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Government’s Plan to Railroad Bundy Family Hits a Major Roadblock in Oregon

Posted by Scott Rohter on Friday, October 28, 2016



 Government Vendetta against Cliven Bundy Stopped by Oregon Jury.

War on Bundy Hits a Little Snag in the Road called the Truth!


By Scott Michael Rohter – October 28, 2016


Dwight Hammond

Dwight Hammond

A government vendetta against the family of Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy ran into a major roadblock in Oregon on Thursday when a jury unanimously found two of his sons; Ammon and Ryan not guilty of conspiracy and Federal firearms charges. They were acquitted on all thirteen counts. It wasn’t  quite, “Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty I am free at last”, but at least the government’s plan to incarcerate them and five other defendants for up to six more years received a major setback as a Portland, Oregon jury saw right through the government’s overreaching indictment and right into the real heart of the matter.

There was not a conspiracy. The jury concluded that there was no proof that the occupiers ever intended to threaten government employees who worked at the Refuge. There was no evidence of any intentions to intimidate anybody because no government employees were ever at the Refuge during the entire time the defendants were there.  The jury was able to distinguish between the defendant’s intentions and the actual unintended consequences of their actions which was not under their own control. The occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge began as a sincere and spontaneous response to the government’s own unlawful actions which they took against two Oregon ranchers, Dwight and Stephen Hammond of Burns, Oregon.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy

Ammon and Ryan Bundy

Ammon and Ryan Bundy have spent the last nine months of their lives in jail all because they dared to tell the United States government that they were wrong, and the government which continues to incarcerate the Hammonds will also continue to keep Ammon and Ryan Bundy in Federal custody at least until their next trial in Nevada is over which stems from an earlier confrontation their father had with the BLM in Bunkerville in 2014.

After the verdicts were read in Portland Federal Court, the judge told the defendants they were free to go unless the Marshal’s Office had something to say about it.” At that point one of the other defendants in the case named David Fry became a free man again after spending the last nine months of his life behind bars just to make it look like this wasn’t a vendetta against the Bundy family, but the Marshals had other plans for Ammon and Ryan, the last two defendants in the Oregon case which still remain in custody. 

Marcus Mumford, the attorney for Ammon Bundy expected his client would be released from custody after the not guilty verdicts were delivered. He said that Mr. Bundy would promise to report for his next trial in Nevada. He argued with the judge about it. Voices were raised. Someone in the courtroom said that Judge Brown told Mr. Mumford not to yell at her. Then the Marshals took control of the courtroom. They surrounded Mr. Mumford.  He requested to see their paperwork which allowed them to keep his client in custody. They didn’t think they needed to prove anything to Mr. Mumford.  Then they surrounded him. There was a scuffle and he went to the ground.

Marcus Mumford

Marcus Mumford

 A table got flipped over in the process and computers and papers went flying. The judge ordered everyone out of the courtroom while Mumford was being tazed, handcuffed, and arrested for impeding federal officers. He was booked, jailed and released on his own recognizance.

It is further proof that our government is out of control. It doesn’t obey its own laws nor respect the Constitution… It is a government that picks and chooses which laws it will obey and which laws it won’t obey.. and now it has become a government that assaults and arrests a defense attorney who beats them in court.

“I don’t think such a thing has ever happened before in Federal Court where Marshals have attacked a defense attorney, and hen tazed and arrested him”, attorney Mike Arnold said. Mr. Arnold was the attorney who originally represented Ammon Bundy in Oregon, but withdrew about a month later.  It shows just how bitter and hard fought this legal battle has been and just how angry the government is at losing.  Loretta Lynch, Billy Williams and the Obama Department of Un-Justice is absolutely furious. The DOJ is like a wounded animal, even more dangerous than it was before the trial began..

After being booked in the county jail Mr. Mumford was released and given a trial date for some time in January.

Meanwhile what is going to happen to the next group of defendants who occupied the Refuge and are scheduled to go on trial sometime in February? Will the charges against them be dropped now that the leaders of the so called “conspiracy” have all been found not guilty or will the government file new and different charges?

What about those who pled guilty before the trial in order to avoid the threat of long jail sentences? Will they be required to serve jail time? That seems rather unfair as their guilty pleas were obtained under duress. Ryan Payne is one of the defendants who pled guilty. He testified that he felt he had been misled by Federal prosecutors and he unsuccessfully tried to withdraw his guilty plea .

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, but none is more important right now then why Ammon and Ryan Bundy have to remain in Federal custody. The truth is that there really is a government vendetta against the family of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

The not guilty verdicts are not just a win for the defendants. They are a rebuke of the government’s actions and tactics which they used against the  people who occupied the Refuge and against the Hammond family. It is a rebuke of the FBI, the Oregon State Police, the Department of Justice, the court, and it is especially a rebuke of the federal prosecutors. The entire government has been sent a clear message of disapproval by the jury.

Federal prosecutors thought this was a slam dunk case, but even with the deck and the court heavily stacked in their favor… the government could not convince the jury. At the end of every day’s proceedings three federal prosecutors jointly pushed a large, rolling file cabinet… three shelves filled with notebooks containing evidence out of the courtroom and into the elevator down to the fourth floor where their offices are. Using all of the enormous resources of the federal government… the tremendous financial, technical, and legal resources which the largest and most powerful country on the face of the earth can bring to bear they still could not prevail when matched against the plain and simple, honest truth that was inherent in the testimony of Ammon Bundy and in the riveting closing argument of his brother Ryan. All seven defendants were fully exonerated on the thirteen count federal indictment as well as on the Federal firearms charges as well.

The government assigned three prosecutors to the case. They were twelve paid government informants who infiltrated the Refuge and were spying on the defendants throughout the entire time they were there. The prosecutors raised thousands of objections in the courtroom during the six week long trial nearly all of which were sustained by the judge. Much of the evidence that defense attorneys wanted to present to the jury was not allowed to be seen by the jury and numerous defense witnesses were not permitted to testify.

Judge Anna Brown

Judge Anna Brown

The judge called so much of the testimony which she banned from the courtroom cumulative in nature. She claimed that she didn’t want to waste the jury’s time, but one person’s cumulative evidence is another person’s corroborative evidence and in my opinion all of the evidence she banned from the courtroom was corroborative in nature. Some video evidence that somehow managed to escape the judge’s scrutiny and did actually make it into trial was strictly edited right down to the last nano-second in order to prevent the jurors from ever seeing or hearing too much from the inspiring young man who is at the center of this trial… Ammon Bundy.

At this point I would like to mention the names of the other five defendants who were also found not guilty of conspiracy and not guilty of violating federal firearms statutes… They are Shawna Cox, Ken Medenbach, David Fry, Jaff Banta, and Neil Wampler.

Even with the courtroom heavily stacked in the government’s favor the government still lost the case… and they didn’t just barely lose. They lost on every single count. They suffered a major shellacking. They were thoroughly rebuked by an impartial jury which they chose to act as the arbiters of truth. So chalk one up for justice. It was John Qunicy Adams, America’s sixth President who was also an attorney who said, “The law is an artificial human construct. It is good for nothing outside of a court of law.” I was just glad to see that at least it still works inside of a court of law, because after attending this trial I really had my doubts, but thank God for the jury.

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