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Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, June 16, 2013



Joe Newby

Examiner Hit Man Joe Newby Writes for Tim Selaty at Tea Party Tribune and Rival Social Network

Know the Enemy – Just Follow the Money…

By Scott Rohter, June 2013


Dateline:  Spokane Washington, June 2013


Joe Newby continues to write a pack of lies on his own little blog, and on about WePluribUS founder Scott Rohter after I banned him from our social site. Subsequently he asked me to delete his account as well, but I left all of his posts up just to show everyone how much he actually used our site. It is the evidence that refutes all of his lies. These lies are being repeated only by a determined handful of disgruntled former members of our small social network who now belong to the much bigger Tea Party Community Network which is jointly owned by our rivals Tim Selaty and Ken Crow. They are all founding members of the “I Hate Scott Rohter Fan Club”  which they created by themselves with no help whatsoever from me, along with co-founder Diane Sori, (the female blogger from Hell), and member emeritus Tom Harrison who is the obsessive Oregon Republican Party State webmaster.

Joe Newby writes many of his lies for the billionaire owner of a major media and entertainment conglomerate which owns the The man who owns this sleazy on-line tabloid is fully invested in the status quo of delivering you the news by charging his advertisers to connect with the viewing, reading, or listening audience. I guess Joe Newby is what some people would call a reporter at, and the sleazy on-line tabloid where he works is what they would probably refer to as a newspaper these days. But in reality that on line amateur blogging platform owned by billionaire investor Philip Anschutz is no closer to a real newspaper than the National Enquirer is, and Joe Newby’s official title over there is actually an “examiner” to tell you the truth, not a journalist. The only real connection between an examiner and a journalist is that neither seem to have any principles. You know what kind of ethics and standards most journalists seem to have these days. Well some examiners are even worse than that, and Joe Newby  who is based out of Spokane, Washington is no closer to a real reporter than a gossip columnist is. That’s a fact!



Examiner page showing women in various poses and stages of undress

(This is a typical page – (Click to enlarge.)

The on line blogger’s platform known as where Joe publishes most of his half-truths and second-hand garbage is filled with so many pictures of half-naked women flaunting their boobs or their buns in their reader’s faces that to call this on line tabloid a “purveyor of smut and sleaze” would be not far from the truth. That’s why I had to shake my head in disbelief when I read in Wikipedia, that Philip Anschutz is supposed to be a “conservative Christian”…  Of course he is, and I am the King of Saudi Arabia too. Give me a break.

To refer to examiner bloggers as pimps and prostitutes would not be too far off the mark either. Examiners are to journalism what personal injury attorneys are to the legal profession. So with that being said, this article will attempt to expose for what it really is… a sleazy on-line tabloid that sells sleazy ads, and publishes innuendo and unproven allegations masquerading around as sleazy journalism. I will also seek to expose who and what is behind Mr. Newby’s latest attempts at writing, and all of his personal attacks upon me, as well as the efforts of his friend and fellow examiner, Dean Chambers who also gets paid by the click at Examiner to turn out more of his usual claptrap and wasted internet bandwidth. Joe’s other friend and fellow contributor at the Tea Party Tribune is Diane Sori, the whiny, perpetually unhappy blogger from Hell who claims to be a conservative while she supports a permanent pathway to citizenship for thirty million aliens who are in our country illegally. The Tea Party Tribune is owned by my two competitors, Tim Selaty and Ken Crow. They are the real people behind all of these personal attacks upon me, and the common thread in all of this scuttlebutt is that all of my detractors either work for Tim Selaty as reporters at the Tea Party Tribune, or they are members of his Tea Party Community Network, which I refer to only half-jokingly as “Tim’s Party Community Network” because it always has been, and it will always will be all about Tim.

Phillip Anschutz is the owner of Clarity Media Group, which owns several major media and entertainment properties including , the Washington Examiner, and the Weekly Standard.  Newby and Chambers load up the internet with their worthless waste of bandwidth for in a joint effort to promote the sleazy ads that Examiner sells… Their job as examiners is to help drive traffic to those ads on Examiner’s pages. Unfortunately that is the standard paradigm in the digital media today.

