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What is at Stake this Independence Day

Posted by Scott Rohter on Friday, July 4, 2014



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What is at Stake this Independence Day

By Scott Rohter, July 2014



This 4th of July while most Americans are mindlessly watching programmed media events on television and routinely celebrating the day with Chinese made flags and imported fireworks from Guangzhou, more thoughtful American citizens are actually reflecting upon what remains of our rapidly vanishing freedoms and the ever increasing tendency of our Federal Government in Washington to put more infringements upon those that still remain. One of our freedoms that is always in jeopardy is our right to keep and bear arms, but all of our other rights and powers which are enumerated in the Constitution are in danger too, as well as our rights and powers that are not enumerated in the Constitution which come from God. They are enshrined in the 9th and 10th Amendments of our Bill of Rights.

While most Americans are publicly celebrating our Independence Day from Great Britain 238 years ago with all of the usual festivities and hoopla, we are quietly losing whatever still remains of our national sovereignty right now. We are losing the very freedoms that our ancestors fought and died for. We are losing them to the rising tide of a New World Order which is being led by the United Nations and this is one tide that won’t lift all boats.  In fact if you knew what the New World Order actually holds in store for you it probably wouldn’t even float your own boat! This nascent one world government was dreamed up at the end of World War I as a way of preventing future wars. It was the brain child of Woodrow Wilson, but it was quickly adopted by all of the war weary nations of Europe. The change in the thinking of world leaders from promoting their own brand of nationalism to promoting a common form of internationalism occurred gradually at first with just the mere idea of a League of Nations being written into the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War I.

The United States Senate refused to join the League of Nations and as a result it ultimately died, but progressives never lost hope in their dream of a unified world without war, and in their idea of international governance.

After World War II the calls to make the United Nations a strong unifying force for peace in the world came from many different nations that were now even more tired of war. These calls grew louder until they finally led to the United Nations becoming the respected authority that it is today in international affairs and in so many other different areas.  Now the United Nations sticks its two cents into our daily lives in so many different ways that it’s really hard to believe. From Agenda 21 to the Law of the Sea Treaty it is all part of an elaborate international plan to re-connect the world with a more centralized and increasingly unrepresentative form of government which our ancestors could have never imagined and would have never dreamed of. It is in full gear now and they are making haste to see that it happens within our lifetime.

So on this Independence Day I hope you will consider whether America will remain an independent nation for much longer, and if your children and grandchildren will grow up to know the same kind of freedoms that you have experienced in your lifetime or if they will grow up in a very different kind of a world administered by legal technocrats with degrees in international law who don’t recognize national sovereignty or national constitutions.

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