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Fifty American Soldiers on the Ground in Syria are just Being Used as a Bargaining Chip with the Russians – America’s Disastrous Foreign Policy in the Middle East under Barack Obama

Posted by Scott Rohter on Thursday, September 5, 2013

US House of Representatives chamber 1

  Any Congressional Vote on the Authorization to Use Force in Syria

is really a Vote on the Legitimacy of our Own Elected Government in Washington…

 Perhaps We Need to Change Our Own Government, Not the Government of Syria !

By Scott Rohter, September 2013 Updated November 2015


“There are things that we know, and there are things that we don’t know. Then there are the things that we don’t even know that we don’t know.

Those things are the hardest.” – Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush during the Iraq War


We have to take our country back one vote at a time… The first vote is going to be the hardest one to make and the first opportunity will come if and when Congress actually votes on the authorization to use force in Syria. It will really be a vote on the legitimacy of our own elected government in Washington D.C. Many key Congressional leaders in both political Parties have already come out in favor of authorizing President Obama’s proposed air attacks on Syria even before a vote has been taken or the debate has even begun. Congress  scheduled a vote for sometime in mid-September of 2013 on a Bill to  authorize the use of force in Syria because of the alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians by the Syrian government of Bashar al Assad. Then Congress postponed that vote at the President’s request because the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to any type of military action in Syria even if chemical weapons were used, and even if it turns out to be true that they were used by the Syrian government, but of course that still hasn’t even been proven yet. 

Nevertheless Bashar al Assad is not the one who is desperate right now and he certainly wouldn’t have invited chemical weapons inspectors from the United Nations into his country at the same time that he intended to use chemical weapons on his own civilians. That doesn’t make any sense. The allegations that he used chemical weapons while United Nations chemical weapons inspectors were actually in his country looking for violations are just ridiculous. The insurgents who are fighting the Assad regime are the most likely ones who used the chemical weapons (if indeed they were actually used) to implicate Bashar al Assad. They are the ones who are desperately trying to change the tide of the war.  All the polls show that less than 30% of Americans approve of the President’s plan to launch air strikes in Syria. It violates international law. That’s the good news. Click here to view the results of a Pew poll.  The bad news is that Congress doesn’t seem to care about what Americans think or want, or about another country’s territorial integrity, or about international law, and President Obama certainly doesn’t care at all. The only thing they care about is removing Bashar al Assad.

If Congress listens to the American people and refuses to authorize the use of military force in Syria then we still have a representative government that at least barely reflects the will of the American people. But if they don’t reject the President’s plan in the face of such overwhelming opposition than we no longer have a government in Washington that is even remotely capable of representing the American People. If they decide to launch air strikes against Syria while legislators blather on about the importance of not diminishing the power and prestige of the Presidency like they did in this video, than we no longer have a government in Washington D.C. that honors the Constitution or represents We the People. Instead what we have is an imperial Presidency and a rubber-stamp Congress.

The potential level of force that they are talking about using in Syria in response to the President’s trumped up and unsubstantiated charges against Bashar al Assad has already morphed from merely launching a few cruise missiles at key military targets to a full-fledged 90 day military air assault against his government in order to “degrade its capability to defend itself” from a coalition of armed insurgent groups aligned against it. These insurgent groups include some of the most deadly players in the Middle East… ISIS, al Qaeda, al Nusra, and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The Assad family

The Assad family

This is what Bashar al Assad said in a rare December 7th television interview on ABC News. “We dont kill our own people… No government in the world kills its own people, unless it’s led by a crazy person.” Does this moderate leader of one of the world’s oldest Arab countries actually look or sound to you like a crazy man?  Look at the pictures of the Assad family and answer that question for yourself Why is he fighting to stay alive and defend his country from the radical Sharia loving Sunnis in ISIS and al Qaeda who literally eat the heart right out of their victims is perfectly obvious. 

Even though I am a strong supporter of Israel, and I strongly disagree with Syria’s foreign policy with respect to Israel’s Golan Heights, it is clear to me that Bashar al Assad is not the ruthless murderer of innocent civilians that the Obama Administration claims he is.  Rather he is a western educated ophthalmologist who is married to a British citizen of Syrian ancestry. He did not have to pose for the pictures on this page. They are very easily found on the internet. They are not a part of any propaganda campaign to influence western opinion. On the contrary these pictures are probably not going to help him with many Muslims in his own country. These pictures represent the Assad family as they really are for the whole world to see, including his own people.

An American attack on Syria would be designed to assist the forces of ISIS and Al Qaeda in their attempt to overthrow the government of Bashar al Assad. Click here to listen to an interview with John McCain and Lindsey Graham  where they explain exactly what the Obama Administration is up to.  Less than 30% of the American people are in favor of any American involvement in the Syrian Civil War. At least 70% of Americans are adamantly opposed to it! But key Congressional leaders are already coming out in favor of President Obama’s proposed air strikes on Syria including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.), the Speaker of the House John Boehner (R.), the Majority Leader of the House Eric Cantor (R.), the Minority leader of the House Nancy Pelosi (D.), and Senator John McCain from Arizona.

There is no fool like an old fool especially if that old fool is named John McCain. Please watch this video of a town hall meeting recently held by Senator McCain in which he answered a question by a constituent who has just lost her relative in the Syrian Civil War.  (This link is also found under Corroborating Sources at the end of this article). The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has already given their blessings to an air strike against Syria. Has the Obama Administration and all of our elected representatives in Congress gone completely mad? If so then perhaps we need to change our own government, not the government of Syria.

The use of American force in Syria will not accomplish any good thing. It will only make matters worse just like it did in Iraq. The vote in Congress on the authority to use force in Syria is a vote on the legitimacy of our own elected government in Washington D.C. It will be a crucial barometer on whether or not our own representative government actually represents us or not. If our Congress votes to attack Syria in the face of overwhelming public opposition then our government does not represent us anymore. If that happens every American has a right to resist, and even to ignore the legislation passed by such a political body and signed into law by a man who is not even eligible under the Constitution to be our President. He is not a Natural Born Citizen. Barack Obama wants to lead America to attack another country which poses no threat to us and without the required Congressional Declaration of War. 

Bashar al Assad family photo

Does Bashar al Assad look like a homicidal maniac to you?

If Congress ignores the will of the American people and authorizes any kind of air or ground attacks in or on Syria than what we have in Washington D.C. is an unrepresentative puppet government that is being manipulated by interests which are not our own.  Perhaps that is why our government recently purchased over a billion rounds of ammunition and more than a thousand mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs) to be used if necessary here at home.





DATELINE: November 1, 2015 – The Obama Administration has just decided to send fifty American soldiers to fight on the ground in Syria. Fifty American soldiers can’t possibly make a difference in the Syrian Civil War and they are only being used as a bargaining chip with the Russians. They are risking their lives to give the United States a bigger seat at the bargaining table. Once again American soldiers are being sent into harm’s way without a Congressional Declaration of War.

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Corroborating Sources  Video of John McCain at a recent town hallmeeting in his home state. September 6 CNN interview with John McCain and Lindsey Graham in which they explain the real intent of a strike against Syria is to topple the Assad government Video of John McCain town hall meeting in which a constituent calls for him to be arrested and tried for treason




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