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What was the First Republican Presidential Debate of 2016 All About? In Two Words… Donald Trump

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, August 8, 2015



Donald Trump 2

The First Presidential Debate of 2016 was All About One Man 


The first Republican Presidential debate was all about one man… Donald Trump. He is a self-made billionaire from New York who is riding very high in the polls. The reason he is riding so high in the polls is not because he is so amiable or because he is so smart. It is because he is telling Americans the truth and whether we like to hear it or not… we know it is true, but just how Mr. Trump tells us the truth could use a little work though.

As the President of his own company Donald Trump can say just about anything he wants about anyone he wants . He can call people stupid, fat pigs if he wants to with little or no consequences, or he can crack a bad joke about a woman on her knees, however as the acknowledged leader of the free world he won’t be able to get away with that kind of stuff and the consequences could prove to be disastrous for our country.

It is totally unbecoming of a President of the United States to talk like that. No one ever has and no one ever will. If Donald Trump is going to be our next President then his vernacular is going to have to undergo a massive overhaul. He is certainly a straight talker and his observations about America are correct, but he is a real diamond in the rough and he is just a little too rough in my opinion… He needs a little polish before Election Day. May I suggest that he get a tape recorder and start listening to himself.

Mr. Trump also needs to learn a thing or two about character. It is the most important qualification to look for in a Presidential candidate. He said in Friday’s debate that corruption in politics is wrong, but in the same breath he admitted that he gives large sums of money to many politicians and he always expects something in return when he gives money. You can’t have it both ways. If he knows it is wrong to buy and sell politicians then he shouldn’t do it. He is not any better than the politicians who accept his money.

As far as the rest of the candidates in the first Republican Presidential Debate here are my observations…

No matter how hard Jeb Bush tries to distance himself from his brother and his father and he claims to be a conservative, he is still a Bush. He might think that he is his own man and he might actually believe that he is a conservative, but the Bush nuts don’t fall far from the Bush family tree. He said he has a record as a pro-life governor, but did you know that his grandfather Prescott Bush was one of the founders of Planned Parenthood, and he served as the first treasurer of the organization. His father George Herbert Walker Bush was a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood too before he joined the Reagan Administration, and Jeb himself served on the Board of Directors of a large charitable organization run by Michael Bloomberg that donated millions to Planned Parenthood.. When asked about that he said he didn’t know. No matter how well they try to package this guy… he is still a Bush and the last thing this country needs right now in the face of Barack Obama is another Clinton or another Bush…

Chris Christie is just a big, fat Democrat masquerading as a Republican in a ongoing right wing charade.

John Kasich wouldn’t even be in the 2016 Presidential Primary if Ohio wasn’t a must win state for Republicans. Perhaps he thinks he can parlay that into a position on the 2016 ticket as the Vice Presidential Nominee or into some cabinet post in the next administration.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are not any more constitutionally qualified to be our next President than Barack Obama is to be our current President. If it wasn’t okay for Barack Obama to be President because his father was not an American citizen than it is just as wrong for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (and Bobby Jindahl too)… When did they declare martial law in America and suspend the Constitution?  They have either suspended it or rescinded it but I don’t seem to remember any declaration of martial law do you?

Rand Paul is right on the money on many of the most important issues that affect America.. Although I agree with him on most of these things and I like him very much it doesn’t appear that he has a real command presence which is necessary for the top job.

Finally the two men I liked the most in the debate are Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Scott Walker was very at ease in the first debate… He looks very young but when he opens his mouth to speak he has the command presence that is necessary and it will only get better with time

Mike Huckabee actually surprised me with his poise and passion. His conviction and strength of character definitely showed through. It was very funny in his closing statement when he said, “We all know that this primary is about someone who is riding high in the polls at the moment, but who doesn’t actually know how to govern…” When the audience heard that they assumed he was talking about Donald Trump…. So did Mr. Trump by the way and he was making faces, grabbing his tie and acting like he was choking which was not visible on the camera but it was plainly visible to the crowd there at the Quicken’s Arena. Then Governor Huckabee pulled a fast one on everyone including Mr. Trump when he said, “We all know that I am talking about Hillary Clinton.” It was such a wonderful moment and it showed just how smart and poised Governor Huckabee really is. I like him !


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