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Don’t Crimea River Over Ukraine – Crimea Referendum in Former Soviet Republic Favors Re-unification with Russia

Posted by Scott Rohter on Wednesday, March 19, 2014




Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel

Don’t Crimea River Over Ukraine…

 Crimea Referendum in Former Soviet Republic Favors Re-unification with Russia.

Europe and America Refuse to Recognize Results of the Referendum.

By Scott Rohter, March 2013



It all started with a little lie, but that was so long ago that it really doesn’t matter.  What matters in Ukraine right now is that the residents of Crimea held a public referendum on the question of whether they wanted to become part of Russia or not after a popular uprising in Kiev overthrew their democratically elected President and left most Crimeans feeling like they were out in the cold. And speaking of cold… what are we really trying to do in Ukraine anyway? Are we trying to start another Cold War with Russia? What is the connection between the popular uprising known as the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the fracking revolution in the oil industry right here in America? 

The result of the referendum in Crimea was that ninety five percent of the Crimeans strongly favored reunification with Russia. Of course that doesn’t seem to matter to the government in Kiev, nor to the European Union, nor to the United States of America which only wants to capitalize on the political turmoil going on there and seize this opportunity to export American natural gas to Europe. This would decrease the supply and drive up the prices here at home. That is the connection between the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the fracking revolution in America. That is the missing link between these two almost simultaneous revolutions. Our State Department supported and funded the Ukrainian revolution that ousted Viktor Yanukovich.

My personal opinion is that we should keep American oil and gas right here at home in America to fuel American business and heat American homes. We should let Europeans settle their own battles. If they want to impose tough sanctions on Russia because of Crimea or try to dictate Russian foreign policy to the Kremlin and subsequently they freeze their heineys off in the middle of winter in Paris and Berlin that is none of our business.

Within weeks of the favorable referendum in Crimea the Russian Duma formerly approved Crimea’s request for political re-unification.  What is happening in Crimea is not a secession from Ukraine as the American mainstream media puts it, but rather it is Crimeans exercising their right to self determination and political re-unification with Russia after a mob in Kiev staged a coup which overthrew their legally elected government… It is the desire of a former Russian territory to become a part of Russia once again. So what is the matter with that? Don’t we respect the right of people in other countries to vote in elections and to determine their own destiny?



Yulia Tymoshenko

Yulia Tymoshenko

Of course the illegitimate  government in Ukraine does not accept the result of the Crimea referendum. They claim that the vote was illegal under their Constitution and they refuse to recognize it, but its hard for these Ukrainians to be taken seriously when they just staged a coup which overthrow their own democratically elected government and they ran their President Viktor Yanukovich out of the country in violation of their own laws and Constitution. Then they urged the residents of Crimea not to participate in the referendum on the grounds it is not permitted by their Constitution.  


It sounds like the makings for a pretty good soap opera if you ask me, but the current Ukrainian government’s objections can hardly be taken seriously.  It is not even a legitimately elected government. What grounds do they have to complain about Crimeans exercising their right to vote? Apparently a coup in Kiev is legal under international law as long it gives the European Union and the United States the government they want in Ukraine, but a public referendum in Crimea in which Crimeans actually vote to become part of Russia again is not legal because it gives them the government they want.


Regardless of what we want or we don’t want, the people of Crimea have spoken loudly for the whole world to hear. It is about what they want. They spoke in a more civilized manner then the street mobs did in Kiev last month. They used the legitimacy of a referendum without any violence and the United States and the European Union are calling this vote illegal and a violation of international law. How can you support free speech for violent street demonstrators in Kiev, but not for peaceful voters in a peaceful referendum in Crimea? Ask Barack Obama and John Kerry. Maybe they know. The Ukrainian objections to the Crimean referendum seem like a lot of sour grapes to me. Russians have always viewed Crimea as a part of Russia. They only agreed to incorporate Crimea into Ukraine while Ukraine was still a part of the former Soviet Union, but today there is no U.S.S.R. anymore and Ukraine is not a Soviet Republic… It is a sovereign country in a state of turmoil. The residents of the semi-autonomous region of Crimea have a right to determine their own destiny just like the people of Kiev do. They have a right to decide if they want to remain in Ukraine in view of the recent turmoil there or if they want to become part of Russia again.


