested in the pursuit of money? I thought science was supposed to be about the pursuit of truth, not about securing government grants or  cherry picking the data in order to arrive at a predetermined conclusion. Will Al Gore write a sequel to his book to discuss all of the conflicting data that contradicts his theory of global warming?  Don’t hold your breath. Perhaps he is feeling s little guilty about the huge fortune his family has made in the oil and coal business when his father worked for Occidental Petroleum, or maybe he just recognizes a good business opportunity when he sees it…  The business of selling carbon credits seems to be a good one. Another inconvenient little truth is that the United Nations is leading a worldwide effort to control more and more of our lives in order to make room for seven billion more people down here on earth by 2050.

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