Users, viewers, readers, and listeners  on radio, or over the television airwaves, or on the internet don’t pay anything for what they consume, and they actually expect to ride free. That is what Diane Sori believes, and that is why she was banned from our site, and deleted from WePluribUS, not because she did not contribute to the daily operating costs of our site, but because she expected me to continue to pay for what she was doing, and she actually acted like it was her right.. That is not an expression of conservative valures.. On the contrary, that is an entitlement mentality which is an expression of liberal values.. Please read my article What is the Proper Role of the Federal Government? which is found here There are just too many places in America today where Americans don’t actually have anything to say about what is going on. That is because they don’t pay anything for what they use, view, read, or hear. Someone else does…  And that someone else also expects to get something in return for what they are paying.  Glenn Beck is trying to change this paradigm, and so am I.

I am trying to change the entire manner in which Americans receive their news and information. I am trying to create a small member owned network where We the People actually have something to say about how it is run, and about what we read, see, and hear. I am trying to encourage people to step up and become owners of their social network that is dedicated to the discussion of news and politics, and hopefully one day it will eventually be owned by the people who use it. This even goes beyond what Glenn Beck is trying to achieve by going around the mainstream media, and creating Glenn Beck TV and The Blaze. Such a new and different idea is bound to have its enemies who are fully invested in the current paradigm. WePluribUS is just one small step in the direction of the status quo. It is one small step in the direction of We the People owning the media, and We the People setting the agenda in our country. But it is one long, hard, tough step. People wonder why they should pay anything for something they already receive absolutely free. But it is not really for free… The advertisers who pay for the news also want to put their annoying little ads all over the pages you see, and they want to control what you read, see, and hear too. They want to control the content that is broadcast over the airwaves and over the internet. If you don’t own a network then you can’t contol the content that is broadcast, and you can’t control the discussion.

Dean Chambers

Dean Chambers Examiner blogger

I am being attacked from all sides right now by sleazy reporters, and by Tea Party Tribune reporters who are attacking me without any factual basis for any of their ridiculous claims they are making. Joe Newby, and Diane Sori were once members of WePluribUS, but they were and still are writers for the Tea Party Tribune who is my main competitor. Together with Dean Chambers they are all contributors at Tim Selaty’s Tea Party Community Network, which is owned and operated by Tim Selaty and Ken Crow, by and for Tim Selatly and Ken Crow I might add. They continue to write hit pieces about me for Selaty and Crow whose plan is to pay their writers like does. I banned all of them from WePluribUS after I caught them in various different lies about their true intentions. Tim Selaty’s son who runs the Tea Party Community Network for his dad was caught registered on our network using a false persona, George Jones to spy out our site as his father did, with the intent of doing us harm.


We are currently in the middle of a fund raising drive to raise enough money to purchase a dedicated server for WePluribUS for the next year. Up until now I have paid all of the bills for the first six months by myself as well as the cost of the software and the design and re-development. I had hoped that I could continue to carry the cost a little longer, but I cannot. Actually I will not, to be exact. I also felt it was about time to ask others on our network to start contributing to the ongoing costs of our site because nothing in life should be free, nor should it ever be expected to be free. I say this specifically with Diane Sori in mind. I realized that by allowing people to continue to use WePluribUS absolutely for free, that I was just encouraging more of the same type of behavior, and the same type of entitlement mentality that currently exists on Facebook. By allowing everybody to use WePluribus  equally for free I was also encouraging the same outcome. That was against my own stated goals as I have expressed many times in my writing. and this one


Diane Sori

Diane Sori-Tea Party Tribune blogger

I knew that I had to stop doing this or I would not be promoting those conservative values that I believe in, so I decided to stop paying for everyone else to use the site by myself…  I decided I would ask people to contribute to the on going costs of operating our site.  But not contributing is not grounds for being removed from the site as all of my detractors are saying. There has to be some other reason if someone gets deleted. If I ever uttered those words in a brief moment of anger, they were only just a passing thought that was uttered at an inopportune moment when I felt that people were just continually taking advantage of me, or not understanding what I was trying to do. No one has ever been deleted from WePluribUS just for not contributing, and no one ever will be.. Non contributors will be allowed to remain on as Basic Members, as distinguished from Contributing Members who will have something to say about how their network is run. Members will be encouraged to contribute to the ongoing costs of their site as seems perfectly normal to me, but no one is demanding that people pay up or else as Joe Newby and Diane Sori are claiming… Ask any of our members.

