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Herman Cain  Vs.  Mitt Romney
The TEA Party Versus the Republican Establishment
Just like David and Goliath!  -by Scott Rohter, October 2011

Some radio talk show host asks the question, “Why is Herman Cain surging in the polls?”  Let me explain you why in just one word: ROMNEY!  Romney is why Herman Cain is up in the polls!  It’s because the Republican Establishment prefers Mitt Romney, that the average conservative supports Cain.  All of the big money is behind Mitt Romney, and some of the big names too, like Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush.  These are more than just big endorsements, they are just plain big men!

It feels like déjà vu all over again.  It’s like these Republican elites just want to shove another phony conservative, RINO Republican, like John McCain down our throats again!  There is an epic battle brewing this year and the next, between the TEA Party and the Republican Establishment!  And the results are going to be Just Like David and Goliath!  It doesn’t matter how much big money lines up behind Mitt Romney!  The elites are not going to get away with buying the process again this time, or picking the Republican nominee for us again in 2012.

If it appears that there is no one else able to successfully challenge Mitt Romney for the Republican Presidential nomination, or dethrone him as the Party’s presumptive nominee, then I will vote for Herman Cain too!  There is a stark difference between Herman Cain and Mitt Romney.  It’s more than the difference between vanilla and black walnut ice cream!  You can listen to Herman Cain talk, and you just know that he is talking unscripted, and telling you the truth from his heart, even if he does miss-speak from time to time. 

John Quincy Adams said, “I would rather be found guilty of making a serious mistake in judgment, than to be accused of being even a little bit insincere.”

Herman Cain is uncensored and live.  You can’t say the same thing after listening to Mitt Romney! He sounds like he is reciting from a script that he has rehearsed too long and knows only too well.  As far as being confident that Mitt Romney is telling the truth when he speaks, after learning about all of his flip-flops over the years, I have no such illusions.  Please read my articles,

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The only thing that I am sure of about Mitt Romney, is that he definitely wants to win the Republican nomination. The media, and the Republican establishment want him to win too!  DANGER: Will Robinson!!!  The best thing that Herman Cain has going for him right now, is Mitt Romney!    However I am still not prepared to give up on Michele Bachmann yet!

I was actually hoping that Michele Bachmann’s campaign would take off better than it has.  She should rightfully be the intelligent conservative’s first choice, followed by Rick Santorum, and then either Herman Cain or Ron Paul.  I would feel more comfortable with any of these candidates than Mitt Romney! (I can't support Governor Perry with his position on illegal immigration such it is!) But so much for the value of intelligence in choosing our Party’s nominee! For some reason, or combination of reasons, it appears that Michele Bachmann’s campaign is faltering, after she won the Iowa Straw Poll.  She should be the logical TEA Party favorite, and the intelligent conservatives first choice!

I will vote for practically any Republican candidate over Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, with the possible exception of Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who is even more liberal than Romney is!  My reason has nothing at all to do with the fact that both of these men are Mormons.  They are both liberal progressives in the Republican Party!  See my article Farther to the Left Too.  But I do find it rather curious that out of eight candidates vying for the Republican nomination in 2012, two of the eight are Mormons!  That means that 1/4 or 25% of the Republican candidates for President this year are Mormons!  Without bashing Mormons, I would just like to point out that there are about 6.3 million members of the Mormon Church in the USA.  They constitute less than 2% of the total population of our country!  Yet, 25% of the Republican candidates for President this year are Mormons!  They have obviously found a very good home in the Republican Party! But they are highly over represented in the pool of potential candidates this year! They do seem to be a very ambitious group of Americans.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Ambition is a tricky little animal to tame, and very skilled at concealing itself from its master.”

I am truly sorry to see that Michele Bachmann’s campaign seems to have hit a little snag.  She has not been able to take advantage of her early success in Iowa yet.  She would be a good choice for our Party!  It would be good for Republicans to elect the 1st woman President in our nation’s history! Plus she is a real conservative too!  But I think that the elites in our Party have their heads buried in the sand!  I think they fail to recognize the wonderful opportunity that we have.  I think that because Michele Bachmann is a real conservative, that she scares the heck out of the elites in the media, and within the Republican Party, and the fact that she has not been able to raise the kind of big money that gets the liberal executives of the broadcasting networks to take notice, is the very same reason that they are not mentioning her name anymore on the 6 o’clock evening news, or on the Sunday morning talk shows.  She will have to do something more than winning the Iowa Straw Poll in order to get noticed again.

P.S. And for all of you out there who think that I am just bashing Mormons, or being anti-Mormon, I would like to say in my defence that I would vote for Glenn Beck in a heartbeat. And he just happens to be… a Mormon.  So there. Please read my article Destiny Calls, Are You Listening? - An Open Letter to Glenn Beck.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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