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What Can We Do About the Occupy Eugene Movement?
-by Scott Rohter, November 2011

What can we do about the Occupy Eugene Movement?  The City of Eugene has built a chain link fence around three sides of their encampment. The occupation looks more like a tent slum, than a tent city! And judging by the looks of the inhabitants, I'm sure it's the first sort of occupation that many of them have ever had. I think I'm living in the third world every time I drive by there! The other day, one of the 'occupiers' overdosed on heroin down there! Heroin takes over your mind and destroys it, the same way that liberalism is taking over our country, and destroying it! For all of you who don't know where it is, their tent city is located under the Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge, and you really can't miss it! I mean really! The fence will not be permanent, we are assured by the Mayor’s office. However it cost the City $2,000 to construct it!  The damage to the park will not be permanent either, but it will cost much more to clean up the mess, and revive the grass that will be turned to mud by the time they leave!  Guess who will be paying for both the fence and the cleanup after they leave? As for the person who overdosed on heroin, it appears that the damage to him won't be permanent either. He was very lucky! But we weren't! I'm sure we will have to pick up the tab for his visit to the hospital! And the taxpayer's cost so far for the entire occupation is roughly about $100,000, mostly for police!

Speaking of leaving, I don’t see much chance of that happening anytime soon.  Do you?  I heard this morning that the ‘Occupy Portland’ group is having such a hard time of convincing Sam Adams, the gay, pedophile Mayor of Portland, to let them keep camping in Portland's city parks, that they are thinking of coming down here to help occupy the ‘other Moscow on the Willamette’, and hooking up with their fellow comrades in Eugene.  Then, as the various other ‘Occupy encampments’ from all across the country get evicted from places like San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit, they can all move here to Eugene, and pitch their tents under the Washington/Jefferson Street Bridge! I'm sure Mayor Piercy would be pleased. Eugene can become a sanctuary city for all of the Occupiers across the country, just like we are already a sanctuary city for all of the illegal aliens across the country!  They can all live together under the Washington/Jefferson Street Bridge in 'little Moscow' on the Willamette.  And they can create their own little progressive Utopia for us to see as we drive on and off the freeway ramps.

Illegal alien drug dealers can set up shop right there under the nose of the Eugene Police Department, and sell all of their products to the poor, dumb white socialists, who obviously don’t have anything productive to do with their time.  And White Bird Clinic can visit the encampment every night to distribute clean syringes and drug paraphernalia to anyone who can’t afford to buy them on the street.  Isn’t that what all of you liberals envision for Eugene?  By the way, what about you libertarians?  Is that what you envision for your lovely city too?  I love libertarians like brothers, but isn’t it perfectly obvious what would happen if we just allowed everybody do whatever they want?  In case you still can’t figure it out, we would have a lot of very un-productive people on our hands!  If we could just combine a libertarian’s true love for limited government, with a real conservative’s belief in God and personal responsibility, then we would actually have a winning strategy to save our country!

But back to the Occupiers who are encamped under the Washington/Jefferson Street Bridge, I think I know exactly what we can do about them.  But first, I’ll have to check with the people from Our Money-Our Transit. I think we should ask them to occupy one lane of 6th and 7th Avenues, and one lane of West 11th Avenue, just so the people of Eugene can get a good idea of what the traffic would be like with one lane designated only for a Lane Transit District bus! 

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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