There is no question in my mind that we will never have a meaningful voice in Washington no matter how many different people we elect and send there to represent us until we own an arm of the media and control a part of the discussion. When I began to move in this direction that is when I began to encounter resistance and indignation of the type that I experienced from blogger Diane Sori. She is the self proclaimed conservative blogger from Florida who also supports a pathway to citizenship for 30 million illegal aliens who do not even belong in our country. I asked her if the idea that I should continue to pay for her was “an expression of her conservative values.” She did not like that. We never discussed any particular amount of money because she wouldn’t even agree to answer the poll question about the future of WePluribUS … a poll question which by the way she had been ignoring for about two weeks.

Nothing is really free on Facebook or at the Tea Party Community Network either. It just seems free because someone else is paying for it. There is a cost shift and a responsibility shift that is at the root cause of what is actually wrong in America today… There is a lack of personal responsibility in our country.  Someone else is frequently paying for what you enjoy. It is invariably a combination of owners, investors, and donors who are paying, but it is with the full intent that eventually those costs will be paid for by their advertisers. I for one am sick of all of the advertising. That is why I hardly ever listen to commercial radio and TV anymore. They have become one endless commercial after another. That is why I started WePluribUS, and I am trying to change the paradigm by encouraging people to become responsible owners, first of WePluribUS’ daily operating expenses, and then later hopefully of the site itself, and then if we are really, really  lucky we can provide a successful way around the mainstream media.  Responsible ownership will come with a say in how their network is run.

Tim Selaty owner of Tea Party Tribune

Tim Selaty owner of the Tea Party Tribune and the Tea Party Commty Network

I am trying to change the current paradigm by encouraging people to become responsible owners, and I can tell you that it isn’t easy. Everyone who is invested in the paradigm wants to see WePluribUS fail. That includes examiner “reporters” like Joe Newby and Dean Chambers, and of course the itself. It also includes the rest of the media owners who make their money using the current business model of charging their dvertisers to connect with their readers. That includes Tim Selaty of the Tea Party Tribune and the Tea Party Community Network..  I don’t care if I ever make any money from WePluribUS or not.. I just want to encourage more of our members to help pay for the use of  our site.. as a small first step towards owning it hopefully… and being responsible for it.. I want them to make it their site so they can take their country back! 

People naturally wonder why they should pay for something that they are already receiving for free on Facebook and at the Tea Party Community Network. Well if you like the results that you are experiencing in your country right now while you are enjoying a free ride, and paying for almost nothing that you receive from the media then you can stay right where you are. If you still dont get it then there is absolutely no point in me trying to change your mind. On the other hand if you don’t like the results you are seeing, then you might realize why it is necessary to change the paradigm, not just our leaders in Washington. If you realize that, then you are ready for WePluribUS. But continuing to follow the same old paradigm will only result in the same old results. This is the outcome of Facebook and the Tea Party Community Network. They are both owned and operated by others, and you will always be just users on both of these platforms. The only difference between Facebook and the Tea Party Community Network is that Facebook is owned by a big liberal, and the Tea Party Community Network is owned by an aspiring conservative.


Tim Selaty Junior of the Tea Party Community Website registered at WePluribUS using a phony profile to spy out the site.Tim Selaty Senior and Junior showing there accounts and ip addresses. Note the ip address for Tim Junior is the same one he used when he registered as George Jones the country western music star...Tim Selaty of the Tea Party Community Network activity from his ip address showing how he registered as George Jones with a pic of the country western music star.






Above are three different snapshots of the WePluribus Admin CP panel showing Tim Selaty and Tim Selaty Jr. registered on our site to spy it out and to stir up trouble. Tim Selaty Jr. who runs the day to day operations of the Tea Party Community Network for his dad even registered on our site using a fake name and photo..  Notice the ip address for Tim Selaty Jr. and George Jones… They are both the same.. The final snapshot shows the change as it occurred. He logged in as Tim Selaty Jr. and he logged out as George Jones. (Click each photo to enlarge)


