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Unions, Corporations, and Government
' The Union of Corp. Gov.'

By Scott Rohter, reposted from November 2010

"Thoughtful and well informed citizens are the best hope for our continued freedom and prosperity"

To many observers, the two major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats  look remarkably alike.  They seem to have merged or at least blurred the distinctions between them.  Some refer to that merger as the "Republicrats" or "Democans".  However I prefer to call the Republicans, the party of Big Biz and the Democrats the party of Big Gov and Big Unions, and their peculiar merger, I call the Union of Corp. Gov.  We no longer live in the United States of America.  We now live in the Union of Corp. Gov!

The Origins of "The Union of Corp. Gov" and the Election Cycle    

Big Business has always exercised an undue influence on our government.  MONEY TALKS and politicians listen, but the Constitution doesn't give people with a lot of money any more say, or any more votes than anyone else. And to be sure, corporations have no vote

With the advent of unions in the early part of the 20th century, we now have both Big Business and Big Unions trying to buy their way into positions of power and influence over our government.  They even sometimes write the legislation that Congress votes on!  This provides for a very unhealthy balance of power that was never intended and wasn't even anticipated by our Founding Fathers. 

Even our elections which have become a gigantic cash cow for the media, are being bought and sold by Big Business and Big Unions!  Every two years there is a vast transfer of money by businesses, corporations and unions as they all try to influence our elections, and by thousands of candidates and their supporters all around the country to the mostly liberal media, to buy the face time that is necessary to get their message out to the voters.

Conservatives, Libertarians, and Constitutionalists are truly in a predicament because we are empowering with our own money which we use to buy the campaign commercials and the T.V. and RADIO air time, the very enemy, i.e. Liberalism/Progressivism that we seek to defeat at the polls.  It is truly a quandary!  We must find other ways to get our message out to the voters without empowering the very ideology that we seek to defeat.

"The Federal Reserve Connection"

The real ground work for the Union of Corp Gov. was laid in the early part of the 20th century when Congress, at the behest of Senator Nelson Aldrich along with John D. Rockefeller, the president of Standard Oil,  J.P. Morgan, the internationalist banking tycoon, Paul Warburg, representing European Banking interests, and certain others, passed the legislation that created the Federal Reserve Board, which handed over our Country's monetary policy to a group of privately owned banks. "The power to coin money and determine the value thereof", which the Constitution specifically delegates only to our elected representatives in Congress, was thus turned over in 1913 to this unelected cartel of private bankers.  Is it any wonder then, that 100 years later they are printing fiat money out of thin air in the exact amount of our country's debts, in order to pay our nation's bills?

"The effects of the Federal Reserve"

If you can believe it, our government is actually totaling up all of its bills and then just running the presses long enough to print the money to pay them.  There is no other rhyme nor reason.  It is worthless paper currency backed up by nothing.  That's what economists mean when they use the term monetizing the debt. It means turning the debt into money.  If they need money, they just print it.  That’s all that it takes.  Our government and the Federal Reserve Board are both complicit in this fraud. Whatever amount the Federal government owes or needs, that's the amount that they print.   If they owe a billion, they print a billion.  If they need a trillion, they print a trillion, no matter.  Whatever they need, that's what they print.  It sounds a little bit like the line in the old movie song "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets".  We should all be ashamed that this is being done in our name!

All of the dollars that are being held here, or in overseas bank accounts by foreign governments as well as our own individual personal savings and retirement accounts are all being effectively devalued by this policy of monetizing the debt!  In other words they are being adversely affected by this currency manipulation. Is it any wonder then, that the United States of America is held in such low esteem across the world?  Our government is acting like a bunch of irresponsible little school children at best, or probably more like a bunch of crooks and thieves stealing the wealth back from other nations that we paid to them for their products by manipulating the value of our currency rather than letting enterprising Americans be free to generate new ideas and products and thus create new wealth for our own country.

"Enumerated Powers"

The last US Treasury Note was printed in the early 1900s.  To be sure the Constitution expressly prohibited the printing of paper currency by the States, (Art 1 Sec 10) and in a 9-2 vote of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention, they altogether deleted the power to print paper currency from Congress' enumerated powers as well.  Thus neither the Federal Government nor any State government has the actual Constitutional authority to print paper currency!  And only Congress has the power to coin money and to regulate the value thereof.  (Art. 1 Sec 8 & 10). But now we don't even print US Treasury notes anymore.  We use Federal Reserve Notes (FRN's) instead of US Treasury Notes.  There are no more Silver Certificates being printed that are redeemable in silver upon demand.  All we have left are these worthless paper Federal Reserve Notes distributed by the same banking cartel that is responsible for monetizing the debt  and uses other such unethical banking practices like "fractional banking", which simply means that even banks don't have to keep enough of those worthless paper Federal Reserve Notes around (a.k.a. Fractional Reserve Notes or as I call them, Fraudulent Reserve Notes) in order to pay all of their debts. Boy are we in trouble!

"The Borrower is a Slave to the Lender"

"The power to tax is the power to rule.”  The power to mint or print currency is every bit as important as the power to tax, because one of the effects of printing money is inflation.  Inflation is called "the hidden tax" because it decreases the value of money.  Printing more money decreases the value of all the rest of the money in circulation.   Hence you have inflation and dollars become worth less than they used to be worth.   Therefore to restate what I have just said,  the power to print money is the power to rule. 

The power to lend money is also the power to rule.  Furthermore it is said that "The borrower is a slave to the lender"  Our Federal Government borrows billions maybe trillions of dollars from the Federal Reserve and other overseas lenders like China every year.  That makes our Federal Government and by extension, all of us, slaves to the Federal Reserve Board and to whomever else our government owes large amounts of money to.

Inflation is a Tool for the Redistribution of Wealth

They don't actually have to come and get the money out of your bank account in order to take it away from you. They just have to print more money which devalues all of the currency already in circulation and makes the money that you have worth a little bit less, remember? WEALTH TRANSFERRED / MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Then the "Elites" argue among themselves about how to redistribute it.  Inflation is a tool for the redistribution of wealth.

Our Involuntary Servitude

The effects of our involuntary servitude are obvious for anyone to see, i.e. the de facto devaluation of our currency!  Every time the Federal Reserve Board gives the signal for our government to print more paper money, our hard earned dollars become worth a little bit less, including all of those dollars that are stored in personal savings accounts and individual retirement accounts!  However, for the Federal Government, which is deeply in debt to China and others, the inflation caused by the printing of more money just means that our government can repay its’ debts with "cheaper dollars", dollars that are worth a little bit less even as our own personal savings  dwindle in value too, as a result of this manipulated inflation.   But this assumes that the big lenders to our government like China, who holds a lot of our country's debts would even fall for this trick or accept this "Ponzi-like" scheme.

Happy Shopping - See You at the Mall

While American consumers are happily out shopping for Chinese silverware to adorn their tables with, China is busy buying up American silver mines! And most of what used to be the silver in our mines isn't going back into the manufacture of the flatware that is being sold back to us! I can assure you of that.  While you are out buying cheap Chinese merchandise on sale at Walmart to fill up your houses with, China is grabbing up strategic American assets like oil fields, coal mines, and other natural resources, automobile companies like G.M., petroleum companies and commercial real estate like the Port of Long Beach and the Panama Canal.  We are being sold out, literally faster than we can even being to recognize it. If we don’t stem the flow of our dollars overseas and stop trading in our weakening American dollars for cheap crap coming from China and begin at once to manufacture quality products right here in America again, then we shall not continue to remain free for very long!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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