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Marco Rubio Stars in the Wizard of Illegal Immigration

Posted by Scott Rohter on Thursday, April 11, 2013


Wizarad of Oz 4

   Marco “Boobio” The Senator formerly known as Rubio

Starring as the Wizard of Illegal Immigration

By Scott Rohter, April 2013


How many Republican members of Congress are so naive that they actually believe they can work together with Democrats to create new immigration laws that will be good for our country? There are really quite a few …

There is John “the Bonehead” Boehner. You remember him. He used to be the Republican Speaker of the House. He was called the Tan Man because he went to Washington in search of fame and fortune and he found both in abundance plus his favorite tanning salon. Unlike the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz who needed to be oiled frequently, the Tan Man gets oiled reqularly at all his favorite Washington taverns.

There used to be two female Senators from the State of Maine named Susan Collins and Olympia Snow. I think one of them was already blown  away in a serious “Snow storm”, but the other one still remains in Washington. She is a “Dorothyesque like” character who gives many conservatives a real headache. I wonder what kind of gale force winds are needed to blow her out of the Republican tent too?  It must have been one heck of a twister that blow her in.

There are many elected politicians who could justly fill the stuffed shoes of the Strawman. Like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, most of our politicians don’t have a spine. They have been blowing around in the wind for most of their political careers just like the classic Bob Dylan song suggests except for one minor difference. The answer my friends is blowing in the wind, The answer is blowing in the wind.”  But they never have any answers to any of our Nation’s problems. There answers only create more problems. The answer may have been blowing in the wind for Bob Dylan, but it is not blowing in any of the hot air that circulates around Washington.  Nevertheless most politicians are ready to change the direction they are blowing in at the first sign that the wind is changing directions.

There are many gutless wonders in Washington… which is really what the straw man was… There are so many political straw men who don’t possess a backbone or the courage of their own convictions, but I think I might be getting a little bit ahead of myself. Courage is a trait that the cowardly lion was looking for.  The Scarecrow just needed a spine.  The Tin Man needed a heart plus a good oiling. The lion was the one that needed the courage. Many politicians go to Washington in search of the wrong things  which is why there are so many overstuffed straw men in our Nation’s Capitol . They are just about as gutless and spineless as the lion and the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. Instead of strawmen in Washington what we really need there is more principled leaders with courage and a heart and some backbone. 

Alas every year on Capitol Hill there is a contest to see who qualifies to be the dumbest member of Congress. For 2013 the prize went to “Marco Boobio”, the Senator formerly known as Rubio.

That year the freshman Senator from Florida partnered with President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the entire Gang of Eight to fashion a comprehensive immigration reform bill that was supposed to be good for America. Instead it was a horrible mistake. While it would have helped millions of aliens from south of the border who are already in our country illegally it wouldn’t be very good for Americans who were born here. Our language, our culture, and our treasury are all being destroyed by the relentless onslaught of illegal immigrants entering our country from Mexico and Central America. Just visit any one of our big cities … Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Tampa, Chicago or New York City and you can see what I mean.

Senator Boobio  thinks we should accommodate this invasion of foreigners who are seeking jobs in our country, but jobs aren’t the only thing they are taking.. They are receiving food stamps, welfare payments, aid to dependent children and other forms of free government assistance. We need to put our tin heads together and figure out a way to incentivize their return trip back home. We don’t need to deport them. We just need to remove the incentives that keep them here. We need to make it so difficult for them to stay that they all just voluntarily go home.

Good fences make good neighbors and so do strong borders.  The Democrats have no intention of strengthening our southern border. They just keep fudging the numbers in order to make it look like they care.

The Obama Administration has changed the way that the Dept. of Immigration and Customs Enforcement reports its statistics. If they stop someone on the border and release them this is now considered to be the same thing as actually deporting them. That is why it appears that the Obama Administration is getting tough on illegal immigration when in reality they are not. Their rather creative arithmetic is the result of the President’s new education standards called “Race to the Top” which puts less emphasis on math and science and more emphasis on creativity!

President Obama probably thinks he could sell ice to an Eskimo in the middle of Winter, but he doesn’t fool me. I never thought for one minute that he was actually getting tough on illegal immigration. If he was then his “UnJustice Department” would have never sued the State of Arizona over SB 1070.  SB 1070  was Arizona’s solution to the illegal alien problem in their state, but apparently Senators Marco Rubio, John McCain and Lindsay Graham all believe in the President’s creative arithmetic. 

I am sure that Marco Rubio will be featured many more times on the Sunday morning news shows between now and the Republican Presidential Primary in November. I just hope that there aren’t as many suckers in the Republican Party as the media thinks there are. 

In the Wizard of Oz Dorothy and Todo eventually found their way back home to Kansas. I just hope that in real life there are enough decent conservatives in the Republican Party who can find their way back home too.

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