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As the Drumbeat for War in Syria Grows Louder… The Boogie Man is Back Again.

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, August 27, 2013


American Navy off Syrian coast

 The Syrian Civil War is not Our Fight.

If the Saudi’s want to Remove Bashar al Assad then Let Them Do it !


The Boogie Man is Back… and this Time it’s Bashar al Assad

by Scott Rohter, August 2013


Here we go again. The drumbeat for war is growing louder in Washington.  Either Barack Obama is getting restless or else the Saudi’s are turning up the heat in the White House. This time the drums are beating over Syria but they aren’t sounding The Battle Hymn of the Republic… not ours anyway. The drums are marking time to another countries  internal, domestic affairs. The Syrian Civil War is none of our business . What goes on there is not our concern, yet these drums are keeping pace with the globalist agenda and the New World Order. 

If the Saudi’s want to remove Bashar al Assad then let them do it. America doesn’t need another boogie man…  Why do we always have to have a scapegoat… or someone to blame when things go wrong. In the past it was Sadaam Hussein. Now it is Vladimir Putin and Bashar al Assad. Before too long it will be ISIS. We never talk about the real problem in the world.. The real problem is Islam and the Quran.  Our misplaced concerns are being played out in yet another Middle Eastern country where we don’t really have a dog in the fight and where none of the participants are really America’s friends or allies.

I am of the opinion that Bashar al Assad doesn’t need to go nearly half as bad nor half as fast as Barack Obama needs to go. Congress should have  impeached him over four years ago. The problem is that you can’t find enough Republicans on Capitol Hill with the spinal fortitude to bring charges against our first African-American President no matter what he does.

Don’t get me wrong. I really don’t care why so many Muslims dislike us, but did you ever wonder why so many Muslims hate America? When America invaded Iraq it was allegedly because Saddam Hussein refused to let the United Nations inspectors into his country to look for weapons of mass destruction, but after a full scale invasion which dragged on for years we still didn’t find many WMDs and the few that we did find were really not the kind that we thought he had.

Now we are charging another country in the Middle East with possessing weapons of mass destruction and we are preparing to attack this country after they actually did let the United Nations chemical weapons inspectors into their country to look for traces of WMDs. Syria did this to prove to the world that they really didn’t have chemical weapons, but it didn’t seem to matter to Washington. It didn’t convince the Obama Administration of anything. They still want to bomb Syria anyway.  If a country doesn’t let the U.N. inspectors in then we attack that country. If they do let the inspectors in we still attack that country.  It doesn’t seem to make a difference what they do. We still attack their country either way. So they are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.  In retrospect maybe that is why Saddam Hussein refused to let the U.N. inspectors into Iraq.

Bashar al Assad with his family

Bashar al Assad with his family

What is behind our government’s irrational and inconsistent foreign policy? Why would Bashar al Assad  invite chemical weapons inspectors into Syria at the very same time that he was planning to launch a chemical weapons attack upon his own civilian population? It doesn’t make any sense.  Is everybody in the Obama Administration just as nutty as Barack Obama is? Have they all lost their minds or do they have something much more sinister up their sleeves?

 As the drumbeat for war in Syria grows louder and the calls for another military intervention in the Middle East begin to ramp up I would just like to remind everybody that the internal, domestic affairs of another country  is their own  damn business, not ours. The Constitution doesn’t make America the policeman of the world. If you remember back a few years ago to the brilliant successes of our last two military campaigns in the Middle East, the one in Libya and the other in Iraq and you consider the eventual outcome of a third encounter still going on in Afghanistan maybe you will not be so quick to support another military intervention into another Muslim country. Instead of a military intervention in Syria perhaps Barack Obama needs a personal intervention into his own mixed up life.

Every day the people of Iraq wake up to the prospect of another car bomb blowing up in their neighborhood and the inconvenience of having to drive through numerous military checkpoints on their way to work and back again. These checkpoints have separated Baghdad into various walled encampments, and divided their country into warring Sunni and Shia neighborhoods. Sadaam Hussein kept these tensions under control. Bashar al Assad had been doing the same thing in Syria.

America did such a great job of bringing  peace and stability to Iraq that now we want to do it again in Syria. To tell you the truth we should mind our own damn business for a change and stay the hell out of another country’s internal affairs. We should not drop any more bombs or launch any more missiles on any more countries in the Middle East unless they actually pose a threat to America, and we should not start any more wars without obtaining a Congressional Declaration of War first.

Barack Obama did not have a Declaration of War when he bombed Libya and Colonel Moammar Gadhafi did not pose a direct threat to the United States of America. Nevertheless President Obama unleashed a coordinated air attack and bombed Libya in conjunction with our NATO allies . Have you forgotten how well Libya turned out?  Have you forgotten Benghazi?  Let’s not initiate  any more wars without a Congressional Declaration of War.

President Obama’s urge to respond to the allegations of a chemical weapons attack in Syria by Bashar al Assad sounds remarkably similar to the false accusations that were leveled against Sadaam Hussein by George W. Bush that he was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. Those allegations were largely proven to be false. Do we all have such short memories that we have forgotten that, or do our leaders just like to keep repeating their own horrible mistakes?

American Navy off Syrian coastal waters 1As far as I am concerned the recent claims of chemical weapons being used in Syrian are just an excuse for us to get involved where we don’t belong again. Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry  don’t  seem to mind if the insurgents plotting to overthrow the Syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians (which was actually the claim that was made two weeks ago) but only if they were used by Bashar al Assad. Now there are new claims of chemical weapons being used by the Assad regime against the insurgents.  This offers the pretext for an American military intervention into the Syrian Civil War. My opinion is that if Barack Obama launches any more military attacks on any more countries in the world without first obtaining a Congressional Declaration of War then he should be removed from office, not Bashar al Assad.

What ever happened to that young Vietnam War protestor named John Kerry, or for that matter that outspoken anti-war political activist from the South Side of Chicago named Barack Obama?

Barack Obama seems hell bent on launching a new war in Syria.  I guess the War in Afghanistan is not good enough for our Commander in Chief. He feels the need to shed the blood of more American soldiers in another God forsaken Muslim country. Maybe the needs of America’s military industrial complex or our own National Insecurity Complex are whispering in Obama’s ears or the Saudi’s are turning up the temperature in the White House. We obviously have to send more of our young men and women to die for these backward people who hate our guts.

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