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Life could be Better Living in a Blue State – Getting Tough on Illegal Immigration

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, April 1, 2013



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Life could be Better Living in a Blue State

Getting tough on Illegal Immigration… Before it’s Too Late 

By Scott Rohter, March 2013 – Republished. November 2017




illegal immigration 3According to reliable estimates there are about 20 million illegal aliens from Mexico, and Central and South America living here in the United States. It is generally assumed that the legal Hispanic community supports this illegal invasion of our country, but that is just not true. The Hispanic community like any other ethnic community is diverse. It does not speak with one voice. Within the Hispanic community there are a wide variety of different opinions on the subject of illegal immigration.

If there was a single Republican spokesman who could effectively articulate the conservative position on illegal immigration it might do a lot to counter all of the negative media stereotypes being generated by the mainstream press, but unfortunately there is not. The liberal media always portrays conservatives who are tough on illegal immigration as totally insensitive, thoroughly unrealistic, completely impractical, fundamentally un-compassionate, basically cruel, and absolutely heartless, however the opposite is frequently true.

Republicans who are tough on the issue of illegal immigration often care more about illegal aliens than their liberal Democrat counterparts do, and I am going to prove it… If Democrats actually cared about the poor illegal aliens living in our country who are caught between two worlds…  the country they love, and the one they are living in, then they would encourage all of them to go back home and fix what is wrong with their country which prevents them from finding employment over there. Their desire to work and provide for their families is what motivates most of them to come to the United States, millions of them every year.
They come to “El Norte”  in search of employment. They are not immigrants. They are migrant workers looking for jobs. That is a huge difference.  Most of them have no intentions of remaining here forever.. They are not coming here in search of a new life in a new country.

Politicians and the media should stop misrepresenting migrant workers as immigrants. They should stop discussing this problem as if it is an  immigration problem. It is not an immigration problem.   The fact that Democrats don’t want to help these migrant workers find employment in their own country indicates that they have no real love or compassion for these people. They have no abiding interest in improving their lives.. They just want to take advantage of them while they are here. They want to use them.  One political Party wants to use them to lower the cost of wages in the workplace, and the other political Party wants to use them to raise the number of their politicians in elected office. The millions of migrant workers who come to the United States illegally every year are the unfortunate casualties of this tragedy.

I have often thought that if just one man…  a Mexican  billionaire named Carlos Slim who is reputed to be one of the richest men in the world, would open up his pockets a little bit more and invest in his own country instead of putting all of his pesos in other countries, then Mexican citizens would probably be able to find work in their own country and we wouldn’t have such an illegal alien problem in the United States.

 Since there aren’t many well-known Republicans who are either brave enough or willing to tackle the subject of illegal immigration it remains to be done. The first incorrect assumption that the GOP always makes is that Republicans have to win over a growing number of illegal aliens in our country in order to remain a viable political Party. That is simply not true. 

Just before every election you always hear in the liberal media just how important the Hispanic voting bloc is. Republicans are constantly being told that we can’t win without them…  that their numbers are rapidly growing, and that we need to make some kind of concessions on the subject of illegal immigration in order to put Republicans in office.  Apparently many Republicans have fallen victim to this spin.  It isn’t true.

All the Republican Party has to do in order to win is to listen to its own members. All it has to do to put Republicans in office is hold on to two key States… Texas and Florida which are both very illegal alien friendly right now, and rapidly moving  farther and farther to the left every year with each new illegal alien that comes there. The way to stop this and hang on to these two key States is to stop making them so welcoming to illegal aliens. 

It isn’t necessary to round up all the illegal aliens in our country and ship them back to Mexico or Central America,. It is only necessary to persuade the majority of them to move to a Blue State.   Just make sure that the laws in Texas and Florida are a little less friendly to illegal aliens than the laws of Massachusetts or Illinois. If the laws of Texas and Florida were tougher on illegal immigrants then more of them wouldn’t stay there. They would move to another State… probably a Blue State where their illegal votes wouldn’t change the results of our elections.

Texas and Florida are both magnets for illegal immigration. With their in-State college tuition benefits for undocumented workers and their welcoming attitude towards all who come, they are actually attracting illegal aliens like a magnet. Under Republican governors Texas and Florida are drawing the very population of illegal aliens that is going to turn those two key Republican States into Democrat strongholds.

Instead of pandering to illegal immigrants who shouldn’t even be in our country, Texas and Florida should just get tough on illegal immigrantion so that more  illegal aliens move to another State…  a Blue State where their illegal votes won’t matter.   Just convince them that life would be better living in a Blue State and our problem solved, at least for now.

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