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President Obama Does the Limbo in Front of Chinese President Hu
He Bends Over Backwards at the Same Time that He Bows Down Forwards!

By Scott Rohter - January 2011

Dateline: Washington D.C.

President Obama greets Chinese President Hu in the White house…

            There is an old Jamaican folk dance called the limbo that goes something like this.  A horizontal bar is suspended between two upright poles. Then the music begins to play and the dancers all move forward in succession, throbbing to the music, while they bend down and lower their heads and try to make it under the bar without knocking if off the polls. Each time someone knocks the bar down they are eliminated from the dance and each time they successfully pass under the bar, it is lowered another notch until there is only one dancer left on the floor, and he becomes the winner.

            But President Obama seems to remember it wrong. Every time he greets an Asian head of state or a Middle Eastern “potentate” on behalf of the American people, he must hear that “old Caribbean music” playing in his head, man, because he keeps moving forward at the front of the line and bending over and dropping his head down, lower and lower each time until he seems to be trying to prostrate himself on the floor in front of every foreign dignitary that he meets! He must be trying to pass under some imaginary bar that he has erected in his own head and frankly I am getting tired of it!

            If Mr. Obama wants to do the limbo and prostrate himself in front of every foreign dignitary that he meets, then he is supposed to be bending over BACKWARDS (I know he is doing that too) NOT FORWARDS. That’s just a small point, I know! Here is a NEWS FLASH, Mr. President! Bending over forwards is called BOWING DOWN, and we don’t do that in America! How about showing some respect for our customs. Maybe if you tried acting a little more like an American, you would actually get a little more respect. As it is, I think you are quite an embarrassment!  G  E  T     A      C  L  U  E !

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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