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WePluribUS – Owning the Media, Changing the Paradigm, and Taking Control of Our Country Again

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, April 29, 2013



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 WePluribUS – Owning the Media

Changing the Paradigm and Taking Control of Our Country Again

By Scott Rohter, May 2013


WePluribus is a new and different kind of social network. It follows a completely unconventional model for delivering news and information to the people who use it.  Not only is WePluribUS an interactive platform like all of the other social networks, but it is also experimenting with the idea of being member owned. Instead of merely broadcasting the news to thousands of couch potato consumers who are only used to passively watching their TV sets, or their computer monitors… and instead of just sharing mainstream media posts between thousands of Facebook User Timelines, WePluribUS wants to give power to the people, and actually change the existing paradigm.

Facebook penalty for sending out friend requests that they suggest I friendWePluribUS wants to encourage thousands of social media users to become active social media owners instead. That would be a real game-changer. We Pluribus founder Scott Rohter wants the members of WePluribUS to become more actively involved in the entire process of disseminating news and information, as the actual owners of their own social network, and as active participants in the news and information that they read and share everyday. To do this WePluribUS has first of all eliminated the term “user” altogether from its on-line vocabulary. Facebook admittedly has billions of users, but WePluribUS has members only, and the basic membership is free for the first year.

Scott Rohter encourages all members of WePluribUS to become more actively engaged in social media as the producers and developers of the news  they read instead of just passively consuming content created by other people. To do this WePluribUS actively encourages its members to comment, discuss, and share the news that they read.  Most importantly WePluribUS promotes the idea of ownership by offering its members an opportunity to buy their network one day, and turn it into the first of its kind social media co-operative. It is a radically different idea that will drastically change the paradigm in broadcasting if it succeeds, but its success is far from certain. WePluribUS wants to empower the average consumer of the news, who is just what the old dinosaur media disdainfully calls its audience, and what Facebook calls its users, to rise up and take control of the news.

Facebook admittedly has billions of users, but many of them are just as phony as Fakebook itself. They are false personas, or“fakebook like profiles”. All WePluribUS members are real, and they either use their real name or their real photo in order to participate in the live discussion. Scott Rohter believes that if you are not willing to use either your real name or your real photo, than what you have to say is not really worth listening to. So before you engage in a political discussion on WePluribUS, you first need to sign in and at least be willing to properly identify yourself. If your very first act in signing in is a deliberate lie, then what is the point in having a discussion with you?

In order to keep faith with our Founding Fathers who all signed their real names to the Declaration of Independence, WePluribUS requires that all of its members use their real names too… or at least their real photo.  That is the WePluribUS reality standard.  It makes WePluribUS more credible than other social networks, and it also helps to eliminate trolls form our site. Either people are willing to use their real names or their real photos, or they don’t get to participate in the discussion. WePluribUS wants to provide hundreds of thousands of fans of social media with the power to change their world, instead of just passively listening to the news and events as they are reported by others. WePluribUS founder Scott Rohter would like to empower millions of heretofore hopelessly discouraged and for all practical purposes disenfranchised voters to reclaim their lost country by employing a rarely used, but well known strategy. This is the idea of ownership. But first they have to be willing to be real.

A sense of ownership is what is missing in America today. Most Americans don’t feel like they have anything to say about what goes on in their country. Not coincidentally most people don’t own the most important things in their lives. They don’t own their houses, their cars, or even control their own families anymore, and there is a nagging feeling that we don’t own our country either. We have mortgages and installment contracts to pay on our homes and cars. We have children and spouses who are permanently glued to their television sets, or their i pads, or they are hardwired through some other electronic device to the debilitating influences of Hollywood, the mainstream media, or the music and entertainment industry. With ear buds in their ears and thumbs furiously texting back and forth, today’s generation of young consumers is rapidly forsaking the real world for the virtual one that is controlled and manipulated by the powers of this world.

Facebook captchas more restrictionsAmericans are right to feel hopeless. We are right to feel that we don’t own our country anymore. We don’t! We are right to feel that we have lost control of our families. We have!  And Americans are only acknowledging the obvious truth when we pay our bills at the end of the month and we come face to face with the cold, hard reality that most of the cherished material possessions in our lives don’t really belong to us either. They are financed and paid for with borrowed money. All that most Americans really own is a little piece of paper that obligates us to pay back to a bank or finance company for the privilege of using those things that we all enjoy in our daily lives. And unlike the big banks… we little people better at least own up to our financial obligations.

Many of the problems in our country stem from the very nagging suspicion that we don’t actually own anything of importance anymore. The streets are not paved with gold. They are not even paved with our paid off mortgages and installment contracts! That is why so many people are disengaged from everything. We don’t own our houses, our cars, or even our  country. That’s why so many Americans don’t bother to vote, or even register to vote. Why do you think that the two major political Parties have to work so hard every two years just to get out the vote?

So it’s nothing new when we hear that a gang of eight members of Congress euphemistically referred to as the “Gang of Rape” has filed a Senate Bill at 3 A.M. in the morning to allow amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for twenty million more illegal aliens. It is what most Americans have come to expect from our dirty and corrupt little politicians in Washington, and the most un-transparent administration in our Nation’s history. We don’t feel like we can do anything about it, which brings me to my next point. How can we fix the unfortunate status quo? How can we fix what’s wrong with America today? Edmund Burke once said, “A great Nation and little minds go ill together.”

Facebook more BSI believe that we can correct the dyslfunction in our society by promoting the idea of responsible ownership once again, and personal accountability. Let me illustrate this by giving you just one example of the power of ownership by conversely illustrating the power of the lack of ownership. What happens when a lot of hopeless people don’t feel like they are the actual owners of their world?  During the Great Society experiment of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Democrat administration, the Federal government constructed many high rise, low rent urban housing projects for poor mostly Black minority residents of America’s inner cities.  In the shadow of the famous John Hancock Center, on the south side of Chicago they built such apartment buildings. They were called Cabrini Green, but they became better known as “The Projects”.

Poor Blacks in Chicago who met certain income requirements were given brand new government subsidized apartments with very affordable rents, but within a few short years all of these apartment buildings were transformed into a series of dilapidated old tenement slums because the tenants who were resettled there didn’t actually own them, and they weren’t allowed to own them. This is the best prima facia evidence that I can give you to illustrate the damaging consequences of creating a non-ownership society. The last of these apartment buildings was bulldozed over in December 2010.

Cabrini Green demolitionWe can fix what is wrong with America today by owning up to our problems instead of just kicking them down the road like they do in Washington every year. We are now 17 trillion dollars in debt. Is there any point in letting that debt get any bigger? Is there any point in letting our annual Federal Budget deficits pile even more debt on to our existing National Debt and letting that figure grow to become 22 trillion dollars before we begin to deal with the problem?… Nevertheless that is exactly the current proposal of the Obama Administration. The National Debt will almost certainly rise to more than 22 trillion dollars before it even begins to go down. That is what we are told. Is that taking ownership of the problem?

We can fix what is wrong with America only by owning up to our problems, but the great difficulty is that too many Americans don’t feel like we actually own our country. If people don’t feel like they own their country then why should they care whether the problems ever get fixed or not? It’s the same way it was at Cabrini Green. There are many who will just continue to take advantage of the system, and use it for whatever they can. That’s the way that Facebook is. Its users, investors, and advertisers, are all just using each other. Ownership is the key to solving our country’s problems..  Ownership is the key to restoring American values. And the first step in restoring our country is owning the media. That’s what WePluribUS is all about.

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