Part of preparing to be a responsible owner is to register on our site as a real person, using your real name or picture… I would prefer it if people used both, but I do not insist upon it. I make allowances for people who cannot. But it does tell me who is really serious about making a difference in their country, and who is usually just playing around. I have heard all of the excuses and most of them don’t amount to a hill of beans. The Tea Party Community Network has a lot of members, but many are just fakebook profiles, and there is nothing real about many of their phony personas. The man who runs the Tea Party Community Network for his father is Tim Selaty Jr. He registered on our site as George Jones, the famous country western music star. He also used a photo of George Jones for his personal avatar. I don’t know if that was okay with George, but it wasn’t okay with me, so I banned his account and I blocked his ip address. Still people with ill intent can obtain a new ip address and come back many times like using many different email addresses like our former admin, Tom Harrison did after he was banned and blocked. He broke our site while transferring it to a new server, and he left it broke for two weeks. Then he broke our rules repeatedly by using The Forum as a place to vent his personal grievances against me instead of in a private message. He was warned repeatedly about this and then finally he was banned and blocked. Since then he has come back numerous times using various different aliases and ip addresses which all originate from Oregon City, Oregon, a small town where he lives.  Tom also runs the Oregon Republican Party State website for a Republican Party that is about as conservative as the Democrat Party is in the rest of our country.


My personal opinion is that if you are too afraid to register on WePLuribUS as yourself, using your real name or your real photo then you are possibly up to no good, you are probably not worth listening to, and I definitely don’t want to get into a discussion with you. Many people register on the Tea Party Community Network using various different aliases, like “Jewel for America” tried to do on our network. They often use phony fakebook profiles and false names with no actual photo of themselves. This is allowed at the Tea Party Community Network in order to bump up their membership numbers so they can charge higher rates to their advertisers. I don’t allow any of that nonsense on WePluribUS because I don’t sell advertising. But that is precisely why Tim Selaty started the Tea Party Community Network in the first place along with his business partner Ken Crow. It was started to help raise money for his financially unprofitable on line newspaper, the Tea Party Tribune where I used to be a contributing editor. I stopped writing there after I learned the real motivation behind much of what Tim Selaty does on the internet with his various business properties. There isn’t anything illegal about anything that Tim does as far as I know, and I have never said that there was. But there is just way too much emphasis on making money for my taste, and I will have an article coming out soon about the subject of making money on America’s misfortunes. Please look for it in the next few months. Until then suffice it to say that there is already enough of that kind of thing going on in our country today. What motivates me is an entirely different set of goals, and WePluribUS is going to be different. That is why they are all attacking me now.


Joe Newby, Diane Sori, Dean Chambers, and Tom Harrison are all current users of Tim Selaty’s Community network. They are all contributors over there and defenders of Tim Selaty, and they are all part of a little cabal of loyalists who are trying to eliminate WePluribUS  by personally denigrating me. There are others involved in this plot, some of whom I know and some of whom I don’t know that want to turn little WePluribUS into something that it was never meant to be. It was never intended to be just another carbon copy of Facebook. They are all working very hard to feed more lies to Joe Newby, Diane Sori, Dean Chambers and anyone else they can find who is willing to publish lies about me on  or on the Tea Party Tribune as well as posting them on the Tea Party Community Network. They have even tried to post them on WePluribUS.

You know what they always say. Just follow the money… It leads directly to the billionaire owner of and to the ambitious Tim Selaty who is the owner of a rival network. Do you see one single advertisement for anything on any of my five websites? Now look at the Tea Party Tribune or the Tea Party Commty Network. There is even an ad selling T-shirts on their sign in page. There is no money trail in my case like there is with all my detractors.  I didn’t initiate this war of words with Joe Newby…  He struck the first blow. TheTea Party Community Network which is owned by Tim Selaty boasts over 100,000 members. Little We PluribUS has only a little over 1,300 members now. Why can’t the bigger Tea Party Network just leave us alone and let us prosper? It is a fact that he can’t. He and his son, and the people on his staff have been all over little WePluribUS spying in out and looking for anything they can use against us… I have snapshots of him on our site spying it out. Why?



Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg

Tim Selaty claims that I stole his idea… That is ridiculous.. My idea is entirely different than his idea. That is exactlly why he is so afraid of it. I intend to give the people who contribute to WePluribUS an opportunity to have a much bigger say in what goes on at their network, than he will ever allow the users of his network to ever have over there. Members of WePluribUS can actually have an opportunity to own it if they want one day, and Contributing Members can actually have a say in how it is run right now. They will never have those opportunities at the Tea Party Community Network or on Facebook. The truth is that Tim actually stole his idea from Mark Zuckerberg, the liberal owner of Facebook because Tim’s idea is exactly the same idea that Zuckerberg uses.

He claims that I copied his software… That is equally absurd… The basic software is readily available for purchase by anyone with enough money to buy it.  I even altered and redesigned the format so it looks different than the canned version that I originally purchased off the shelves from the developer, and it is ten times better in my opinion than the Tea Party Community’s copy of the same software… I and others have spent countless hours of our time making improvements to it in order to make it more user friendly, changing the names of things, and designing the original artwork for it… Tim is lying on all counts.

