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Governing from One Democrat Provoked Crisis to the Next

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, September 30, 2013


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Why Republicans in Congress Can’t Stop the Implementation of ObamaCare…

by just trying to Defund it 

Only the American people can put an end to the Federal Government’s intrusion into our private lives and put the Pandora back in its box by choosing not to purchase an insurance policy through the government’s on-line health insurance exchange.

By Scott Rohter, October 2013


“Whether we defend the Affordable Care Act or defund the Affordable Care Act it is still a violation of the United States Constitution” – Scott Rohter 

“Lord, deliver us from government by crises”   – Senate Chaplain Barry Black


... Americans waiting in line for government handouts

… Americans waiting in line for more government handouts

Welcome to the new America. The Chaplain of the U.S. Senate Barry Black prayed in Congress, “Oh Lord, deliver us from government by crises.” As the Democrats and Republicans in Congress joust with each other over balancing the Federal Budget again and defunding the Affordable Care Act, it is clear that we live in two different Americas. It is not the proverbial America of the rich and the poor that I am referring to, or a country of the haves and the have nots.   I am talking about a country where almost half of the voters believe in limited government, and cherish their personal freedoms,  while the rest of the Nation always has their hands out, wanting more government entitlements in order to satisfy their own personal brand of misery.

People who have an entitlement mentality believe that the Federal Government has the authority to violate the Constitution anytime it wants in order to facilitate their own needs. In so doing they believe that it can regulate every aspect of our lives under the General Commerce Clause. This is the heavy price we pay in America for cultivating a state of dependency among our Nation’s urban poor for the past one-hundred years. The liberals and the progressives in the Democratic Party believe in big government. They put their trust in the Federal Government more than they do in the States which created it or in themselves to fix their own problems. The authority of the States has been gradually diminishing for the past 237 years, especially since the ratification of the 16th Amendment which created the Federal Income Tax in 1913. Ever since then our country has been getting progressively more and more unhinged from the Constitution and more and more unattached to its traditions and its foundations. We are increasingly becoming governed by an authoritarian central government in Washington through a bureaucratic dictatorship.


Senate Chaplain Barry Black

Senate Chaplain Barry Black

Perhaps the  esteemed chaplain of the Senate should have prayed like this instead. “Oh Lord , deliver us from government by DemocratsDeliver us from a government by Democrats who would usurp our Constitution and increase the Federal Government’s role in our lives. Deliver us from politicians in Washington who would try to transform our Republic of fifty sovereign States into a European style socialist democracy where the supreme authority resides in Congress, the Courts and in the White House instead of in We the People.”  Now that would have been a prayer that I could have shouted Amen to. It would have also been a much more accurate description of the current political climate in our Nation’s capitol. 

So as the Democrats and the Republicans jostle with each other again over the size of the Federal budget, and over raising the National Debt limit, and defunding ObamaCare, there is the threat of another government shutdown looming in our future. ObamaCare represents the biggest intrusion of the Federal government into our private lives in over one-hundred years. But there is really no reason to be alarmed even if the Republicans in Congress hold their ground and force the government to shutdown.

Mainstream Media logosContrary to what the White House would have you believe, and what everyone in the mainstream media and the Democrat Party keep telling you, the world will not come to an end just because the government has to shut down.. Life will still go on pretty much as usual for most Americans. How do I know this? Today is Sunday and the government has been shut down since Friday at 5 PM. It won’t re-open until Monday morning at 9 AM, yet life is going on just as usual without any government around to mess things up. The government also shuts down on all Federal holidays and at the end of every year for about two weeks between Christmas and New Years Day. It does this all without any adverse consequences whatsoever.

The last Democrat provoked crisis to occur in Washington was the so called “Financial Cliff”. Everybody in the government media complex was working overtime to try to scare the American people into accepting another Congressional increase in the Federal Debt Ceiling. There is no financial crisis on earth that can ever be solved by borrowing more money. There is also no current crisis in government more important than the crisis caused by the general lack of honesty and integrity in politics.  We have more to fear from going over a real Honesty Cliff than we do from going over any so called Financial Cliff.  And even if we are headed for some sort of financial precipice, we can’t prevent ourselves from going over it by borrowing more money. We are all being lied to by our Federal Government and by their collaborators in the mainstream media.

Right now the Democrats and the media are all bellyaching in perfect harmony about how much it will cost the American taxpayer if the government has to shut down. Should we be concerned? I am not. I am far more concerned about what will happen if the government does not shut down, because it will just continue to spend more money that it does not have while borrowing against our children’s future and bankrupting the entire country in the process. If some projections in the media are correct and it does actually cost 100 million dollars every day that the government is shut down, then just imagine how much it costs us every day that the government is actually running.

money printing dollar billsAmerica is over 17 trillion dollars in debt. The Obama Administration hasn’t sent a balanced budget to Congress in six years, and while the government is operating as usual (I can’t say normally because nothing about the way that our government operates is normal anymore) they just continue to spend more and more money that they don’t have like it is going out of style. But if you threaten to put an end to their profligate spending and borrowing, then they all start bellyaching in perfect unison about how much it will cost us if the government has to shut down. As if they really care… All they care about is their own pocketbooks, not the National pocketbook.

Whatever it cost if the government has to shut down I am sure that it will cost us one hell of a lot less than it does if the government keeps running like it has been running. That’s just basic common sense. It’s something that Democrats don’t have a lot of these days. our government is running amuck. We need to get a handle on our government’s excessive spending habits and borrowing addictions. If a government shutdown is useful in helping us to achieve that goal then I am all for it.

Constitution 5The Republicans in Congress can’t stop the implementation of ObamaCare by just threatening to defund it… The Federal government’s on line health insurance exchange is scheduled to open on October 1, 2013 with or without a government shutdown. President Obama has staked his entire reputation on that and he will veto any legislation that attempts to defund ObamaCare if it ever makes it to his desk, but it won’t. His Democrat colleagues in the Senate who passed the Affordable Care Act in violation of the Constitution and our individual rights and State sovereignty have all pledged their allegiance to Barack Obama’s signature piece of legislation, and they promised to do anything in order to see that it gets implemented. So it is really up to us. It is up to We the People in the final analysis to stop ObamaCare by not signing up for it. It is up to the American people to end the implementation of the Affordable Care Act by refusing to purchase an insurance policy through the Federal Government’s on line health insurance exchange.  In doing so we can also send them a strong message that we still believe in constitutional government. 

Our ancestors came to this land in search of freedom, not free health care or government subsidized health care. Let’s try not to forget that.  ObamaCare is actually a misnomer because Obama really doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about our Constitution. He doesn’t care about our Bill of Rights. He doesn’t care about our right to choose whether or not to buy health insurance if and when we want to. He doesn’t really believe in choice either unless it’s the choice to end the lives of innocent little Americans in the womb. Let’s show our elected leaders in Washington that we still believe in the Constitution, and we still believe in freedom, and we believe in choice too, just as long as it doesn’t involve the murder of little unborn Americans.

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