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Beating a Dead Crimean Horse into a Ukrainian Trojan Horse to End the Russian Natural Gas Monopoly in Europe

Posted by Scott Rohter on Friday, April 4, 2014


trojan horse best

The Connection between the Orange Revolution in Ukraine

and the Fracking Revolution in America.


They are still complaining about results of the referendum in Crimea as if it was some kind of a tragic injustice to let the people of Crimea actually have a voice in determining their own future. They are whining about the results of the special election and how the Russian Duma subsequently decided to annex the region after it was clear that the overwhelming majority of Crimeans preferred a political re-unification with Russia to their former status as a semi-autonomous region of Ukraine. Some government officials in Kiev claim it was a violation of the Ukrainian Constitution and others in Washington and New York claim it was a violation of international law… I guess they don’t believe in free and fair elections. Perhaps that is why so many European governments were reluctant to let their own citizens vote on the question of joining the European Union. Maybe that is why they chose instead to let their national legislatures vote on behalf of their citizens…  as if their citizens couldn’t be trusted to make up their own minds for themselves. It is a very peculiar double standard that European leaders employ whenever it suits them. On the one hand they call for democracy to be implemented in other countries, but on the other hand they refuse to let it operate within their own countries. They refuse to give it a chance to actually work for their own people…

As if the unruly actions of lawless street mobs in the Ukrainian capitol city, Kiev which ousted President Viktor Yanukovich were actually legal under some form of international law. I am sorry to tell you this, but Ukrainians should be the last ones to complain about their constitution being violated by a referendum in Crimea as they were the ones who actually threw it out in a coup when they ousted their President. The political overthrow of Viktor Yanukovich was a direct violation of the Ukrainian Constitution, but I guess that hasn’t occurred to any politicians in Europe or America.

Now the Europeans are depicting the Russians as violators of international law instead of the actual street mobs in Kiev which overthrew their own government. They are depicting the Russians as the aggressors who unlawfully annexed a region of Ukraine. Let me remind you that the Russians only responded to an official request from the legally elected President of Ukraine to put down a rebellion in his own country. Furthermore they only annexed Crimea after a publically held referendum indicated overwhelming support for political re-unification with Russia.

Reports are now being circulated in the western media that Russian troops are poised on the border with Ukraine ready to take over more territory at Putin’s command. That is blatantly false according to Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister. The western press is only peddling these unreasonable fears in order to arouse concern in other former Soviet Republics: Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia who each have sizable Russian minorities living in them. Alarm is also spreading in other European countries as well. The whole world seems sympathetic to the plight of Ukraine even though it was the Ukrainians themselves who are really responsible for their own predicament. Russia is always portrayed as the bad guy in the media, but our government is only beating a dead Crimean horse into a Ukrainian Trojan Horse in order to end the Russian natural gas monopoly in Europe.

It is utter nonsense to portray the events in Kiev and Crimea as merely Russia’s fault. The European Union shares some of the blame. The United States shares even more of the blame for supporting the overthrow of the legally elected government of Ukraine. Europeans gave President Viktor Yanukovich an ultimatum to join the European Union and they set a deadline by which he had to respond. It was not an open ended invitation. If Yanukovich delayed making a decision it was at least partly Europe’s fault for the way in which their offer was extended. Furthermore Europe precipitated the current international crises in Kiev for their own selfish reasons.

Then the United States government supported and funded the street demonstrators in Kiev which brought down Ukraine’s pro-Russian government. We had our own selfish reason for doing this. It was mostly to accede to the demands of American oil companies for new energy markets abroad for their surplus oil and gas supplies. What is the connection between the Orange Revolution in Kiev and the fracking revolution in America? Why did our own State Department fund and support the unruly street mobs in Kiev which took down their government?

Most of the natural gas that heats European homes comes from a Russian natural gas pipeline that runs through Ukraine. Along with Europe which precipitated the crisis in Ukraine the United States also stands to benefit from the current turmoil going on there.  The crises provides Europe with a good reason to find an alternative supplier of natural gas while it also provides the United States with an alternative market for our own surplus energy supplies derived from fracking. This will increase the demand for American natural gas abroad and that will help keep energy prices high here at home. That is why our government is meddling around in Ukraine.

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