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Mother Marco May I

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, March 25, 2013


Marco Rubio 5

Mother Marco May I

Senator Rubio asks his Mother what to do about Illegal Immigration

By Scott Rohter, March 2013

Real conservatives know better than to support Marco Rubio for President, but for anyone who doesn’t or those of you who have a short memory then this article is for you… If you don’t remember Senator Rubio is one of the former members of the Gang of Eight who partnered up with Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats in order to try to pass an illegal alien amnesty Bill during his first year in the Senate. That Bill was going to grant a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. Since that early failure in his Senate career he has been trying to reinvent himself and rehabilitate his tarnished image among conservatives while at the same time hoping that we have short memories, but I don’t. I won’t forget how he sold us out. I don’t buy his change of heart and I don’t believe his change in positions. He is just trying to win the nomination or be the Vice President elect. Senator Boobio will say just about anything right now. He is after all the protégé of Jeb Bush whose position on illegal immigration has been well known for many years. Marco Rubio’s real views on illegal immigration are not much different than those of his mentor and he is being supported by the same faction within the GOP that used to be so certain that Jeb Bush was going to walk away with the nomination. Marco Rubio is their second choice. He is their fall back guy when Jeb Bush falls by the wayside.

According to Time magazine Marco Rubio is the new face of the Republican Party, but woe is us if we allow the liberals to tell us what the GOP is supposed to look like. Marco Rubio is really the latest Republican con man put forward by the political elites to maintain their hold on the Republican Party. They have picked him in order to pander to Hispanics. That doesn’t mean that Marco Rubio is necessarily a progressive. It just means that he is whatever they want him to be. He is a useful tool in their hands, just like he is a useful tool in his mother’s hands. Don’t forget that Oriales Garcia Rubio. was born in Cuba and Marco’ Rubio’s grandfather was an illegal immigrant. If we are dumb enough to fall for the latest good looking conservative pretender who comes along since Scott Brown in Massachusetts then we deserve whatever we get, and if we are gullible enough to believe all of the nice things that Time magazine said about Senator Rubio then we are gonna get whooped in the next election. If the GOP lets Time pick the new face of the GOP then we are in deep trouble. 

Time Magazine wrote in its February 18th issue that Marco Rubio is, “the new voice of the GOP”. On their front cover in big yellow letters they proclaimed that Senator Rubio is, “The Republican Savior”.  On page one of their story they described Rubio as a serious Presidential candidate in 2016. You see all the way back in 2013 the progressives in the media and in the Republican Party were already promoting Marco Rubio. for President. That is all the evidence I need to  put my gear in reverse and back away from Senator Rubio. If Time Magazine likes that’s good enough for me.  I dislike him. If the people who write for Time are promoting him than I am already suspicious of him.  But wait… there is more!

According to Michael Grunwald who wrote the article in Time Magazine about Marco Rubio, it was none other than Marco’s mother, Oriales Garcia Rubio who cautioned her son, “not to mess with the immigrants”.  According to Grunwald, Marco Rubio’s mother reminded him that, “These poor things came here for the same reasons that we did… just to work hard and improve their lives.”  Well I don’t know whether to address my remarks to the editorial staff at Time Magazine, or to Michael Grunwald, or to Marco Rubio’s mother, but here goes. This may come as a complete shock to you, but while Illegal aliens may have come here for similar reasons as the Rubio family,  they certainly didn’t come here with the same immigration status. They came here illegally, and that is a big difference!

There is an old saying about relationships… “The way they start is the way they go,” and in the case of undocumented workers in our country they start off by breaking our laws, and that is what many of them keep doing as long as they are allowed to remain here. They keep breaking our laws. That is why they are proportionately over represented in our prisons. Of course Michael Grunwald and Time Magazine couldn’t care less about that. They don’t care about the law or the illegal circumstances of their arrival. All they care about are the millions of instant Democratic voters that this indigent population of illegal migrants represents. Legal or illegal makes absolutely no difference to the corrupt Party of Tammany Hall Democrats.

Time Magazine calls Marco Rubio a savior, a spokesman, and a Presidential contender in 2016, but they also mention that Rubio’s maternal grandfather, Pedro Victor Garcia was an illegal immigrant. No wonder Marco Rubio has gone soft on illegals. Time never mentions the fact that Marco Rubio is not a natural born citizen either. I am sure they don’t care… After all it didn’t matter to them that Barack Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen did it?.

Even though Marco Rubio was born in Miami Florida in 1971 he was not the child of two citizen parents. Thus he is not eligible to be the President of the United States. In fact he is no more constitutionally qualified to be our President than Barack Obama is. They are both ineligible to serve as our Commander in Chief. Liberals like Grunwald want to keep stretching the limits of the Constitution until it breaks under the stress, but Republicans are now doing the same thing with the campaigns Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Bobby Jindahl. The GOP doesn’t regard the Constitution any more than The Party of Jack Asses do. There are Republicans who want to break the Constitution in 2016 just like the Democrats did in 2008 and 2012.

With the memory of his paternal grandfather firmly etched in his mind and the words of his mother still fresh in his ears, Marco Rubio is poised to make a run for the White House in 2016. He is being encouraged by the Republican Establishment and the mainstream media, but everything tells me that he is another Scott Brown phony conservative, artfully presented by the progressives in the media and by the ruling political class. My advice is to back away from this Cuban immigrant’s son. He is not qualified to be our President because both of his parents were not Americans when he was born. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with his position on illegal immigration he is not a natural born citizen. Regarding his position on illegal immigration here are a few facts:

As a Florida State Legislator Marco Rubio supported legislation that would allow illegal aliens to qualify for in State tuition similar to what Governor Rick Perry supported in Texas. As the top Republican in the Florida State House in 2005 Marco Rubio actually blocked legislation that would have required Florida to start getting tough on illegal immigration, but amazingly enough, just when it came time to run for his first National political office his convictions miraculously changed and he opposed President Obama’s Dream Act. He even had the nerve to criticize his opponent in the race for United States Senator over his soft position on illegal immigration and he got away with it  because his opponent was even worse on the issue than he was.

Marco Rubio is the latest flip flopper to arrive on the Republican stage after Scott Brown and Mitt Romney. They are three Republican peas in a pod. Marco Rubio looks like he is a student of the Mitt Romney school of political gamesmanship. Oh and by the way according to Time Magazine his mentor while he was in the Florida Legislature was none other than the illegal alien loving Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. Yep, that’s right Jeb Bush who is married to a Mexican national who has dual citizenship and is soft on illegal immigration is Marco Rubio’s friend, benefactor and political mentor. Thanks for the heads up Time.


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