Most of the people from Facebook do not like the higher reality standard that we have on WePluribUS. That also goes for many members of the Tea Party Commty Network who opt for their less stringent standards.  As they have disagreed with or not complied with our rules to use their real name or their real photo, then their accounts have been deleted and removed from the roles.. The only other people I have ever deleted are spammers, trolls, inactive accounts and people who are obviously up to no good, or who directly lie to me. That’s the truth.. Why would I delete someone without a good reason… I am trying to build this network, not destroy it. They who are the ones who are trying hard to destroy it and paint me as some kind of a bad guy.. I am just trying to save my country the best way that I know how.


Tom Harrison posing as a woman on Facebook

Tom Harrison posing as a woman on Facebook

Tom Harrison used to be a temporary administrator for me back in December of 2012 when he was entrusted with transferring our site to a different server. He actually broke the site in transferring it, and he had it partially out of commission for about two weeks. His account was deleted not for breaking the site, but for breaking the rules… and for breaking them repeatedly in spite of all the warnings he received. He misused our Public Forum for his own personal argument with me after he broke the site instead of messaging me privately as I asked him to do. It is against the rules to use our public Forum for anything other than the discussion of news and politics… He was warned repeatedly about this and finally he was removed. The irony is that he was removed by a different admin, not by me directly, but I was certainly okay with it. However he came back repeatedly as various different false personas, starting first with Noel Eyers, and then as Kelly Richardson (a female facebook persona), then as Jonathon Peters and Fred Oreljahapel. According to Go he tried to penetrate our hardware firewall over eighty times in the first couple of hours after his ip address was blocked.

I believe that Tom Harrison has some serious mental and emotional issues…  I have asked him to stop stalking me and to leave me alone… I have even had my attorney write him a letter. Nevertheless he keeps sending me his unwanted emails from various different accounts and he watches the internet daily for anything and everything he can find  about me and about WePLuribUS.  Then he goes to the site where the post or comment is and comments about it. He intends to do me ill whenever and wherever he can. Is that obsessed or not? He posts his derogatory comments about me and WePluribUS all over the internet wherever he can find a place to post them.. And all because I yelled at him on a voice message? (See link to a liberal blog called Gabe’s Fire to Kelly Richardson’s Facebook page!/kelly.richardson.56679?fref=ts ) I am quite sure he has plenty of bad things to say about me on the Tea Party Community Network as well as on the various Oregon Republican Party websites that he administers. He is a child of privelege and he feels a certain entitlement to do everything that he does including all of the bad things too. He even contacts members of my social network in order to try to turn them against me… In my opinion Tom Harrison is seriously disturbed, and I am not the only one who feels this way.



Tom Harrison Oregon Republican Party state webmaster

Tom Harrison Oregon Republican Party State Webmaster

He has no business being an official in the Oregon Republican Party more less the Oregon Republican Party’s official State webmaster. In my opinion he has some serious emotional and psychological issues that he needs professional help with. And the latest indication of just how bad his obsession is can be seen by his recent behavior.  He posted a private tape recorded message that I left on his voice mail after he broke our social site for two weeks. Yes I was angry, That is certainly obvious from the voice message, but I had every right to be angry at Tom, and you would have been angry with him too. But that voice message was never intended for anyone else to hear but Tom. Who would make such a private recorded message public? Who would do that? Who would release to the whole world a private tape recording that they knew was only meant for them to hear. Now he has turned that voice message over to the owner of a rival social network. He has turned it over to Tim Selaty of the Tea Party Community Network, and to his henchman Joe Newby, who works for him and also at the sleazy tabloid, Who would even think of doing such a horrible thing.. Well I guess we know who, dont we? Only someone who is bent on revenge… Only Tom Harrison of Oregon City Oregon would do such a horrible thing. He is the Oregon Republican Party webmaster, and he is completely obsessed with revenge. In some countries he could go to jail for what he is doing, and so could his accomplices. He not only broke my social site.. He broke the rules, and even more importantly he broke my trust. All I have ever done to him was yell at him on a voice mail THAT I THOUGHT WAS PRIVATE after he broke my site, disrespected my rules for the site, and ignored all of my warnings. The Oregon Republican Party should dismiss him immediately as their State webmaster, as well as the Clackamas County Republican Party. But instead they continue to cover up for him while not allowing me to post any of this information about Tom Harrison on the Oregon Republican Party official Facebook page for elected Precinct Committee People which I belong to as a precint committee person. But I was just banned and blocked from the ORPCP page on Facebook for publishing the truth.. They have not only banned my fee speech. They have now also banned me… My the truth does hurt doesn’t it.. and what a fine Republican Party we have in Oregon. Tom’s friends continue to cover up for him… and they ban me for exposing him. That would be the administrators of page… the Oregon Republican Party State Chairman Suzanne Gallagher and Kevin Hoar her second in command.. I guess the Party that once freed the slaves has now resorted to enslaving the free… free speech that is.



