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Two October Surprises and One Big Libya Cover-up

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Two October Surprises and One Big Libya Cover-up

Competing Hurricanes – Sandy and “Romney”

Just What Obama’s Doctor Ordered

by Scott Rohter, October 2012


“There is a real danger that this election will be stolen… not by a natural disaster or by any act of God, but by people on the political Left who will try to use Hurricane Sandy for their own political advantage, and who will do just about anything to get Barack Obama re-elected.” – Scott Rohter


Remember the famous words of Rahm Emanuel who is President Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff. “Rambo” as he is affectionately called by his friends is now safely ensconced in Chicago as its new Democratic Mayor. Part of his new job is to bring the “dead man walking vote” to the polls on November 6th for his old boss. He can be counted on to safely deliver Cook County, and with it all of Illinois’ twenty Electoral College votes for Barack Obama in 2012. Remember his now famous quote in 2009 when he was still Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff, “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste!”

Flash forward to 2012. Luckily for Obama’s campaign along comes Hurricane Sandy, and just in the nick of time too. Barack Obama’s popularity is plummeting in the polls with just one week left to go before Election Day! Mitt Romney is ahead even in their push polls arranged and paid for by the Democrat Party. The momentum is shifting heavily in Romney’s favor, even in the battleground States, and in the must win State of Ohio.

Clustered together in a situation room somewhere near the White House the “movers and shakers” of Obama’s re-election campaign are holding an emergency planning session. “What shall we do” someone asks? Maybe this strategy session wasn’t even necessary, because the solution to the problem was perfectly obvious to all of his advisors and consultants, not the solution to the crises that is effecting millions of Americans caused by Hurricane Sandy, but the solution to their crisis of millions of independent voters who are being swayed right now by the winds of “Hurricane Romney”.

So they formulate a plan, and they begin to implement it immediately in order to try to stop the damage that is being done to President Obama’s re-election campaign by all of the news stories and the damaging new revelations that are coming out now about the President’s role in Benghazi.  One call to each of the top executives at the three major news networks should be sufficient to squelch that…and to the New York Times and the Washington Post as well… or maybe those calls aren’t really necessary anymore because they already know exactly what to do…their behavior is  instinctive by now. They have been spinning and filtering the news for so many years that their behavior is almost second nature!

For the next eight days and until the 2012 election is over, you are going to see the single biggest cover-up in the history of American politics, and it won’t even be reported on by the three major news networks…a cover-up that is so large that it dwarfs anything that ever preceded it! The mainstream media will continue to saturate the Nation with one story after another about the natural disaster caused by Hurricane Sandy, while  at the same time ignoring all of the damaging new revelations that are coming out now about the Presidents role in Benghazi. As an added boost to help Barack Obama’s re-election chances, the mainstream  media will try to make it appear that Hurricane Sandy was caused by global warming (which doesn’t exist) or climate change (which hasn’t been proven to be anthropogenic). The media will claim that Hurricane Sandy is just more evidence of why we need carbon taxes and a United Nations directed, government run cap and trading scheme. But It is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to help Barack Obama get re-elected! Nothing of this sort is even remotely true because the accuracy of the science on climate change has not been settled!

This is exactly the same type of thing that the media did in 2008, when they deliberately sat on information about John Edward’s personal affair, and the illegitimate child that he had with his mistress, during his bid for the Democratic nomination while his wife was dying of cancer, in order to help President Obama win the Primary…Had the public known about this, most of the votes that he got would have gone to Hillary Clinton, and given her the Democratic nomination instead of Barack Obama. But they were denied to her by the moguls in the media who just sat on this information, and allowed Barack Obama to become our Nation’s 44th President.

So for the next eight days the mainstream media will be broadcasting nothing but stories about the disaster caused by the Hurricane in order to help President Obama win again. This will effectively stop the discussion about Benghazi until after the election is over when it won’t hurt his re-election bid. It will distract attention away from how the President and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both knew about the extent of the danger that our embassy personnel in Libya were in, and how they did absolutely nothing to help them.

At last check Mitt Romney was ahead in the Polls and the momentum was shifting heavily in his favor, even in the critical battle-ground State of Ohio, but the media will not allow any further discussion of Benghazi, at least over the “public” airwaves. They will try to stop the hemorrhaging of support for President Obama and the shifting of momentum towards Mitt Romney, and they will try to freeze the public’s perception right now with only one week left to go before this crucial election.

Another advantage that Barack Obama has right now over his opponent is that the mainstream media is happy to give him all the opportunity to appear very Presidential looking, and very “Barry to the rescue like” by covering any of his trips to the scene of the Hurricane’s damage, and by loudly proclaiming his declaration of a Federal Disaster Area so that the affected areas can receive Federal Disaster Relief Assistance, all of which things give a distinct advantage to the incumbent. Don’t forget the motto of President Obama’s Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who said, “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste!”


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