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Pack Your Bags and Begin Picking Your Transition Team, President Obama
-by Scott Rohter, September 2011

Maybe it’s a little too early for the President and Mrs. Obama to start packing their bags now, but it’s not too early to suggest that they might begin thinking about where they are going to live next fall, after their term in the WhiteHouse is over, because November is quickly coming, and those two are quickly going, back to ‘Chi-Town.’  That’s right, the Obamas are headed back to Chicago, safe and sound, as soon as the American people get to weigh in on the matter at the next election!  “That’s one town that won’t let them down.  That’s their kind of town.”  And why wouldn’t it be their kind of town, what with the President’s former WhiteHouse Chief of Staff, Rahm a.k.a. ‘Rahmbo’ Emanuel securely installed as Mayor? 

So Michelle and Barry should start using up all of their frequent flyer miles that they’ve been accumulating over the past three years, on all of their many trips around the world, and they should reach out to some realtors back home in Chicago, because the next year or so will go by quicker than they think.  Then it will be back to all of their old haunts, and all of their old friends!  That would include the infamous, America-hating preacher, the so-called Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and his Chicago Black Liberation Theology Church.  That’s the same church that Barack Obama attended for 20 years, but he couldn’t seem to remember anything that he heard there!  Then there is his royal, race bating highness, the master of racial disaster himself, (and a royal pain in the ass), the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who is also from Chicago.  And of course there is the wealthiest African-American woman in the whole country, probably in the whole world, who helped launch Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign in the first place, Oprah Winfrey.  She is one of only a handful of Americans that are so famous that she could go by only her first name!  Then there is Bill Ayers, a real fine, upstanding American if there ever was one, who is another one of President Obama’s very good friends.

Yes it will be great for them to all be back together again in their hometown, Chicago.  It will be kind of like a ‘class reunion’.  I’m just not sure what kind of class to call it.  It’s definitely not working class, or proletariat.  That’s the class they only claim to represent.  But what about bourgeoisie, or capitalist class?  That seems to fit them a little better, but they keep bashing and trashing the capitalist system that allowed them all to become so wealthy.  Maybe they should just be called the 'Chicago gangster class,' or the political class, or the ruling class!  Someone suggested to me that they could be called a class of thugs, or a ‘den of thieves’. That kind of has a nice ring to it. 

So while it may still be a little too early to pack your bags now Mr. President, you should probably begin picking your transition team, and planning on just where in Chicago you would like to build your inevitable Presidential Library. Maybe you can look up your old friend, that rather shady character, who gave you such a  great deal on your last house, if he is not behind bars in a Federal Penitentiary somewhere.  What was his name?  Tony Rezko!
"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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