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Thousands of Palestinians Die
after Hamas Launches Rockets against Israel
By Scott Rohter, August 2014

Hamascide Rocket Attacks on Israel are Suicide for People of Gaza

We have all heard of Muslim suicide bombers... Palestinians now have created a new way for Muslims to kill themselves in the name of Allah. Their “religion of peace” is offering Muslims a new way to sacrifice their lives on the altar of service to their blood thirsty god. It is called death by Hamas-cide...

Over 2000 Palestinians have died so far in a senseless month long war with Israel. Were they killed by Israeli soldiers or did they allow themselves to be sacrificed on the altar of Islamic ignorance and hate by committing collective “Hamas-cide” in Gaza? To put it another way didn't they really die at the hands of their own government which chose this path of confrontation? Didn’t they really die at the hands of the Hamas militants they elected to rule the Gaza Strip?

The Palestinians of Gaza elected Hamas to form a government in 2006. After months of sectarian fighting between them and the members of Fatah, when Hamas finally came into control of the entire Gaza Strip they killed members of the former ruling Fatah Party by throwing them off the roofs and out of the windows of their former government office buildings. That is how they celebrated their victory over their fellow Palestinians, by killing them. This is characteristic of Hamas which is an offshoot of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood and an ally of Hezbollah and many other radical Islamist groups. Hamas doesn’t accept the existence of the state of Israel and it is still committed to Israel's destruction more than sixty years after it was created.

It would not be incorrect to say that Palestinians have just died in a senseless and unnecessary war of attrition against a superior adversary which they brought upon themselves by electing Hamas to govern them. We have all heard of Muslim suicide bombers. Now Palestinians have created a new way for Muslims to kill themselves in the name of Allah. The “religion of peace” is offering Muslims a new way to sacrifice their lives on the altar of service to their blood thirsty god. It is called death by Hamas-cide and they have plenty of people who are willing to accept their offer.

Israel has been the object of thousands of Hamas rocket attacks for over a year since Hamas assumed control of the Gaza Strip. Almost daily rocket attacks have been endured without any response from Israel to any of the numerous provocations. No other country in the world would tolerate that, but Israel is always concerned about world opinion. However after a young Israeli boy was kidnapped and murdered last month, and underground tunnels from Gaza into Israel were discovered for the purpose of launching an attack on the Jewish New Year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided that enough was enough and it was time for Israel to act.

Every nation has a right to protect its citizens from attack by foreign enemies. Israel responded and the results weren’t pretty to see on the evening news. The casualties of war were lopsided. Over 2000 Palestinians have been killed in a little over three weeks of fighting and 67 Israeli soldiers have lost their lives. The media says that Israel’s response was disproportionate to the provocations. I disagree. The media calls the Palestinians who were killed or wounded in the war against Hamas, innocent civilians. That is a lie. They are not innocent civilians. It would be very hard to find any innocent civilians in Gaza because the Palestinians elected Hamas to govern them. Since forming a government Hamas has launched over 1000 rockets into Israel. The war that was started by Hamas and all of the Palestinian casualties are the direct result of their own behavior. Palestinians have to learn that there are consequences to their political and military decisions.

Now we shall see if they have learned anything at all from the past three weeks of fighting or if they continue down their present path. Since the Egyptian brokered three day cease fire has ended with no permanent truce in sight and more than thirty rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israel it is my personal opinion that they have not learned anything from the past three weeks of fighting. Israel will just have to continue to reinforce the message until they finally get it through their thick Muslim skulls that violence against the state of Israel will accomplish nothing to advance their cause.

There are a lot of Muslims who are willing to die on the altar of Islamic ignorance and hate in order to satisfy their blood thirsty god. There are a lot of Muslims who are willing to give up their own lives for the sake of trying to kill Israelis. There are even more Muslims who remain silent in the face of this insanity and who are willing to let others die in order to try to destroy Israel. Whether or not the Palestinians ever learn the message that their own failures are trying to teach them remains to be seen, but the Israelis will have to remain vigilant and ready to re-enforce the message until they do.

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