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Is Herman Cain Just Like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich?
Just Another Person in the WhiteHouse that They Can Control
-by Scott Rohter, October 2011

“The Establishment is always trying to optimize their chances of getting another
person in the WhiteHouse that they can control.”
   -Scott Rohter

It was very disheartening to hear the interview that Herman Cain did with Piers Morgan on CNN.  Apparently Herman Cain either doesn't know what he believes, or he is not much different than any of the other RINO Republicans in the race!  Is he just another phony conservative that talks out of both sides of his mouth, just like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich?  On the one hand, he claims to be Pro-Life, and he says that, “Life begins at conception,” but on the other hand he says that, it is a woman’s decision whether or not she carries her pregnancy to term, and the government should not tell her what to do. "It's not the government's role, or any body else's role to make that decision for her. It gets down to a choice that the family and the mother has to make," Cain said!  That is the same thing as acknowledging that murder is wrong, and saying that you would never kill someone, but you would let somebody else commit murder and get away with it!  We see what kind of deadly decisions some families and some mothers are capable of making when they are given the chance. We read about it in the newspapers or hear about it on the evening news. Hell, no wonder why Herman Cain has not signed the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life Pledge!!!  You can’t have it both ways!  Even if you are a social moderate, you should still be troubled by Herman Cain's double talk, and lack of candor!

We are all so gullible.  We are perfectly willing to believe almost anything that someone says if they just smile, look us in the eye, and say something witty, and if we think we like them. That's all it takes! And Herman Cain is smart, and likeable, and funny, and he smiles a lot too!  Please read my article Snow White and the Seven Republican Dwarfs.  The story on Herman Cain is that he is supposed to be different.  He is not a career politician. He has never held elected office. He is a complete outsider… and so he is supposed to be someone that we can trust.  But Herman Cain is every bit as much of a double talker as the rest of the career politicians who are running for office!  If you ask me, he wants to have his cake and eat it too.  Herman Cain wants to appear to be Pro-Life, while at the same time he supports a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion!  Professional politicians aren't the only ones who can learn how to talk out of both sides of their mouth. Herman has learned too! And besides that, this isn't the first time that Herman Cain has run for public office, so maybe he is not such a complete outsider as we have been led to believe! He ran for the United States Senate seat from the State of Georgia and he lost. Did you know that Herman Cain was also a Washington D.C. lobbyist before? Maybe the luster on his Madison Avenue public image is starting to fade just a little bit. No wonder why when Piers Morgan asked him which of the other candidates he respected the most, Herman Cain’s answer was, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich!  Excuse me, did I actually hear that correctly?  Oh yeaaah!  He picked Mr. Flip Flop, and Mr. Sleazy! Well that was the wrong answer Herman!  STRIKE TWO!  And in this ball game you only get three strikes and you’re out.  So let’s start counting the strikes.

STRIKE ONE was Herman Cain’s refusal to sign the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life Pledge.  We were all somehow willing to overlook that one.  Maybe Herman was trying to calculate the cost in terms of lost political support if he signed the pledge. Perhaps we wanted to imagine only the best things about Mr. Cain.  Is it possible that we cut him a little slack because he is black?  I know the liberals do that all the time with Obama!  It’s time that we raise the bar!  We wanted to believe him when he looked into the camera and assured us that in spite of the fact he hasn’t signed the Pro-Life Pledge, that he was really Pro-Life!  However, his recent interview with Piers Morgan clearly demonstrates that he has been lying to us about being Pro-Life, no matter how hard he insists otherwise, and he has been talking out of both sides of his mouth.  Words actually do have meanings, Herman!  Maybe you’re confused, but I’m not!  You can’t get away with taking the liberal side of an issue when you are being interviewed on CNN, and taking the conservative side of the same issue when you are appealing to conservatives at a Values Voters Conference, or a Faith and Freedom Forum, like you did last week!

STRIKE TWO came in the same interview on CNN when Piers Morgan asked Herman Cain which of the other Republican candidates he respected the most.  His answer was Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.  That was about the worst possible answer he could have given!  The TEA Party was just starting to feel like we knew Herman Cain, and we were supporting him because he looked like the best possible chance to keep Mitt Romney from getting the Republican nomination.  Now we come to find out that he admires Mitt Romney, along with Newt Gingrich more than any other candidate in the race!  I can’t decide who is a bigger liar, Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, but in that Herman Cain mentioned both of them as the two candidates that he respected the most, I’d say that was STRIKE TWO for Herman Cain! Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are two of the most liberal progressive candidates in the race!  Yuk! 

