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Is There a Big Bulls-Eye Painted Right On the Back of Our Lane County Board of Commissioners?
Are the Lane County Commissioners becoming an easy target?
-by Scott Rohter, May 2011

The numbers are simply staggering!  $700,000 for legal fees to defend two Lane County Commissioners who willfully violated the Oregon Public Meetings Law!  $82,000 to settle a mostly frivolous lawsuit involving former Lane County Justice of the Peace, Cynthia Sinclair!  Another $90,000 paid out in a settlement to Rudy Chavarria, a county employee, who witnessed an illegal public meeting of our Lane County Board of Commissioners, and because Commissioner Bill Fleenor poked him in the stomach with his finger, and is supposed to have said, “You didn’t see anything!”  I’m sure that Mr. Chavarria is literally experiencing nightmares over that little confrontation with Commissioner Fleenor! It's certainly worth $90,000, isn't it?

Has anyone even bothered to ask Mr. Chavarria if he is legally here in the country?  Probably not!  Mr. Chavarria has probably seen more disturbing stuff in ten minutes south of the Mexican border, than he will ever see in his entire lifetime here in the United States of America!  The only difference is that Mexican officials wouldn’t be stupid enough to reward him for it!  I keep referring my readers to this timely quote from Calvin Coolidge and unfortunately it continues to be relevant, “The easiest thing to do is to spend the public’s money!  It doesn’t appear to belong to anyone, and the temptation to spend it is overwhelming!”  It seems to me that our Lane County Board of Commissioners is becoming an easy target, and they are exercising their collective stupidity!  Oops, now I’m starting to sound like Donald Trump!  I actually wanted to quote from a different Donald, the former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.  He used to say that, “Weakness is provocative.” As I have paraphrased him before, “Weakness is an open invitation that sooner or later will be taken advantage of!”  Are you listening Lane County Commissioners? 

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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