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What a Hypocrite President Obama is!

Posted by Scott Rohter on Thursday, August 15, 2013



Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood protests 1

What a Hypocrite President Obama is!

By Scott Rohter, August 2013


Egyptian police smash Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Egypt

Egyptian police break up one month of Muslim Brotherhood backed sit-ins

The Obama Administration deplores all the violence that is now occurring in Egypt and across the Middle East as hundreds of defiant members of the Muslim Brotherhood who have seized parts of downtown Cairo for the past month are finally being forcibly removed from their armed encampments by the forces of the interim government. This action comes only after the protestors repeatedly refused to disband and return these parts of the city to normal civilian contol.  But President Obama blames all of this violence and the hundreds of deaths that have occurred there on the Egyptian military, not on the defiant provocateurs of the Muslim Brotherhood who have caused the confrontation with the government forces.

What I want to know is this. Where the hell were the statements from Barack Obama over the past one year as Egyptian Christians were being kidnapped and murdered, and their Churches were being looted and burned by armed bands of Muslim Brothers under the government of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi? There weren’t any !  Where the hell was President Obama’s outrage when Mohammed Morsi stripped the Egyptian Supreme Court of its constitutional authority and the power to review his executive decisions? There wasn’t any.

Barack Obama says he wants to return Egypt to the path of democracy. What a hypocrite President Obama is. He only wants to return Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood. That is not democracy. That is a Muslim theocracy. The Egyptian people found this out in the one year since Mohammed Morsi became their President, and they demanded his removal from office. I wish we could do the same thing here with our own President. They asked their military leaders to remove him from power.. There were millions of angry Egyptians in the streets demanding his removal from office in contrast with only thousands of angry Muslim Brothers occupying sections of the city right now. That speaks volumes as far as I am concerned. The Egyptian military only acted in accordance with the express will of the majority of the Egyptian people, but the news media tried to make light of the millions of angry anti-Morsi demonstrators in the streets then.. Now they are making such a big deal about the thousands of pro-Morsi demonstrators in the streets now. What a bunch of hypocrites!

President Obama deplores the loss of over 500 lives in Egypt today because they were the lives of Muslim Brothers… his Muslim brothers.  He is expressing his outrage against the Egyptian military by cancelling joint military exercises which have been planned for months, and perhaps by withholding economic support for Egypt. This comes even while the Obama Administration is looking for any way it can to destabilize and overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. These are not the deserving actions of Nobel Peace Prize winner!

Everywhere Barack Obama sets his eyes to do evil, or puts his hand in the Middle East he seeks to destabilize and disrupt the peaceful status quo while he keeps talking incessantly about peace. Now he wants the Israelis to make peace with the “Palestinians”. Note that I said he is destabilizing the peaceful status quo, not a perfect status quo. Therefore it is no wonder that a majority of Egyptians as well as the majority of the people in the Middle East are upset with America right now, and they look very suspiciously on what we are doing in their part of the world. So do I.

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