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The Republican Primary Is Getting Very, Perry Interesting!
-By Scott Rohter, August 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry has made some interesting statements since he entered the Republican Primary, that has made the Liberals and Progressives very upset! Was that supposed to be unexpected? He said that, “If those guys at the Federal Reserve Board were to print more money now… it would be almost treasonous!” The main stream media immediately jumped on his words like a tiger pouncing on its prey, but there are some other things that Governor Perry also said that have not set well by them either!

For instance, he said that when Barack Obama was younger, he had the same opportunity to serve in the U.S. military as he, or anyone else did, and he obviously chose not to! Furthermore he said that our military would much rather have a Commander In Chief who had actually served in the armed forces! That’s not rocket science, or hard to understand is it, even for a mindless and un-circumspect mouth piece like Janeane Garofalo? Her most recent evidence of intellectual and journalistic prowess was to speculate out loud that the Republican Party had actually paid Herman Cain to run for President, so that we in the Republican Party wouldn’t look like a bunch of racists! Give me a break Janeane! Do you actually believe that claptrap, or is that just political propaganda designed for the consumption of the other morons in your Party? Did we also hog tie and force Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Congressman J. C. Watts, Congressman Alan West, economist Walter Williams, author Thomas Sowell, and former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice to become conservatives, and register as Republicans too??? Referring to the TEA Party, Senator John Kerry said last week that the media should not give equal time to persons who make outrageous accusations that we know are not true. Perhaps he and the media should begin their witch hunt with their own peeps!

But back to Governor Rick Perry’s little Mexican stand off with the media. It’s not hard to understand that our military would feel much better with a Commander In Chief who had actually served in the armed forces is it? But instead, they jumped all over the Texas Governor for questioning the President’s inherent patriotism. Governor Perry also said that Americans want to elect a President who loves our country with all of his heart! What’s wrong with saying that? So far I haven’t heard one thing that Texas Governor Perry has said that I disagree with, or feel uncomfortable about! But then I am not a Liberal nincompoop like Janeane Garofalo!

I’d like to hear Rick Perry go even farther than he has! I’d like to hear Rick Perry say that he doesn’t want to change our Federal Republic into some kind of European Socialized Democracy, like Barack Obama does! But Governor Perry’s statements are already drawing fire and the media has begun to take notice! They are beginning to challenge him on what he says. He has figuratively and literally thrown the gauntlet down, and they have picked it up! All this will unfortunately draw attention away from Michele Bachmann at a time when she has definitely earned it! But that’s the Far Left media’s strategy. I am sure that Michele Bachmann is a ‘dyed in the wool’, 100% true-blue conservative! But it is what it is, and after all this is the Primary Season, so we had better get used to it. However, we should at least give Rick Perry a fair chance at the Republican nomination! He is after all the Governor of Americas second largest state.

That being the case, it is very important that Governor Perry doesn’t back down, or back away from what he has already said, just to please the media! Conservatives have begun to take notice of Governor Perry too, and we will also be watching, and looking for any signs of waffling, or compromise, or unworthiness in him. As far as I am concerned, all of his statements are spot on so far, and music at least to my ears! But what he does with them now, after the Liberal media has gotten a hold of them, and challenged them, is what will testify either for or against his character! Please read my two articles, Beyond Compromise, The Significance Of This Moment In History and What is the Most Important Qualification to Be President?

As far as I am concerned Rick Perry should take this opportunity to further define who he is, not to back down or back away from anything he has said, because nothing that he said is wrong! Peggy Noonan of The Wall Street Journal suggested that he should tone down his rhetoric and temper his remarks. She is a very thoughtful and well spoken, but maybe just a little bit too soft spoken conservative. But she is not alone in her criticism of Perry. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels also echoed her opinion! However, I think that Governor Perry needs to reiterate what he already said.  I think Governor Perry needs to take the spot light and the opportunity to pointedly articulate the conservative case for a return to the ideas and the ideals of limited Constitutional Government! We need less centralization in Washington and less regulation by Washington. We need sound fiscal policies,  fair trade with the rest of the world, not free trade associations and free trade agreements with third world countries where the wage scale is a mere fraction of what it is in the United States! We need to restore the value and the integrity of our American currency, and rehabilitate our tattered reputation as the undisputed leader of the world! And we can have all of this Pro-American sentiment without taking anything away from our earnest desire to get along with the rest of the world community! But we are no longer willing to be a patsy, and negotiate free trade agreements that are not in our own best interests! We are no longer willing to let other nations of the world continue to take advantage of our good will, by exporting our factories and our jobs overseas, and then sending our dollars over there after them! We will stop exporting our wealth and technical expertise to the rest of the world, because if we don’t look out for ourselves than who will???

I’d like to hear Governor Perry articulate this message a bit louder as only a President, or a Presidential candidate can do! In addition I’d like to hear him advocate for a domestic energy policy that will lower the price of gas to about two dollars a gallon again like Michele Bachmann suggested! We should employ a little bit of Sarah Palin’s strategy of “drill baby drill, not stall baby stall!” I’d like to hear candidate Perry say that he will get us out of the United Nations (UN)! The UN is in reality the worlds leading advocate for the New World Order, ‘The UN-Nations’, global Government and the indisputable voice of international Socialism! I want to hear him talk about restoring the value of our money and maintaining the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency!

‘The Far Left’ is painting Governor Perry’s statement, “If the ‘Fed’ prints more money now, it would be almost treasonous,” as reckless and irresponsible. My response to that charge is that the Federal Reserve Board’s monetary policies are what is reckless and irresponsible! Quantitative Easing is reckless and irresponsible! Stimulus packages and wholesale corporate bail outs are feckless and irresponsible, and calling an ace an ace is just plain old American common sense!

The money policy makers at the ‘Fed’ are literally destroying the value of our American dollar, probably in order to prepare the world for a new reserve currency! That’s why the price of gold is almost $1,900/ounce, NOT  because gold has suddenly become more valuable than it ever was, but because the value of our American dollar is less than it ever was!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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