Europe and the United States are supporting the new, interim government in Kiev with the same resolve that they helped to overthrow the pro-Russian government of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.  As expected Russia has thrown in with the mostly Russian inhabitants of the semi-autonomous region of Crimea. This is the first major east-west confrontation between Russia and N.A.T.O. in the 21st Century and it all started with a little lie. What was this lie?


“Am I my brother’s keeper?”  Ever since those famous words were uttered by Cain thousands of years ago in a transparent attempt to hide the world’s first criminal endeavor, the descendants of Adam and Eve have been committing more and more crimes and telling more and more lies to cover up their crimes. One of the most recent lies was just fabricated in order to cover up American and European crimes in Ukraine. The lie is that it was all the fault of Viktor Yanukovych that Ukraine did not sign the agreement with the European Union for Ukraine to forge closer ties with Europe… Actually Europe issued an ultimatum to Yanukovych and the E.U. set a deadline for him to respond. It was not entirely his fault that Ukraine did not acquiesce to the E.U.’s terms. In the United States virtually no politician tells the truth anymore. Our political leaders act like they have a divine right to lie to us. In fact, the Washington State Supreme Court actually said that they do. Judging by the look of things I would venture to guess that many of Cain’s descendants actually work in politics or journalism today.


There are other truths that have not been disclosed to the American people about what our government is actually doing in Ukraine.  The American media has not disclosed to the American public the fact that our State Department actually funded the civilian uprising which led to the overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected President. According to Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, his country did not even object to Ukraine forging closer ties with Europe. Russia was just concerned that those new ties would come at the expense of Ukraine’s existing ties with Moscow. Russia felt that Ukraine should maintain their close ties to Moscow at the same time they were building closer ties to Europe. It didn’t have to be one way or the other. It didn’t have to be an either / or proposition as the European Union desired. What seems to be driving this whole diplomatic and political crises is Europe’s desire to circumvent the Russian monopoly of their natural gas supply, but that doesn’t sit well with Moscow who views the natural gas as the main source of revenue for their country and also has strategic interests in the Black Sea port of Sebastopol.



Viktor Yanukovych

Viktor Yanukovych

If the government of Viktor Yanukovych was corrupt, there was a legal process available to Ukrainians to prosecute their President on charges of corruption.  Allegations of corruption did not entitle Ukrainians to overthrow their government and unlawfully run their President out of the country. The street demonstrators were obviously angry over the charges of corruption, but there were also elements in the Ukrainian revolution that were anti-Russian and anti-Semitic. Some individuals were circulating propaganda at the street demonstrations which claimed that ethnic Ukrainians were culturally superior to Russians. This is the same type of unwelcome, racist propaganda that the Nazi party circulated in Hitler’s Germany. Interestingly enough one of the groups behind this anti-Russian propaganda in Ukraine is an organization called Svoboda. This is the Ukrainian National Socialist Party which has long standing ties to the Nazi Party of Germany. According to Mr. Lavrov Russia was merely acting to protect ethnic Russians from an existential threat. These explanations are never mentioned in the American mainstream media because it doesn’t serve their purpose. Our media does us all a great dis-service by not telling us the whole truth.



Meanwhile Secretary of State John Kerry and Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are beating the drums for war again. They want tough economic sanctions and some sort of increased American intervention in Ukraine. That would be unwise.  We don’t need another Cold War with Russia. Yesterday John Kerry said that, “No government in the 21st Century should invade the sovereign territory of another country and seek to impose its will upon it at gunpoint.” Hey John, Isn’t that just what America did in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Didn’t you also support the bombing of Libya, and the overthrow of the Egyptian government of Hosni Mubarak ?  



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