Tom Harrisoon aka Kelly Richardson on Facebook  - Click to enlarge

Tom Harrisoon aka Kelly Richardson on Facebook – Please Click to enlarge

Yes I did yell at Tom Harrison. So what? It is not a crime to get mad at somebody.  It is not a crime to yell at somebody. I was mad at him and you would have been mad at him too if he broke your site after you had spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of your time planning it and building it. I would not take back one single word that I said to him in that private voice message. He deserved to hear every single one of those words for breaking my social networ and breaking the rules. He is accustomed to doing whatever he wants because he provides a valuable service to the Oregon Republican Party. But ever since he was banned and blocked from our site, and had his priveleges revoked as an admin on our site Tom Harrison has been hard at work trying to destroy our site.. But our site has been working basically just fine with only a few minor exceptions ever since Tom was removed. How do you account for that if Tom did everything right? 

If Tom Harrison did not know what he was doing then he should have said so in the beginning, before he tried to transfer our site., and not couched in excuses afterwords. On the other hand if he did know what he was doing then he should have never left our site broke for two weeks while our members were getting upset and leaving in droves.  He claimed that he was too busy to work on it…  But he is not too busy to search the world wide web for anything and everything he can find about me and WePluribUS now in an obsessive attempt to finish us off. I would not take back anything that I said to Tom Harrison. He richly deserved to hear every single word that I said to him on that voice message. But they were only meant for his ears, and for his ears alone.. They were never intended for anyone else to hear…


Tom Harrison as Kelly Richardson on Facebook... Notice the gender selection.. Click to enlarge

Tom Harrison as Kelly Richardson on Facebook… Notice the gender selection.. Click to enlarge

Not only did Tom Harrison break my site… but he broke my trust. He could go to jail in some countries for publishing the contents of a private voice message that was only meant for him to hear, over the world wide web. Tom doesn’t deserve to have friends… And since when has it become a crime in America to get mad at someone, or to yell at them when they deserve it? I yelled at him after he  broke my site, a site that I had spent thousands of dollars building, and countless hours of my time planning and designing. He was not banned for breaking the site, but for breaking the rules of the site… He was banned for misusing our Public Forum which I pay for out of my own pocket, and which is to be used only for the discussion of news and politics. But instead he misused it to continue to post his own obnoxious personal grievances with me…

At least until now I have tried to take my complaints to him privately, as they should be.  When that didn’t work I tried to ignore him for six months, but he has made it impossible to ignore him too, so I will stop trying.  Now it is “game on” Tom Harrison!


Here are three more snapshots of the WePluribus Admin CP control panel showing Tom Harrison from Oregon City, Oregon registered on WePluribUS using two different aliases and two different ip addresses both coming from the little town of Oregon City, Oregon.  The first alias that Tom used was Noel Eyers and the second alias he used was Kelly Richardson (a woman’s name). He was there only to stir up trouble on our site under these two different aliases. Please pay special attention to the ip addresses. They both come from the little town of Oregon City in the central Willamette Valley.  You can verify where the ip addresses come from here at They are or were both Tom Harrison’s ip addresses. Note that Noel Eyers can be seen using both ip addresses in a single screen shot. Tom also clearly indicates on Facebook that Kelly Richardson is a female which is not true. Kelly Richardson and Noel Eyers both used the same ip address and they both come from Oregon City Oregon where Tom Harrison lives. Click the photos to enlarge them.

Tom 3 aka Noel Eyers on WePluribUS showing the same ip address as Jonathon PetersTom activity 2 aka Noel Eyers and  Kelly Richardson on WePluribUSTom activity 2 aka Noel Eyers and  Kelly Richardson on WePluribUS







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