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Hollywood or "Follywood" ?
Media Moguls are Changing Our World
While Keeping Americans Misinformed and Poorly Entertained

The History of Hollywood and TV

-by Scott Rohter, January 2012

America’s fledgling broadcast industry began in the early part of the 20th century in New York City. It is only logical to assume that from its earliest beginnings in the 1930s and 1940s the business of broadcasting on television would be dominated and controlled by New York liberals and prominent members of the east coast Establishment. This fact can be very easily verified.

The nascent broadcast industry with its network news divisions, was headquartered in and around New York City where most of the nation's population was concentrated. It was financed by big New York banks, and organized by wealthy individuals who were typically New York progressives. In retrospect there is nothing unusual or unethical about any of this and it explains perfectly well why all of the major news networks are still liberal today.

Roughly about the same time that the television industry was first getting started on the east coast another young commercial enterprise was beginning to stretch its legs on the west coast. This was Hollywood. It was born in the 1920s and it had already been on the scene for about a decade when television came along.  The future film capitol of the world was centered in a little know town outside of the city of Los Angeles called Hollywood. This little commercial enterprise grew into the entertainment and film industry that we know today and Hollywood became the entertainment and film capitol of the world. The principals behind the movie business were west coast liberals. There isn’t a lot of difference between west coast liberals and east coast liberals except for the slightly different nature of their conflicting business interests.  For most of the 20th century there was a huge wall of separation between these two growing industries that disseminated information to the American public. One industry used the medium of the public airwaves and a growing network of television stations to get its message out while the other industry used a network of movie theatres all across the country. The ‘Iron Curtain’ of separation that existed between these two growing industries was mainly self-imposed primarily by the more established Hollywood movie moguls because they were suspicious of the up-start TV business. They refused to share or release any of their film content for broadcast over television stations. That was the way it was for many years.

Any maneuvering by one industry to gain control of the other would have almost certainly been opposed by the courts, and it would have been viewed as a form of monopoly. I can say this confidently, without any hesitation because those same courts handed down various legal decisions in the 1940s and in the 1950s that prevented Hollywood Film Houses from owning or controlling the movie theaters that even showed their films. Hollywood tried very hard to gain a foothold in both the theater business and the nascent broadcast industry, but they were not allowed to open the iron curtain or interfere in these two separate enterprises... To paraphrase a famous television news anchorman of the day, “That’s just the way it was!”

The developing broadcast industry was as separate from the movie and entertainment business as the east is from the west, or at least as the east coast is from the west coast. They were as separate as fact is from fiction, or as truth is from lies. The television business on the east coast through their affiliated network of local stations across the country, broadcast mainly the news and information that the nation needed to know. The movie business located on the west coast specialized in pure entertainment, which was mostly fiction, and while they did produce some early documentaries notably to help with the war effort, they took no great pains to remain completely factual. Hollywood was mostly, and still is mostly about entertainment... and propaganda.

There was obviously some overlap between the two growing industries.  Because there is a lot of programming time to fill in a day, television networks began to experiment with some early shows that were not really newsworthy. They were just entertainment in nature, like the variety shows that television became famous for.  There was The Ed Sullivan Show, and The Bob Hope Show for example. They tried their hand at comedy shows too, like Laurel and Hardy,  The Three Stooges, and for children there was Bozo the Clown. They also produced some early sitcoms like The Life of Riley, I Love Lucy,  Leave It To Beaver and  The Jack Benny Show  One of the most popular sitcoms that I grew up with was called The Honeymooners, staring Jackie Gleason as Ralph Cramden in his role as a New York City bus driver.  All of these early sitcoms generally portrayed life in America the way that it was, and not the way that anyone particularly wanted it to be. Hollywood just focused on telling a story, and on entertaining people by making them laugh at funny caricatures of themselves.

In retrospect it was all very innocent and harmless in the beginning. There were NO hidden messages, NO political agenda, and NO social engineering built into the content of those early programs that were produced for television, but I think World War II changed all that. Some people in the broadcast industry began to take notice of the power that television held over people, as it was then being used by Nazi Germany to brainwash and control an entire nation. Of course the same thing can be done with radio, and the big screen as well, but radio and the big screen have never been quite as powerful a means of controlling a country as television is.

Gradually some of the early television programs in America turned from news and documentaries and other innocent forms of entertainment to purely fictionalized storytelling with a hidden message. From there, the programs morphed again into full-fledged adventures into social engineering which came complete with their own liberal political and social agenda!  Instead of just trying to sell their viewers something in the frequent commercial breaks between the various segments of their shows, television now the entire production into a massive propaganda tool that was hammered home for sixty minutes every evening, frequently five nights a week, for twenty-six weeks a year. Television today is primarily interested in selling its viewers on some particular thought, idea, or preferred behavior, and Hollywood has never been very concerned about telling the truth at all.

