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2nd Presidential Debate: Barack Obama Breaks Rules Set by Commission on Debates

Posted by Scott Rohter on Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Romney 2nd Presidential Dabate

Second Presidential Debate

Barack Obama Breaks the Rules

Above the Rules!

By Scott Rohter, October 2012


“Mr. President this… Mr. President that… I agree with the President about this thing… I agree with the President about that thing…”  It made me almost sick to listen to the second Presidential Debate. And just speaking for myself of course, I don’t agree with the President on anything. I wish everybody else would just stop being so deferential toward him, and stop showing so much undeserved respect for this community organizer from Chicago.

Before he became a U.S. Senator from Illinois in 2004 he was nothing more than a radical activist and community organizer from the south side of Chicago. And he is still nothing more than a two-bit street thug from Chicago where he learned his politic trade from a criminal named Bill Ayers, and then went to work for a criminal organization named Acorn, and later he cut shady real estate deals with another criminal named Tony Rezko. So what is all this “Mr. Presidenting” about, and who is it designed to please? I can see it coming from Candy Crowley the moderator of the debate, but not from our Republican standard bearer!

“Mr. President you have run over your allotted time”. 

“But come on Candy I would like to say something”.

“But you have exceeded your time Mr. President”.

[But Candy I am the President] 

[Of course you are Mr. President]  “but Mr. President, Mr. President…”   

Mr. President my a..! There were just way too many references to Barack Obama being the President. We already know he is the President. We don’t need to be constantly reminded of it every five seconds. And there were just way too many times that he broke the rules of the debate, and he exceeded his allotted time to speak.

Why did Barack Obama think that he could just keep extending his time to talk way beyond the limits set by the Commission on Presidential Debates? Well probably for the very same reason that he thinks he can just keep circumventing the Congress or the Constitution any time that he wants! Everybody kept referring to him all night long as Mr. President, not President Obama, but Mr. President to try and de-personalize him, and make him appear to be above everyone else and beyond criticism, but instead he kept acting more like a little dictator who thinks that he is above the rules.

I wish Mitt Romney would stop saying that he agrees with the President. Why should we elect someone who agrees with the President? Why should we elect a Republican Barack Obama?  We don’t want to elect someone who agrees with this man! Rather Mitt Romney should accentuate his differences with Barack Obama, NOT tell us what they agree on! He should tell the American people that if he is elected he won’t keep blaming the last guy in office for the next four years. He should point out the obvious inconsistency in Barack Obama’s own statement that he accepts full responsibility for everything that goes on during his administration, while at the same time he keeps blaming George Bush for just about everything that has gone wrong in the last four years.

Mitt Romney needs to do more than just show up for the debate and stand on his feet for fifteen rounds if he wants to win this fight. He needs to knock his opponent out if he actually wants to win… because a tie is always rewarded to the incumbent whether he is the“champ” or the  current President. They will not go to all the trouble to throw out the old and bring in the new unless there is an obvious preference for the Republicans in this election. There is only one more debate and one more opportunity for Mitt Romney to knock his opponent out, and he better do it if he wants to win in November. Why should America elect a Republican who agrees with Barack Obama? I don’t want to hear anymore about how he agrees with Barack Obama! I want him to tell me why he doesn’t agree with him! And he better start doing that fast if he wants to win on November 6th!




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  • Daniel Toy
    October 19th, 2012 3:40 pm

    I totally agree with everything you said Scott. The mediators are bias and tip the scales to help the Dems, and that is why Romney has to get it together and hit hard on the issues. He should nail them on all the lies that have been told about Lybia and show how they have lied and hold the line to make them tell the truth. Then Romney needs to explain with no exception his plan to get things going. Only then will he get the respect and support he needs!