STRIKE THREE should have been when he made the very un-presidential descent into ‘street talkin’ on his Wall Street interview with Alan Murray, when he lapsed into ‘espressin himsef’ in some kind of peculiar cross between Ebonics and a rather poor excuse for a southern accent, when he said, “Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks, if yo-not-rich-blame-yo-sef!”  Now I personally love to hear southerners speak in their highly refined regional accent.  It is very dignified, grammatically correct, and just a pleasure to listen to.  It’s about as close to the ‘King’s English’ as you are ever going to get in our country!  But that’s not what Herman was ‘doin’, in addition to appearing to defend Wall Street! And I won't make excuses for him like some others do.  I don’t want my President ‘talkin’ like he just came from the ‘hood’.  Condoleezza Rice doesn’t talk like that!  Clarence Thomas doesn’t talk like that! Colin Powell doesn’t talk like that! Thomas Sowell doesn't talk like that! Even Jesse Jackson Jr. doesn’t talk like that!  If you want to represent 310 million Americans, Herman, all of whom didn’t grow up ‘in the hood’, then all I can say is that you’d better learn how to speak acceptable English all of the time!  I’m not lowering my standards to accommodate you!  It’s one thing to be a successful businessman or to represent a Congressional district, but it's quite another thing to present yourself as the President of the United States, and our national representative on the world stage!  I have far more respect for my country than to accept somebody as President who even occasionally lapses into speaking incorrect English!  George 'Mush' was bad enough with his constant mispronunciation of the word nuclear as 'nuk-u-ler'!

Besides being a linguistic and grammatical nightmare, Herman Cain's interview on Wall Street made look a little imperceptive and mean spirited.  A President of the United States cannot suggest that if someone is not rich or successful, that it is their own fault, and they should blame themselves! He cannot imply that if you don't have as many toys as your neighbor has, then there must be something wrong with you, and you should somehow feel guilty about it. A President has to be more careful about the way they choose their words, and more thoughtful than that! Sometimes Herman, there is just no one to blame for the hand that life deals us.  Not everyone can be rich! Not everyone even wants to be rich! There are always winners and losers in life.  Sometimes it is just the luck of the draw, as to who is successful and who is not!  I was going to call this STRIKE THREE, but I was overruled by the ‘higher-ups’, who called it a fowl ball instead, and let Herman off the hook, and put me on it instead!  And I was reprimanded for being such a stickler for insisting on the correct pronunciation of the English language!... Hogwash!

However, there is definitely no misunderstanding when it comes to Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan.  It may have been a little stroke of marketing genius to boost his own campaign, and sure it’s bold, but I would actually be paying more income taxes under Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan than I currently pay!  Plus there would also be a national sales tax on top of it!  That's STRIKE THREE, and you’re out Herman!  Michele Bachmann was right!  The devil is in the details!  The 9-9-9 Plan is supposed to be revenue neutral.  But we actually need to cut revenue to the Federal Government, not merely provide another source of funding that is revenue neutral, so that the Federal Government can continue to grow!  And once that 9% sales tax becomes law, what would prevent it from going up, just like the original 1% Federal Income Tax did?  I'm not falling for that old trick again! This is definitely STRIKE THREE, and you’re out as far as I am concerned.  There was definitely no foul ball here!  You’re out Herman, and don’t argue with the Umpire!

So let’s summarize again. You can’t be Pro-Life and Pro-Choice at the same time, Mr. Cain.  STRIKE ONE. Yes we ‘Cain’ has turned into, ‘Oh no you ‘Caint’!  ‘No you caint’ believe that life begins at conception, and at the same time say that the government has no role whatsoever in protecting it!  That’s a hypocrite’s position, or the empty words of a used car salesman!  Whether or not a woman decides to abort her own baby is not a choice that she should be allowed to make, or one that the law can offer protection from prosecution from, if you actually believe that life begins at conception, and if you support the right to life!  When Piers Morgan asked Herman Cain which of the other Republican candidates he respected the most, he said Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich!  That was a horrible answer, but it was very revealing!  Those are two of the most liberal progressive candidates in the race!  And both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich also seem to have a little problem consistently telling the truth! That's STRIKE TWO! Please read my other articles:

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Mitt Romney is another RINO who claims to be Pro-Life, but he hasn’t signed the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life Pledge either!  So I guess that birds of a feather really do flock together, especially if they are two turkeys, like Herman Cain and Mitt Romney, and they are both seeking the Republican nomination for President!  Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is STRIKE THREE! It would raise my taxes, and it would create the additional risk of an escalating national sales tax! It would also do nothing at all to decrease the revenue to the Federal Government!

“The strategy of The Progressive Establishment has always been to get the two most liberal candidates nominated in their respective primaries, and then to elect the most liberal of those two candidates in the general election.” I have come to the conclusion that one of the ways they do this, is to flood the field with conservative candidates, including many phony conservatives, in order to divide the conservative votes and make it harder for a real conservative to win the nomination!  Herman Cain is another one of those ‘big business’ type, phony social conservatives in the Republican Primary, who was encouraged to run primarily to give us more candidates to pick from, in order to divide the votes, and split the conservative base, and to minimize the chance that a real conservative will actually win!  The Republican Progressive Establishment is up to their old tricks again! Divide and conquer! They are just further dividing the field in order to maximize their opportunity of getting another person in the WhiteHouse that they can control!  Whether it’s Obama for another four years, or Romney, or Gingrich, or Huntsman, or Herman Cain, it doesn't matter. To the Establishment elites who exercise real power, they are all better than having a true conservative like Michele Bachmann, or a real libertarian like Ron Paul in the Oval Office!  The Establishment looks at genuine conservatives as rogues.  Do you remember the title of Sarah Palin’s book?  It was called, Going Rogue!  The Progressive Establishment is always trying to optimize their chances of getting Another Person in the WhiteHouse that They Can Control!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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