In case you haven’t already noticed, you can detect an element of social engineering built right into the core message of almost every television show you watch today, which is why I say that you aren’t really watching programs on television. You are being programmed by your television! You are being conditioned to think and react in a certain desired way. Your acceptable responses to certain life situations are actually being programmed by the powerful interests that control Hollywood and the media. That is because somewhere along the way, during the last half of the 20th century, the iron wall of separation that once existed between Hollywood and New York, between movies and television, and between the film industry on the one hand, and the television and news broadcasting business on the other hand was torn down. Hollywood movie moguls wound up in control of the whole enchilada, including the major New York television networks along with all of their corporate news divisions. Hollywood wound up in control of the entire ball of wax. Their persistence finally paid off. What Hollywood couldn’t accomplish in the 1930s and 1940s, they somehow managed to pull off in the 1970s and 1980s.

Today Hollywood owns two of the three major television networks. Walt Disney owns ABC, and FOX (20th Century Fox) is joined at the hip to FOX News Corp.  So not only is today’s contemporary storytelling on the televison purely fictional, but it is also laced with both hidden and overt messaging. It is directed towards advancing a particularly liberal social and political agenda. The lines between news and entertainment and even sometimes between fact and fiction have become so blurred that you can hardly recognize the difference anymore. Fact or fable, news or entertainment, reality or reality TV show.  It’s very hard to tell the difference today. And what did our Nation's political leaders think they would get if they allowed Hollywood movie executives to be in charge of broadcasting the evening news?  As I said before, Hollywood has never placed much importance on telling the truth. The only thing that matters to Hollywood movie moguls is the sales receipts at the box office, and their bottom line.

To see what has happened to the news, all you have to do is look at the way it is being presented on FOX, the most popular news network in America. Just look at their presentation. There are so many unnecessary visual graphics, and irrelevant audio distractions that have nothing at all to do with the content of the news or the story being broadcast. It might look neat if you grew up with boom boxes. Maybe it’s just me, but I actually prefer a stereo receiver over those prepubescent boom boxes with all of their blinking colored lights.

I you are paying close attention today, you can detect the hardcore social engineering at work in almost every television program produced by the major television networks.  That’s why they are called programs.  They are programming your thinking. Here is an example.  Even though gays and homosexuals represent only a very small segment of American society, the so-called gay lifestyle is featured on almost every TV sitcom. It is an determined assault on our culture that is way out of proportion to their actual significance.  Gays and lesbians are always portrayed in a favorable light which is out of touch with reality as if it is somehow cool to be gay. The Hollywood portrayal of gays and lesbians only focuses on the nice personal side of the individual being characterize. It almost never delves into the downside of their self-indulgent and self-destructive behavior. Hollywood’s presentation of homosexuality doesn’t usually include any of the negative consequences of their deviant lifestyle, or its harmful effects upon society unless it is to point out how mean and unfair the rest of society is for not being more accepting of their deviant lifestyles.  You will almost never see the gay lifestyle portrayed on television or in the movies as it actually is in real life or in a negative way. That is because the object of television is to change reality. That is what are Hollywood and New York are trying to accomplish with their programming

Television has become an effective tool for social engineering. In the hands of skilled movie directors and television producers the programs they produce are being directed at inconvenient and politically incorrect truths such as the stubborn idea that marriage is a union between a man and a woman for the purpose of raising a familiy. This age old Christian belief is proving very difficult to remove from our collective consciousness. It has taken a great deal of skill in the wrong hands to remove so much of our Christian heritage and our common sense. About the only place where any of it can still be found is in our churches and synagogues.

Hollywood uses both explicit and subliminal messages which are woven right into the screenplays of the movies it produces in order to achieve its goal. We know that television is doing exactly the same thing... trying to change our lives while entertaining us, misinforming us, and distracting us.  Whether it is being accomplished through the effective promotion of basketball and football games, or with hidden messages or explicit messages that are woven right into the television sitcoms and Hollywood screen plays it produces really doesn't matter. The result is still the same. There is a powerful agenda to de-construct our traditional American values based society and replace it with one that has no actual values at all... where just about anything goes... where it's okay for a man to sleep with a man, or a woman to sleep with a women... where it's okay for anybody to sleep with anybody in fact if they want to... where sexual gratification is the only thing that really matters... where it's okay for men to get married to men and women to get married to women, where its even okay for a man or a woman to try to change their actual sexual identity if they want to. Movie producers and Hollywood directors are doing a pretty good job of persuading millions of Americans to stop paying attention to what is really going wrong in the world around them. By doing this they are changing our world while keeping us misinformed and poorly entertained.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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