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Too Different Worlds and Two Different Americas

Stop Hispanic Language and Culture from Taking Over Anymore of North America

God Bless the Parents Who Drugged Us

Slavery and the Consequences of Slavery  -  A  Dialogue between Conservatives

Fighting for Our Political Lives

Here Comes the Judge Again - U.S. Supreme Court Set to Rule on Patient Protection Affordable Care Act

Arizona's Tough New Illegal Immigration Law - The Supreme Court is Set to Rule

The Politics of Division: Re-Selling the Old Idea of Racial Inequality

"Cake Walker" - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Wins Recall Election by a Wide Margin

Eugene EmX – Rapid Transit Fetish

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Trial

Re-Envision Eugene:   Alternative Vision

Alphabet News Networks and Talk Radio’s Crackers

Bridge Between Factions

No Connection to the Past

Mainstream Media Election Bias  –  What Has to Change?

Lane County Republican Party – Worthy of Consideration

U.S. Government Entitlement Programs: Are They Good or Bad?

Changing Our World, While Keeping Us Largely Entertained

A Twisted Tutorial

The Justice of Inequity

The Crippling Legacy of Slavery – How America’s Original Sin of Slavery Still Affects Us Today

The Biggest Entitlement of All

What to Do About Occupy Wall Street.  Who is the 99% & Who are the Occupiers?

EU Bailout of Greece or Not? A Very Unfortunate and Dangerous Time for the World

Real Campaign Finance Reform that You Can Believe In

What is the Proper Roll of the Federal Government?

Occupy Wall Street Vs. the TEA Party - A Comparison

The Occupy Wall Street Gang Vs. The Wall Street Gang

Al Sharpton, How Stupid You Really Are

The Standard by Which We Will Judge the 112th Congress

Lib and Let Live

Why Does it Always Rain In Washington D.C.?

An Historic Moment in New York History- New York Legalizes Gay Marriage

Congressmen Anthony Weiner - Conduct Unbecoming a Member of Congress

Harold Camping, Family Radio, and Bible Prophecy

Chronicling America's Progressive Slide to Socialism

How About a Department of Peace Instead of a Department of Defense?

Martin Luther King and Lewis Farrakhan – Power on Earth or Poison on Earth?

The War on Drugs and the Black American Family

NPR, PBS, and Commercial Radio and TV – The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

The Arizona Shooter and Our Broken Legal System - The Law is an Ass!

Illegal Immigration and Legal Immigration

The Passenger in the Box  -  The Perfect Solution to Profiling for Terrorists at the Airport

Is Michelle Obama Turning Into a Modern Day Marie Antoinette? Food, Diet and the Public Health

Colonizing, 21st Century Style - Illegal Immigration from Mexico

Victims of Success-Who is to Blame for America’s Downfall?

All that is Good and Bad About America is on Display in Arizona Shootings

Defending Sarah Palin and The Tea Party - The 2012 Election Season Begins

Arizona Shootings / Democrats and Liberal Media Rush to Play the Blame Game

There is No More Honor in the US Navy, Capt. Owen Honors

It’s Supposed to be a Pastime Not a Life Time

Gay and Lesbian Activists Planning Their Next Victory After Don't Ask - Don't Tell

The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives

The Wiki Leaks Revelations and Scandal

Democrats Seek Bipartisanship to Repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

The Dream Act: A Real Nightmare

A Temporary Truce Between Liberals and Conservatives

All the Men are Playing Ball

Liberty Bank Failure-Papé Name Turns to Mud

Immigration - Illegal and Legal

An Open Border

Just More of the Same Old Kind of Liberal Intolerance and Bias?

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