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The Progressive Thinking Barack Obama has it all Backwards Again. So What Else is New?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, September 10, 2013


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 A Contradiction both in Terms and in Office

 Forward Thinking = Ass Backwards


By Scott Rohter, September  2013


Our very progressive and “forward thinking” President Barack Obama wants to launch another military attack on another country again. This time his unlucky victim is Syria, and he is going about it in the wrong way once again too. Instead of first trying to get American’s approval for such a military action, and then appealing to the rest of the world for the wider international support that he seeks, he is trying to do it the other way around. He is first calling on countries all over Europe, Asia, and the Middle East to support his plan to attack Syria when he doesn’t even have the political backing that he needs right here at home… not from Congress it looks like, and certainly not from the American people. This approach is more than ass backwards if you ask me. It is really “ass-in-nine.” We didn’t elect him to be “President of the World.” We elected him to be the President of the United States. (Well somebody must have voted for him, because I certainly didn’t.) By the way, nine is also the number of holes of golf that the President likes to play on the weekend when he isn’t hard at work trying to blow up the whole world.

So Barack Obama will finally address the nation and speak directly to the American people, most of whom are starting to feel very sorry that they re-elected him. It’s about time that we had a conversation about Syria don’t you think? He is going to try to persuade us to approve of his plan to attack another country that did not attack us first. I don’t wish him well with that plan. May I suggest that we send our ass backwards President a strong message by not even listening to his speech. I suggest that we show our disapproval of his plan to attack Syria by giving him the lowest Nielsen ratings possible for his prime time television slot. That way no one in his administration or the media could possibly misunderstand the message we are sending.

We don’t want to attack Syria. We don’t even care about Syria, and we don’t want to hear all of the President’s reasons why we should. Furthermore we care even less about his speech that he is going to make. We must make that perfectly clear.  At the same time we need to keep sending a strong message to Congress that it should block any proposal to launch a military attack on Syria.

John Kerry and Barack ObamaPresident Obama and John Kerry are starting to look more and more like George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld every day. It’s déjà vu in Washington all over again. And Hillary Clinton is pounding out the message for war on her own personal set of snare drums too. She is trying to ensnare us in another unwise and unnecessary foreign entanglement overseas that makes absolutely no sense just the same way that John Kerry and Barack Obama are.

So how do we keep getting such disastrous leaders to represent us on the world stage? They are such classic idiots… such indiscreet and meddlesome politicians who keep leading our country into more and more unnecessary overseas military adventures in order to try to topple foreign governments that we don’t like? That’s a question that begs a good answer. When you find one please let me know.

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