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What’s Next in El Presidente Obama’s Second Term?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, January 21, 2013


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What’s Next in El Presidente Obama’s Second Term?

 Illegal Immigration Wars

By Scott Rohter, January 2013


One of the very first things that we are going to see in El Presidente Obama’s second term, just as soon as the Democrats are done attacking our 2nd Amendment, is an all out concerted effort by Democrats with the help of RINO Republicans to grant citizenship to twenty million illegal aliens in our country who provided President Obama with his illegal margin of victory in 2012. Hispanics both legal and illegal voted in record breaking numbers last year,  and they overwhelmingly came out in favor of President Obama and the other Democrats on the ballot. In Los Angeles which is basically considered to be Tijuana El Norte by many of its Hispanic residents, more than 70% of them voted a straight Democratic Party line ticket!

Many of these aliens shouldn’t even be in our country more less allowed to vote in Federal Elections! If you don’t believe me then read the United States Constitution. The word citizen is always used whenever it refers to voting in National elections, not the word resident, or resident alien, and certainly not the word illegal alien! But never mind, I am probably just wasting my time trying to argue with anyone who thinks otherwise. What do Democrats really care about the Constitution anyway? It is just another obstacle for them to overcome. As I recall it is a wall for them to climb, or to pole vault over, or to parachute over. It is just another obstacle in their way! At least that is what Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said back in 2010 when Democrats passed the unconstitutional Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. And I don’t care what Chief Justice John Roberts says! It is still unconstitutional!

So one of the first things that we are going to see in President Obama’s 2nd term is an all-out attempt to legitimize the Democrat’s illegal voting base which provided their illegal margin of victory in 2012. They are going to try to turn it into a permanent margin of victory! These are the approximately twenty million illegal aliens or so-called “undocumented workers” in the United States who shouldn’t even be here more less be allowed to vote in Federal elections.  But because of Democrat judges working in cahoots with lawyers in the Obama Justice Department, they were allowed to vote after State Laws requiring voter I.D. were struck down in several key States. These are the same immigration lawbreakers who provided President Obama with his illegal margin of victory. There is more than one way to steal an election.  Now he will seek to reward them with some kind of general amnesty and he will have his accomplices there in the Republican Party to help him too! Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush are just a some of the Republicans who have decided to sell us out and support President Obama’s comprehensive Illegal Immigration Reform Bill .

We can already see who is leading this charge for amnesty and a pathway to citizenship in the media. On Sunday NPR, the network that uses your tax dollars against you, had their political correspondent, Mara Liason out there on the front lines preparing the battlefield for the first salvo in this latest phase of the illegal immigration wars. But she won’t be the last one to advocate on behalf of a pathway to citizenship.

Can I stop for a minute and try to find a word or a phrase that more appropriately describes what the Democrats plan to do with all of these illegal aliens in our country? Instead of calling their general amnesty program a pathway to citizenship, let’s just call it what it really is, shall we? It is really a pathway to a permanent Democrat majority voting bloc in Congress, and a pathway to permanent Democratic Party majority status isn’t it?? On the other hand it is a pathway to a permanent minority status for the Republican Party isn’t it? So let’s just be honest about it and call it what it is. It is a “pathway to irrelevance” for Republicans, and any Republicans who go along with it are totally out of their minds!

We already see who is supporting this pathway to irrelevance on the Republican side. Charles Krauthammer is charging forward with full steam ahead ready to embrace any idea of a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens So is Sean Hannity, and they are both from FOX News. So you can add Ruppert Murdoch and FOX News to your list of illegal alien friendly news organizations who are not really on our side. With friends like these who needs political enemies. I am sure that Bill O’Reilly will jump on the border fence issue again soon, probably right about where he always lands… right smack dab in the middle between both sides! He is always sitting on the fence so what is one more political fence for him to be straddling? That’s easy for the six million dollar O’Factor Man.  I have always said that Krauthammer is a phony, O’Reilly is a fence sitter, and Hannity rhymes with insanity.

The only pundits in Conservative Talk Radio you can generally count on anymore are Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and Mark Levin. Last week Mark Levin had a guest on his program from the prestigious think tank, the Manhattan Institute, who told the absolute truth about the illegal immigration problem in America. The real truth is this. Immigrants from Central and South America don’t vote against Republicans because of our principled opposition to illegal immigration… They vote for Democrats because Democrats are the Party that promises to give them everything…welfare, food stamps, and now free health care (in other words the cost of these things is shifted to the rest of us).

All migrants from Central and South America come from poor countries with big, totalitarian governments. They have grown used to big government south of the border. And most of those who come here are the poorest of the poor. They are usually the indigenous native people from the outlying Mexican States. For the most part they have tribal or communal lifestyles. They have a whole different set of values than we do, and under age marriage is one of them! In our country we call that statutory rape! These people are content to make do with less and they also think it is the government’s job to provide them with entitlements. They don’t see anything wrong with living on the government dole. In other words they have a natural inclination towards Socialism and an unshakable belief in big government.

The easiest way for Republicans to become permanently irrelevant in the political process is to grant  illegal aliens some kind of citizenship or normalization of their current immigration status.. I am not trying to demean Mexicans in any way. Most are good honest people, but they are also the reason that Mexico is still a third world country. If they are encouraged to come here or allowed to remain here and become U.S. citizens,then it won’t be too long before we begin to resemble Mexico. If you want to see what the United States will look like in a couple of generations under our current immigration policies then just look south of the border to Mexico.

The best way for Republicans to win elections and restore American excellence is not to move to the left and pander to illegal aliens like Democrats do. Illegal aliens shouldn’t even be here, more less voting in our Federal elections. It is to figure out a way to encourage them to go home and fix what is wrong with their own country that causes them to come here in such massive numbers. Besides this obvious truth, even if  Republicans dropped their principled opposition to amnesty, it would not cause Latinos to vote for Republicans in any significant numbers! It would only hasten our demise and mean the end of our hopes of ever electing another conservative President again.

The sad truth is that these people who are fleeing abject poverty in third world countries are also creating poverty right here in our own country.  They are the poorest of Latin America’s poor.  Many of them are also not going to work any harder than they have to, in order to meet their own basic minimum needs. This is not because they are lazy… It is because they come from a different culture that has a different set of values than we do, and they don’t share our emphasis on materialism. They are the indigenous native people from the outlying States of Mexico like Oaxaca, and they have a natural inclination towards Socialism and big government. When they come here to the United States they become instant Democrats because the Democratic Party is the big government Party that promises to give them everything. So even if Republicans were to drop their hard line stance against illegal immigration, it would not do one thing to cause Hispanics to vote for Republicans in significant numbers. We would only be helping to further divide and destroy our own country!


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