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The Third Republican Debate – Washington Insiders just Don’t Get it. It’s Not JUST about the Policy Stupid… It’s about the People who Make it!

Posted by Scott Rohter on Thursday, October 29, 2015


Trump Carson - third Republican debate

Third Republican Debate was Intended to Knock Donald Trump and Ben Carson from their lead in the Polls. Did it do that?

By Scott Rohter, October 2016


The third Republican debate was supposed to be about policy…. economic policy to be specific and the theme was selected by the Republican National Committee to try to make Jeb Bush look good, The questions were intended to boost his failing presidential campaign and to showcase the other professional politicians in the race seeking the Republican nomination at the expense of the non-politicians in the race.. The plan was to knock out the two front runners in the race…. Donald Trump and Ben Carson. They enjoy an overwhelming lead in the polls over their professional rivals, but it looks like the debate didn’t go quite as planned.

Whether or not the third Republican debate will do what the GOP intended it to remains to be seen, but after the debate was over RNC chairman Reince Priebus lamented that he was unhappy with the way that CNBC conducted the debate. Should that really come as a surprise to anyone? Why would the anybody at the RNC even consider allowing a liberal network like CNBC, or for that matter CNN to host a Republican Presidential debate in the first place? Isn’t that precisely what is wrong with the GOP? They are just another branch of the progressive establishment.

While the RNC professes to be disappointed in the moderators at CNBC, the third Republican debate did at least give their progressive pundits in the media and on talk radio ample time to make their talking points and an ample opportunity to push their favorite progressive politicians forward like Chris Christie, and John Kasich, as well as the three ineligibles in the race… Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Bobby Jindahl. Whoever keeps promoting Cruz or Rubio for President is doing so at the expense of the Constitution and the non-politicians in the race, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. The GOP is doing this in a last ditch effort to divide the conservatives in the Republican Party and come to the rescue of Jeb Bush’s failing Presidential campaign, but even as they do it they also have to acknowledge that Jeb isn’t doing very well in the polls and it may very well be the end of his Presidential aspirations… No kidding. I wonder why? Can anybody at the RNC say BUSH ? Does anybody over there have a clue?  Try reading the title to this article again.

Have you ever noticed how no one even mentions the name of Mike Huckabee anymore? I wonder why… It is a perfect example of how the media just hates Christians. If Dr. Carson wasn’t an African American they would go after him for his 7th Day Adventist faith just as hard as they try to avoid mentioning Mike Huckabee’s name.  Carly Fiorina is another matter however. She is a progressive so they generally give her a pass and try to portray her in a favorable light. In this debate they even gave her an opportunity to defend her lackluster performance while she was President of Hewlett Packard.

In a couple of weeks the Fourth Republican Debate will be hosted by the Wall Street Journal and Fox News again. It will also be about policy and the questions will be intended to show once more that Donald Trump and Ben Carson are out of their league. Will we have to put up with more of Megan Kelly’s shenanigans? Remember that if we keep sending professional politicians to Washington D.C. we will keep getting more of the same  outcomes that are  destroying our country. Our only hope is to give them their exit visas and send them packing from politics. We need to send a strong message to the  Establishment of both political parties and we need to start sending non-politicians to Washington D.C. They couldn’t possible do any worse than the professional politicians. For President we need an outsider with enough courage to stand up to the political establishment. Now who else besides Donald Trump can do that? Go Trump!



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